WOWFRD – Ch 295

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Chapter 295

The dragon was seven meters long. The huge body of the dragon emitted powerful pressure and aura. The red scales of the dragon shined like flames under the rays of sun light. There were two long horns poiting out from the dragon’s head. It looked down at everyone as if the gods were looking at the mortals. The civilians who saw the dragon almost knelt down to worship because of fear.

The dragon was the baby dragon Xiao Yu picked up and it had reached this level after a year of nurture. Xiao Yu was too busy with other things so he had handed it over to sisters-in-law and Qin Che to take care. Xiao Yu was excited when he saw the size of the dragon too.


The dragon roared once again and flapped its huge wings as it flied down to land in front of Xiao Yu. However, its expression changed 180 degrees the moment dragon saw Xiao Yu. It stretched its head and its tongue came out from its mouth to affectionately lick Xiao Yu’s face. Saliva began to drip from Xiao Yu’s face as if he was swimming inside a jar of saliva.

Xiao Yu closed his eyes as he supressed his anger. He smiled and took out a towel from the interspatial ring and began to clean his face. He patted dragon’s head: “You have grown up… You do live up to my expectations…”

It seems that dragon was very happy when he heard Xiao Yu’s compliment. It began to lick Xiao Yu’s face once again.

“Revenge! It’s naked revenge!” Xiao Yu whispered in his head. It seemed that dragon was trying to get its revenge on Xiao Yu because of countless battle it had against the other beasts. Xiao Yu would just use healing potion in case the dragon got wounded and throw it to continue to battle. Otherwise, would it be possible for the dragon to reach third-rank in such a short period of time?

The dragon had love and hate towards Xiao Yu. It would be impossible for an intelligent creature such as the dragon not to take revenge on Xiao Yu.

“Dragon!” Qin Che shouted out as he ran towards them. He began to laugh when he saw dragon fiercely lick Xiao Yu’s face. Qin Che had grown into a handsome boy in the last one year. He was taller than Xiao Yu and because of martial arts and his abnormal body constitution there was a special charm to him. At the moment, he was commander of 10,000 men in the Lion city. There was lack of commanders and Qin Che’s performance was over the top. Both Mu Lee and Captain Hui had praised him and no one objected when he was chosen to lead so many men.

The dragon have been playing with Qin Che over the last one year. At nights it would go to sleep along with Qin Che. It felt compassion towards Qin Che more than to Xiao Yu.

“Lord, It’s been a long time.” Qin Che touched dragon’s head.

“Yes… It’s been a long time… If I’m not mistaken there were few fourth-rank beasts thar were caught few days ago, were they?” Xiao Yu replied.

The dragon’s expression turned sour when it heard Xiao Yu’s speech. It moved its head towards Xiao yu’s body and began to whine and beg. However, Xiao Yu was motionless. If the dragon dared to tease him then he would show to it who is the boss.

“Lord Xiao, is this your dragon?” Higgins came over and asked.

Xiao yu nodded: “Yes, I picked it on a trip.. It depends on my from then on.”

Higgins rolled his eyes when he heard Xiao Yu’s reply. He didn’t believe Xiao Yu because a dragon wasn’t a dog so that you could pick it up on a road trip… Nevertheless, there was greed in Master Higgins’s eyes as he looked at the dragon. The dragons were rare creatures and the image of having one by your side was quite powerful and incredible.

Xiao Yu smiled when he saw the expression on alchemist’s eyes: “Master Higgins, do you like the dragon? I can give it to you as a gift.. What do you say?”

“What … as a gift?” Higgins was shocked as it seemed that this young lord was firm on his words and intentions.

“Yes. Master Higgins, I can give it you… I see that Master Higgins has taken a liking towards this little guy so I can give him to you.” Xiao Yu said in a solemn manner.

Higgins coughed twice: “I can’t accept such an expensive gift…”

Higgins was looking down at Xiao Yu at the moment of his arrival. He believed that Xiao Yu was just a nouveu rich. However, his thinking changed after he entered the city. This lord was intentionally or unintentionally putting pressure on master Higgins. Now, Xiao Yu was even telling to give this dragon as a gift to him. Higgins was old enough and had traveled south and north. Who would give such a treasured creature as a gift? There was nothing free in this world. What conditions the lord would put out if Higgins accepted the dragon?

Master Higgins knew what to accept and what to decline at such times.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes: “Master Higgins don’t be so polite… I can catch another dragon too…”

Higgins grunted in his heart: “What do you think a dragon is?… Catch it just like that??!”

However, none of his thinking was expressed on his face. Master Higgins smiled: “It’s too conspicious to have a dragon by myself at this old ago… Lord should keep it to himself.. I came over not for a dragon but few materials…”

Xiao Yu laughed: “Master Higgins is Master Alma’s friend.. You shouldn’t be too polite in here.. Don’t you just need few materials? I will take you to the warehouse and you can take anything you need.. “

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  1. This Alchemist should feel honored to have a whole 2 chapters dedicated to him. He better be worth it in later chapters.

  2. The dragon attached to some dude character more than our mc… stupid.

    And said side character who is but a small child grew talker and note buff than the mc in less than a year…. sooo stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

    Our mc feels like such a dumb ugly fucker at times.

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