WOWFRD – Ch 294

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Chapter 294

Xiao Yu had lots of people who had surrendered and prisoners too. In addition, there were treasures and wealth that he was taking back with him to the Lion territory. That’s why the movement of the caravan was much slower than usual. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu didn’t let anyone rest until they reached the Lion city. He sent Hippogryph Riders to investigate the surroundings before they reached the city. Additionally, he sent two Hippogryph Riders to check if there was anything wrong within the Lion city. Finally, they reached the Lion city. At the same time new information was received about the location of Kennedy family’s army. They were just 100 miles away from the Lion city.

“Fortunately, I caught up on time.” Xiao Yu cleaned the sweat off his forehead. Everyone entered the city and Xiao Yu ordered them to begin to make preparations for the city defense.

Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to order the civilians from the nearby villages and farms to enter the Lion city like the last time when Subaru had attacked. He didn’t want to implicate them in this war. The last time, Subaru could kill them if they were outside but Kennedy family’s army wouldn’t kill civilians. The whole continent would go against them if they did such atrocities. The rivals of the Kennedy family wouldn’t let go of such a chance either. Nicholas of the Ernst family would be the first to move in such an occasion.

Xiao Yu was sure that Nicholas was hiding somewhere close to the Lion city and waiting for the perfect opportunity too. He asked about the recent situation near the Lion city from Mu Lee.

Mu Lee replied: “There isn’t much going on.. It’s just there have been few villages that have been harassed by undeads.. They have wounded a lot of people.. I took soldiers and went to fight them but couldn’t catch them.”

Xiao Yu pretended to be surprised as he lsitened to Mu Lee’s speech: “Is that so? Are there undeads in my terrtiory? Damned creatures of the night! We have paladins and priests in here and these undeads dare to attack my territory?! It’s alright thou… I brought back amulets of light from the Western Cloud Empire. They can fend off the evil spirits, ghosts and undeads… Affix one amulet per village and those undeads would no longer dare to harass them.”

“Is there such amulets and talismans? Awesome..I’ll make sure that all the villages have them.” Mu Lee turned happy the moment he heard Xiao Yu’s response.

He didn’t know that these were the smoke bombs given by Xiao Yu. Actually, Xiao Yu was planning to use undead troops but he had disguise them somehow. Xiao Yu would be the first suspect if the undeads assaulted his enemies but not his own territory. It may lead to some people come for detailed investigation. As a result, Xiao Yu made sure that the undeads attacked his territory first before any large-scale movement. Xiao Yu could suppress the argument of others if he said that the undeads stopped harassing his villages after the amulets. In short, we have amulets and undeads stay away from us… You don’t have amulets and the undeads kill you.

Xiao Yu was aware of the strength of undead troops from the game. They were very powerful when they were properly used. The undeads were much more powerful at the times of night. The terrifying atmoshpere created by the undeads at the nights was perfect for assaulting large armies. Xiao Yu ordered Leah to give Mu Lee the amulets. In fact, even Leah didn’t know what those amulets were.

“What about the mechanical puppets?” Xiao Yu asked.

“We haven’t opened them yet.. We don’t want to use force as we are afraid that we will break them.” Mu Lee was extremely shocked about the mechanical puppets too. What would happen if this kind of things appeared on the battlefield? He knew that if Xiao Yu didn’t capture those puppets by accident then the Lion city was going to face huge losses. Xiao Yu nodded and called Foror to research them. It was a bit late for research at the moment as the Kennedy family troops were at the “doors” of the Lion city.

Xiao Yu was focused on arranging and deploying the fortifications for the defense of the city when one of the guards ran over and reported: “Lord, there is someone outside who has come to visit you.”

“Who?” Xiao Yu was surprised as no sane person would come to visit him at this time.

“He is called Higgins.. He says that he is friend of Master Alma.” The guard replied.

“Higgins? Master Alchemist Higgins?” Xiao Yu almost jumped up because of excitement. Master Alma had promised to refer his good friend to come to Lion city. Actually, Xiao Yu was planning to make a visit to the alchemist but it turned out that the alchemist had come faster than himself. Xiao Yu had lots of good materials that he had collected in the Undercity but he didn’t have any alchemist by his side. As a result, he had kept all of them in the warehouses.

The tide of the war would turn to Xiao Yu’s advantage if the alchemist could help him refine the Necromancer’s Essence into Magical Explosive Arrows.

“Where is he?” Xiao Yu was like a monkey because of excitement.

“Outside the gates.” The guard responded. Xiao Yu used the wind walk and moved like a missile towards the gates.

Master Higgins was a fourth-rank alchemist and was much more useful than fifth-rank magicians. Xiao Yu wouldn’t have to worry abou Kennedy family’s army if the Magical Explosive Arrows could be refined.

Xiao Yu saw three people outside the city gates when he reached there. One of them was an old man wearing a gray robe. The two others were young and wearing luxurious magician’s robes.

“Excuse me, are you Master Higgins?” Xiao Yu rubbed his hands as he looked at the old man. He was like the wolf looking at his prey. At the moment, he lacked high-level mages or alchemists so he was way too excited.

The old man looked up and down at Xiao Yu: “Call your master out.” The old man’s voice was full of pride and arrogance.

“This … I’m the Lord of the Lion territory.” Xiao Yu was flaggerbasted when he heard old man’s words.

“You are the Lord?” The old man frowned. He looked at Xiao Yu once again: “Your father, Xiao Zhan Tian, was the hero of his generation.. Why do you look like this?”

Xiao Yu understood that the man was looking down at him. He had personally come to greet this old man but the old man wasn’t appreciating his sincere attitude. However, Xiao Yu had to suppress his anger as he knew that it was him who was seeking such a master at the moment. He coughed tiwce: “Yes… I’m son of Xiao Zhan Tian, Xiao Yu! Is there a reason why master has come over to Lion city?”

Xiao Yu was aware that master Higgins hadn’t traveled all the way to personally meet Xiao Yu. There would be many lords of the territories and principalities that would spend fortunes for such an alchemist visit them. It meant that there was a reason behind the old man’s visit.

The old man’s face turned a bit ‘sour’ when he heard Xiao Yu. He knew that Xiao Yu’s was ‘making him remember’ that it was him who had come to seek help from Xiao Yu. The old man said: “Alma said that you have some stuff in here which I can use.. I come over here to buy or exchange for those materials.”

“Oh? Master is here to buy materials… Alright, please come in.” Xiao Yu smiled like an old, cunning fox as he politely invited Master higgins into the city.

“But you didn’t even ask me what I wa… ” Master Higgins hesitated a bit. It seemed as if Xiao Yu invitation wasn’t into the city but to the depth of hell. Nevertheless, he needed this special material for an experiment and there was nowhere in the continent where he could find it. A while ago he had met master Alma and Alma had told him that Xiao Yu had this material as Xiao Yu had collected it from the Undercity.

Master Higgins entered the city and took a few steps when a fierce roar echoed in the sky. Everyone turned to look up. The people saw that there was a huge red dragon flying over the Lino city. They smiled and went forward with their job. However, Master Higgins was shocked. He took out his wand and began to chant a spell.

“Master, no need for that.. It’s my dragon.” Xiao Yu stopped the alchemist.

“What? Your dragon?” Master Higgins was shocked. He began to reverse the spell. He would have a huge backlash if he wasn’t extremely skilled in control of the spells.  The lord has a dragon?


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