WOWFRD – Ch 292

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Chapter 292

“Use ballista’s! Shoot! Shoot ‘em!”

Swoosh~ Swoosh~

The spears of the ballista’s hit the mountain giants body from the front. All of the spears were smashed when they came in contact with hard steel armor worn by the mountain giants. The mountgian giants took a few steps back because of the impact of the collision but roared to charge on once again.

The Mountain Giants would be seriously injured if not for the layer of iron stripes that were protecting them. At the moment, the heavy ballista’s could at best put a dent on the iron armor without causing any damage to the mountain giants. The Mountain Giants hastened their movement as they took advantage of the situation.

The mountain giants were terrifying when they reached the city. The reason was their height. In short, they were as tall as the city walls and they had huge trees in their hands. They just swept over the city walls with the trees. The guarding soldiers were thrown out from top of the walls. The main problem the other un-armored mountain giants faced were the soldiers who controlled the heavy ballista’s. At the moment, they were taken care of so the other mountain giants moved onto the walls too.

Xiao Yu had made a lot of strategic adjustments to his plans after the ‘iron’ giants were introduced into the battlefield. The main purpose of the armored mountain giants was to suppress the long-range firepower of the enemy.

Buzz~ Buzzz~

Two teams of air units flew towards the Lecce city at the same time. They were moving from two different directions. Xiao Yu feared the long-range weaponery of the enemy so he had divided these air units into two just in case. It would take lots of time for the enemy to adjust the ballista’s to shoot them. Moreover, the long-range weaponery of the enemy would have less effect because of the detour the air units would take.

Boom~ Boom~ Boooom~

1000 Bat Riders showed the superiority of the air units once again. They threw down liquid fire and bombs which created chaos in the city. The human beings feared fire out of instinct. People would panic whenever they saw large flames around them. The flames had psychological effect to them which had a huge role in determining the outcome of the war.

The cooperation of two branches, giants on the ground and bat riders on the air, had taken the toll on the enemy. Although they were prepared for Xiao Yu’s attack but they didn’t think that Xiao Yu would make such a violent offense. Moreover, they couldn’t fight against the air units.

The soldiers at the high locatino could aim at the air units but their success was very limited. Moreover, bat riders wouldn’t give them chance to do as they wished. The bat riders dropped liquid fire everywhere including those places which were potentially dangerous for them.

Boom~ Boom~ Boooom~

At this time dozens of huge fireballs were shot from the top of the city walls and hit the mountain giants. Two mountain giants got their arms chopped off while the others were thrown down to the ground. It was the strength of high level magic. High rank mages could even slaughter dragons let alone mountain giants.

“Do they have so many high rank mages in here?” Xiao Yu’s eyes narrowed down as he looked at the scene. There weren’t many high-rank mages at the Pleidas city so it seems that the enemy had concentrated most of their mages in the Lecce city. Xiao Yu was aware that so many high-rank magicians were a great threat to his forces so he had to suppress them as soon as possible. Xiao Yu was planning to arrange the other troops when dozens of fireballs smashed the mountain giants once again.

“Arrogant motherfuckers!” Xiao Yu cussed up. He ordered the Gryphon Riders join the battle. Xiao Yu had Faerie Dragons and Spell breakers who were nemesis of mages. But he couldn’t make them attack the top of the city walls at the moment. The Faerie Dragons had to reach level 10 for them use Mana Flare or kamikaze skills. The Spell Breakers couldn’t fly too. The only way to deal with the mages at the moment was to directly kill them all.

500 Gryphon Riders flied towards the city the moment Xiao Yu issued the order. Almost all of them had reached level 3 so their chain lightning attack was much more powerful too.

The Gryphon Riders began to attack the mages in grouops. The mages would be able to protect themselves from single Gryphon Rider but they were vulnerable towards the attack of groups of Gryphon Riders.

Moreover, the mages had ways to protect themselves too. A fourth or fifth-rank magician would have warriors protecting them in addition to scrolls, protective shields and so on. The cluster of chain lightning hit the hard city walls and created a huge gap. The mages were unprepared for such an attack. They would be aware of incoming attack because of strong magic fluctuations but at the moment Gryphon Riders needed just few seconds to make the second attack. One of the mages was instantly killed while the others were escorted out of the location.

At the Pleidas city they faced low-rank mages so there weren’t many high-rank warriors who protected them. The mages they were facing today had guards who wereon a different level. The mages would have better resources at hand as they levelled up and it included the guards who protected them.

Nevertheless, the enemy was shocked by the attack of Gryhpon Riders. How could at least a fifth-level magical attack could be used almost instantaneously?

Everyone was shocked when Gryphon Riders attacked another location where mage was hidden. Booooom~ The chain lightning hit down the place. The mage was able to teleport out and some of the guards were able to dodge too. But two of them were slightly injured. Nevertheless, the ordinary soldiers close to them weren’t so lucky. What would happen when 500 Gryphon Riders would attack using chain lightning? The ordinary soldiers were charred out.

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