WOWFRD – Ch 299

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Chapter 299

The supervisor felt that something was wrong with Xiao Yu’s words and attitude but he was just an ordinary soldiers and he would face harsh consequences if he failed to inform the leaders above him.

“Call Li He or Shu Chi! I have to talk to them.” Xiao Yu said.

“Do you want to see our generals? Are you here to convey a message? I can speak to Shu Chi…”

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment: “I’m not here to convey anything.. Tell Shu Chi that an old friend has come to visit him.. He will recognize me once he sees me.”

The man suspiciously looked at Xiao Yu once again then turned to go to inform his leaders. Xiao Yu continued to chat with the soldiers and helped them to put few wooden stakes.

“It won’t be solid in case of an attack.. Push it inside the earth!” It didn’t take long before Xiao Yu became the leader of the soldiers who were working in here. These people saw that Xiao Yu looked like a casual man but had a powerful appeal to his words. They had already forgotten that Xiao Yu had come to visit them from enemy’s front. It didn’t take long before few horses came out to stand near them.

“General, its that person!” The supervisor pointed at Xiao Yu. However, he was surprised too. This was an enemy but helping them. What the hell was happening?

The general’s eyes lit up as he ride his horse towards Xiao Yu and jumped off.

“Haha … Brother Yu! It’s been a long time.” Shu Chi smiled.

Xiao Yu wiped the sweat off his head: “Yes.. A long time.. How are you?”

Shu Chi had collaborated with Xiao Yu to conspire against Mu Lee back in Wei Principality.

“I’m doing alright.. I heard you have done quite well for yourself too. I’m quite jealous of your feats…” Shu Chi laughed.

Xiao Yu waved his hands: “It’s not me but my father who had put the foundation.. I just inherited everything.. I heard you have done quite well for yourself.. Aren’t you? ”

Shu Chi smiled but didn’t reply. He hugged Xiao Yu and said: “Anyway, we are brothers! So I will do everything to help you out.. You have to understand that a very large army is at the doors of Lion city.. Be smart and surrender as soon as possible.. In that case I can put good words for you. I believe you will have everything until your end days..”

Xiao Yu smiled: “I’m grateful for your feelings but you have to understand that I’ve been a lone wolf all my life.. I can’t have a master who controls me.. I don’t like to be restrained.. It’s just im not accustomed to such conditions.”

Xiao Yu and Shu Chi laughed as they looked at each other. The others would think that they are brothers if they didn’t know the truth.

“Alright, brother. The choice is yours.. But don’t say that this brother didn’t warn you.” Shu Chi smiled in a cold manner.

“Whatever is going to happen is going to happen.. Brother, I’ve come to visit young master of Kennedy family… What was his name?” Xiao Yu changed the topic.

“Do you want to meet master Robert?” Shu Chi narrowed his eyes.

Xiao Yu nodded: “Yes, him.. Last time we had a misunderstanding so I came over clearify things.”

“Oh, what you wanna say?” Shu Chi was quite curious to hear Xiao Yu’s words.

Xiao Yu smiled: “It’s personal so I gotta tell it to his face. ”

Shu Chi frowned as he pondered about the issue for a moment “Well.. I will call him out.. I will help you out in this issue.. But brother you must understand that Kennedy family is not a power you can confront on your own.. It would be a good thing if you settled down and passed your warriors to Master Robert… I will tell you this which has been kept secret. Master Robert have brought an army of orcs with himself.. There are other powerful warriors too.. The Lion city will be flattened in one attack.”

Xiao Yu wrinkled his eyebrows: “Oh? Does he have orcs?”

Xiao Yu wanted to see the orcs under Robert’s command when he heard about the news. Grom, Thrall and Cairne were on his side so he wanted to see if he could ‘turn’ these orcs. After all, Thrall and Grom were ancient heroes of the orcs. Would these orcs continue to fight against him if they knew that Thrall and Grom were on his side?

“Brother, you know that I wouldn’t lie to you.. Wait here.. I will call Master Robert.”

Xiao Yu turned around and said to one of the soldiers: “Hey! Didn’t I tell you not to put it that way? Plug it more deeper..”

Xiao Yu and these ordinary soldiers continue to plug wooden stakes to make the defensive line. At the same time, a group of warriors rushed over to them. Xiao Yu was sitting over a log while he directed these soldiers to work. He didn’t even glance at people that were coming towards him. The soldiers who were doing the manual labor stopped and saluted the newcomers. They could see from the flags that these people were ‘higher-ups’.

Xiao Yu turned to look at these people. There was one single man in the middle of the group who was surrounded by a bunch of warriors. This person was Robert who Xiao Yu had met in the Undercity while they were exploring the place. Xiao Yu had offended Robert without knowing his identity.

“Hpmf! You little ant! Are you here to surrender? I will spare your life if you are willing to become my slave.. but you will still get ten whips a day!” Robert’s temper hadn’t changed at all. He was still an arrogant young master who looked down at others. In fact, Shu Chi had put a lot of good words for Xiao Yu and told to Robert that he had come in peace. As a result, Robert had decided that he would spare Xiao Yu if the latter decided to be his slave.

“Master Robert! I’m not here for surrender… I just wanted to tell you something that I have forgotten to tell the last time.” Xiao Yu quickly said as he looked at Robert.

A killing intent flashed pass Robert’s eyes: “You aren’t here to surrender?! Then what are you here for?” Robert couldn’t understand why the enemy leader would come to his camp if it wasn’t for surrender. Was Xiao Yu courting death?

Xiao Yu smiled: “Dear Robert! I’m here to tell you… FUCK YOUR MOTHER!” Xiao Yu used Heroic Leap to jump away as soon as he finished talking.

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  1. FUCK YOUR MOTHER! LOL, with that insult he will attack his town right here and now ahahahaha 😀 really good scheme XD

    Thx for the chapter ^^

  2. how is that funny
    every coment is like lol and lmafo
    i idont get the joke or is the mother thing
    is it realy funny ????

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