WOWFRD – Ch 296

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Chapter 296

Xiao Yu’s proud attitude was taken as rude by Master Higgins. Moreover, he was introduced to Xiao Yu by Alma and Xiao Yu didn’t owe him anything. Then why was this small lord so kind to him?

Nevertheless, Higgins didn’t say anything anymore. He had a stubborn temper and he would freak out and challenge the opposite person no matter what the other party’s identity was. As a result, he had offended a lot of people. This lord was being polite and acting domineering at the same time. Higgins was aware that this lord was polite out of kindness not out of fear. Higgins knew that there was an army of enemy approaching to the Lion city but Xiao Yu had completely ignored them and personally attending to Higgins’s needs.

Xiao Yu was aware that if he didn’t personally led Higgins something may go wrong and the master could go back. The arrival of Higgins was a once in a lifetime chance that he could let go off. Moreover, the dragon had reached the third-rank which meant that its combat capabilities had increased too. The enemy had many powerful magicians by their side but Xiao Yu had many hidden trump cards too. At this point, it seemed impossible that the enemy would be able to enter the Lion city and destroy his rule.

The new warehouse of the Lion city was built by Xiao Yu. Recently he had amassed a lot of good things so he couldn’t fit them to the old warehouse. Moreover, these new treasures were mostly priceless.

The guard of the warehouse respectfully greeted them when he saw Xiao Yu and others come there. The guard went to find Housekeeper Hong afterwards as the key to the warehouse was kept personally by Housekeeper Hong.

Old Hong was much diligent and dedicated towards these things in comparison to Xiao Yu. Moreover Housekeeper Hong was more stingy than anyone Xiao Yu had ever met. It would be impossible to take a thing from this warehouse.


It didn’t take long for Housekeeper Hong to arrive.

“Master, who are they?” Housekeeper Hong was already vigilant when he saw some people by Xiao Yu’s side. Moreover, Housekeeper Hong kept care of everything within the warehouse as if they were his babies. He wasn’t going to allow Xiao Yu to casually ‘throw’ them away.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Uncle, he is not an outsider. Master alchemist Higgins is friend of Master Alma.”

Housekeeper Hong nodded and took out a chain of keys. He fiddled for a long time to find the right keys and open the warehouse. The doors to the warehouse were opened and a lot of neat rows of shelves were seen. Everything was neatly placed on the rows of shelves. It was all done by Housekeeper Hong. Normally, Xiao Yu would just throw things inside the warehouse but Housekeeper Hong would bring people to pack everything in order. Otherwise, you wouldn’t seen neat rows of shelves but a massive hill.

Master Higgins was quite dissatisfied with the expression on Housekeeper Hong’s face at first. It was like Housekeeper Hong was looking at thieves. But he understood everything once the door opened up. You would look at everyone as if they were a thief if you had such a warehouse.

Master Higgins subconsciously walked in. His legs weren’t listening to commands from his brain. As an alchemist he had seen a lot of good materials but the sight in front of him was from some other world. The things inside this warehouse could be found nowhere in the continent but in this warehouse. Xiao Yu had brought a lot of things from the Undercity. Although these things belonged to the decline of the Undercity but they were top quality materials. In addition, Xiao Yu had stolen everything from Red Beard which Touba Gui had put decades of effort to amass. As a result, even the largest auction house in the continent couldn’t have materials and treasures that Xiao Yu had.

Master Higgins’s hands were trembling as he was shocked. He looked one by one the names of the materials and began to grab them. He didn’t put them back on shelves as if these materials would disappear the moment they left his arm.

Housekeeper Hong was more determined that this old man wasn’t a good ‘seed’. He was about to scold the old man when Xiao Yu shook his head. Xiao Yu whispered in his heart: “Since master doesn’t desire to leave then I must retain him…” Xiao Yu was more confident of this idea as he he master Higgins grab things with one arm and keep things on his other arm.

Master Higgins couldn’t hold on anymore: “Isn’t this… Arcane Dust?… Runes…. Flame essence?”

Xiao Yu smiled after looking at Master Higgins for half an hour: “Master, is the materials in here enough for you?”

“Yes…More than enough.. In fact, I had come over to buy Arcane Dust but there are so many things in here…” Master Higgins almost drooled over. The most important thing for an alchemist were materials. How could an alchemist rank up if there were no experiments? The reason for alchemists to be so rare were the costs of the profession.

The achievements of master Higgins was at the limit. He knew that to continue with the experiments he had to buy materials or exchange them with money. This meant that he would have less time for experiments while he had to spend more time to acquire materials.

“Master Higgins, don’t be so kind.. You are friend of Master Alma so you are my friend too. Everything that is here is yours too.” Xiao Yu waved his hand.

“Cough … IT’s just… These things are too expensive… I don’t have the money to buy them… But… I could reach fifth-rank if I could do tests for another year….” Master Higgins’s eyes were shining as he looked at the warehouse full of materials.

“It’s not a problem… If you want to do experiments then do them.. I’ll set up an alchemy room for you in a day and you can use everything in here for your tests.. You just tell us what you need and I’ll prepare everything for you.” Xiao Yu looked at Master Higgins. He knew that the alchemist was hooked.

“Are you saying that you are willing to give me all the materials for my tests?” Master Higgins couldn’t stop sane anymore.

Xiao Yu raised up his chin: “I told you that the moment I saw you I felt that we were destined to be friends.. Take whatever you want…”

“No… These things are way too expensive… ” As a master alchemist Higgins was aware more than anyone the price of the materials in the warehouse. In fact, Higgins knew that he wouldn’t be able to gather so many precious materials in one place during all his life.

Xiao Yu sighed: “Master Higgins, don’t worry… Everything is for you to use as long as I AM the lord of the Lion territory. You should rest for a day now.. There is a strong enemy trying to attack me territory so I have to set up a city defense now… ”

“What! Who dares to attack you? who?” Master Higgins jumped up. Xiao Yu had promised everything to him right now. What would happen if the territory changed hands? Would anyone be as generous as Xiao Yu? At the moment, his and Xiao Yu’s fates were tied together.

Xiao Yu helplessly shook his head: “A while ago I offended a big enemy.. They are very powerful and have many high-rank mages.. They even have lots of mechanical puppets. They will take away everything if I can’t block their attack… Anyway… These are my gifts to you so you shouldn’t be concerned… ”

Higgins raised his eyebrows: “Arrogant pricks! Who are they to dare to attack you? Mechanical puppets… Stfu! We will get around them… An alchemist is equal to 100 mages on the same rank.. We have materials now.. Let them come!”

Xiao Yu had learned about master Higgins from Master Alma. He was aware of Higgins’s temperament and attitude. He was deliberately trying to fire the arrogant side of Higgins and he had succeeded. It was no exaggeration that an alchemist on the same rank was equal to 100 mages. As long as there were materials then the alchemist could make tons of things. Who could be their opponent at that time?

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