WOWFRD – Ch 298

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Chapter 298

Xiao Yu was feeling well because of having Master Higgins by his side. There was no shortage of materials so he believed that Master Higgins would produce high quality level magical items in large qualities. As a result, he could fight the Kennedy family at ease and make them go back like the beaten dogs. He would hum songs and walk around the city all day around.

Xiao Yu was checked the level of his merit points too. He wanted to rise to the next rank as a commander as soon as possible so he could raise the undead base to level 2. According to his estimate the upgrade would mean that he would have another 4000 units that he could summon. He was planning to focus on the development of the undead base as his next move. The undead troops would be headache to any enemy if he used them well. At the same time, there were reports that undeads had tried to attack several villages but they were repelled back and escaped because of Xiao Yu’s amulets. Many people learned about the presence of the undeads after those incidents. There were information that undeads had appeared and attacked Solomon’s territory previously but they had never been in Xiao Yu’s territory. But now no one could point at Xiao Yu.

At the same time, the newly summoned warriors had increased to level 6 because of battles in Pleidas and Lecce cities. Most of them were able to use at least 2 skills right now and it meant that they weren’t the newbie summoned warriors anymore. Xiao Yu was aware that he would be facing lots of casualties if he went to war with the Kennedy family by relying on newly summoned warriors. The heroes had leveled up too. Grom, Cairne, Tyrande and Maiev had reached level 28. Antonidas was at level 29 and could reach level 30 at any moment. Uther was at level 20 and had few more new skills that he could learn. These skills were Retribution Aura, Hand of Protection, Hammer of the Righteous and

Consecration. The Retribution Aura could make the Paladin to cover all the enemies with an aura and do the damage to them. It could be upgraded up to level 3.

Hand of Protection could cast an energy shield over a friendly unit and protect that unit from the physical attacks. It could be upgraded up to level 3. The Hammer of the Righteous was a skill which Paladin could use to throw a hammer out to hit the enemy. The hammer could hit maximum of 9 enemies and fly back. It was an offensive skill and could be upgraded up to 3 levels. Consecration was a skill which Paladin could use to summon burning flames of light under his foot. Any enemy that stepped into the range of the burning flames would receive damage.

Thrall had reached level 22 and could learn 4 more skills. Those were Wind Totem, Storm Strike, Mana Totem and Lava totem. The wind Totem could increase the attack speed of friendly units. It could be upgraded up to level 3. Thrall could use Storm Strike to attack the enemy with a storm. This skill could be upgraded 3 times too. Mana Totem skill could be used to summon a totem that could help the recovery rate of mana for friendly units. Laval Totem could be used to summon a totem which could use flames to attack the enemy.

Xiao Yu himself was at level 26. He learned Thrall’s Far Sight skill and upgraded it to maximum level. At the same time he learned Maeiv’s blink and Cairne’s Brutal Impact skill. This way he could roam in the battlefield right and left without a care. Actually, it was his dream to be so strong and at the moment the chance was at his doorsteps. He could be surrounded by hundreds of enemies but could survive with the addition of these skills. Xiao Yu was leaning towards ‘agility’ but he was powerful too. In addition, he was using Arcanite Reaper too. He wasn’t as strong as Cairne but he could do as he wanted as long as he didn’t meet any strong enemy. Maeiv’s blink skill didn’t conflict with Antonidas’s Teleportation skill. It meant that Xiao Yu could use Teleportation and Blink one after another. No one could catch him at the moment.

Three more days passed and Kennedy family’s army reached the doorsteps of Lion city. They were camping very close to Lion city. It was clear that they were ready for long-term war.

Xiao Yu went out of the city towards their camp. He saw that the soldiers were busy setting up tents. He shouted out: “Work hard!” The enemy soldiers were a bit surprised when they saw that a man riding horse came out from the Lion city. No one dared to think that it would Xiao Yu that would travel to their camp. Moreover, no one imagined the lord of the Lion territory to look like a hooligan. They just glanced at him for a while but ignored him at the end. Xiao Yu scratched his head and jumped down from his horse: “Hey friend! Who’s your boss?”

“What boss?” The soldier was cutting wood. He felt that Xiao Yu was impeding his work rather than being help to him.

“Your commander.” Xiao Yu said.

“Over there… He is our commander.” The man pointed towards someone else who had a whip in his hand and walked around the others.

Xiao Yu continued: “He is just a small time.. I’m looking for your marshal.. The man who will lead the troops.”

“Oh.. Is that so? Are you here to give him a letter?” The man believed that Xiao Yu was just a messenger sent from the Lion city. Actually, there was an unwritten rule that the messengers couldn’t be killed so Xiao Yu was using this loophole.

Xiao Yu replied: “Yes, I’m.”

“I’m not sure where the commanders of the army are.. Most probably at the back tents.” The man responded.

At the same time, the person supervising these soldiers came over. He frowned as he looked at Xiao Yu: “What are you doing here?”

The war had yet to begin so they didn’t look at each other as enemies. This supervisor believed Xiao Yu to be a messenger too.

Xiao Yu asked as he looked at the man: “I want to know the name of the commander from the Kennedy family who will lead the troops.”

The supervisor frowned: “We belong to Wei principality. Our commander is General Li He! Kennedy family is here to help us!”

It was true that Kennedy family had usurped the rule in Wei Principality. However, the ordinary people weren’t aware of the details. They were told that the family was here to only support them.

Xiao Yu added: “Keep thinking so… Your lord has been killed long time ago and this Li He is just a puppet of Kennedy family.. The Wei Principality will change lord and flag once you go back…”

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