WOWFRD – ch 293

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Chapter 293

Gryphon Riders and Hippogryph Riders continuously attacked the mages on top of the walls. Although they weren’t able to kill all of them but Xiao Yu’s air units were able to interfere with their defensive attacks. The Bat Riders went towards the second round of bombing at the same time.

The Demolishers and Glaive Throwers began to attack the top of the city walls after attack of mountain giants. In short, the heavy fire power of the enemy was supressed so Xiao Yu ordered the mountain giants to breach through the gate to enter the city.

Bang~ Bang~

The Mountain Giants hit the gate while the Bat Riders made another round of bombing. The orcs were in formations and marching towards the gate of the city to enter it after the destructin of the gate. However, the mages of the enemy were attacking the orcs too. Nevertheless, once the charge was launched there was no option of retreat. Xiao Yu had lots of different kinds of warriors at his command but he couldn’t completely suppress the high-level mages of the enemy.

The battlefield was covered in fire, ice and rain. It was the era of cold weapons but it wasn’t any different from wars of the hot weapon era. Xiao Yu had always gone through smooth wars and victories as his opponents weren’t that strong in the past. However, at the moment he was facing an ancient family such as Kennedy. It could be said that he was facing a matched battle where lots of casualties were seen.


The orcs roared up as they charged towards the city gate.



The mountain giants were able to destroy the city gate and the orcs rushed inside. In addition, Xiao Yu had made huge baskets in advance. 10 orcs would get inside the basket and the mountain giant would take it and throw it over the city wall. This way the orcs could attack the guards, patrols and the mages over the city walls. It wasn’t hard for a mountain giant who had reached level 10 to throw 10 orcs over the city walls. Moreover, this method was much faster and convenient than climbing through the ladders.

The effect of the magical attacks were scattered all around the place. A fourth-rank or fifth-rank magician’s range of attack was huge and at the moment there were more than a dozen of them over the city walls. Xiao Yu was lucky that Gryphon Riders and Mountain Giants were able to suppress the enemy mages otherwise even an army of 100,000 wouldn’t be able to attack the city because of high-level mages.

Xiao Yu pulled out the Arcanite Reaper when he saw that most of his warriors had already entered the city. There was no need to command the troops from outside the city. He knew that there would be lots of high level warriors inside the city and he had to suppress them as soon as possible.

Thrall was summoning totems all over the place and using the Far Sight skill to detect the enemies. He would command a unit of orcs to attack the high level enemies the moment he detected them. Thrall’s commanding abilities were excellent and at the moment he was forming small squads and ordereding them to attack in an orderly manner. Grom and Cairne Bloodhoof were Thrall’s generals who were going berserk in the battlefield.

“Gryphon Riders mobilize!” Thrall shouted out when he saw several high-level mages being evacuated under the protection of numerous guards. He was aware that orcs weren’t these people’s opponents so he mobilized the Gryphon Riders. He had to suppress the mages first by using the Gryphon Riders then make a ground attack.

Nevertheless, it was impossible for Gryphon Riders to suppress these mages and high level warriors in short amount of time. Especially, the enemies were on the move at all times. The enemies would block attacks and rapidly towards other locations. Xiao Yu waved his hand when he saw the situation: “Let them leave!”

Xiao Yu was aware that he would face a lot of casualties if he focused on killing all the high-level mages and warriors of the enemy. At the moment, there was more than enough losses so he didn’t want to have more casualties.

These mages and warriors didn’t stay but quickly fled away. They were powerful but Xiao Yu had the huge advantage of quantity so they weren’t going to fight a war they couldn’t win. The city fell into Xiao Yu’s hands after those strongmen left the Lecce city. The local soldiers were defending the city but Xiao Yu was going to take over in short amount of time.

The battle was over after an hour. The soldiers in the Lecce city were either killed or surrendered. Xiao Yu commanded Foror to loot all the warhouses while he went to the mansion of the governor. Lord Cha Tai, the lord of the Dui territory was found in the backyard of the governor’s mansion. His body was full of bruises. He opened his eyes when Xiao Yu entered the place: “You… Are you lord of Lion territory?”

Lord Cha Tai had met with Xiao Yu and fooled around with him in the Wei principality long time ago.

Xiao Yu smiled: “You remember me.. Good.. What happened to you?”

Cha Tai smiled: “Kennedy family wanted me to surrender my troops and territory to them but I refused…and ended up this way.. These ancient families are too ruthless and overbearing.. I will keep fighting against them until the last drop of my blood.”

Xiao Yu smiled when he heard Cha Tai’s response: “I will give you chance to fight them as long as your mind is set… Now you have two choices… First, be the lord of your territory and wait for the Kennedy family to come back to kill you… Second choice is to go back with me and fight the Kennedy family as my brother.. What do you say?”

Cha Tai smiled: “Do I have a choice?”

Cha Tai helped Xiao Yu to get all the wealth and treasures from the warehouses and ship them to Lion city. Afterwards, they took the soldiers who had surrendered and returned back. Cha Tai was aware that he didn’t have a way out from this situation. He couldn’t withstand the oppression of Kennedy family on his own so he had to unite with Xiao Yu. In addition, he wasn’t a stubborn person but a wise one. He had been through good and bad and knew that chaotic times were upon the north of Sky Lion Dynasty. His territory was a small one and he would be facing hardships soon or later. He had heard that Xiao Yu had strange warriors by his side and Cha Tai was aware of different prophecies regarding the king of kings. He didn’t know and couldn’t be sure that Xiao Yu was going to become that king but he was going to make his bet at the moment. He would have a lot more than this small territory if Xiao Yu really become the king that was told in the prophecies.

Cha Tai was tortured and abused by the members of Kennedy family troops so Xiao Yu used a healing potion to cure him. Cha Tai’s health turned better the moment he used healing potion. He saw that Xiao Yu had even such magical things which could cure injured people. It made him get more convinced that he hadn’t made the wrong bet.

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