WOWFRD – Ch 291

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Chapter 291

Don and other two captured magicians were interrogated by Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu was able to understand the basic situation but the prisoners didn’t know about military secrets. At the same time, Xiao Yu ordered his troops to kill the enemies as soon as possible so that they could rush to the next city. There were two main cities in the Dui principality. One of them was Pleidas which was invaded by Xiao Yu and now they had to charge to the next city because it was possible that there were also soldiers stationed there. Xiao Yu believed that some warriors or mages or even ordinary soldiers who were able to escape would have taken the news of his attack to the next city or even Wei principality. He had to attack before the situation turned against him.

Actually, Xiao Yu’s forces were very fast in killing the enemy soldiers. The air units were much more rapid and mobile in terms of killing the enemies in comparison to the others. As a result, most of the newly summoned units had already reach level 3 by the end of the battle. The reason for such results was that they were on offensive battle and there were almost 30,000 ordinary soldiers in the Pleidas city. Xiao Yu remembered the days when he went with grunts to kill hundreds of bandits to level up the orcs. He was satisfied with the results as he checked his own warriors. These summoned warriors would be able to show their strength when they reached high levels.

Nevertheless, there were quite a few lossess too. The main reason of losing warriors was the mechanical puppets and soldiers who had hidden in the shadows and attack Xiao Yu’s troops. However, the losses were almost nothing in comparison to the results.

Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to let go of Pleidas city’s wealth too. He had deliberately brought Foror with himself to search the warehouses and house of governor. It was true that this territory wasn’t as wealthy as Solomon’s territory but Xiao Yu wasn’t even letting go of a single gold coin. Unexpectedly, Xiao Yu found the governor of the city when they were searching the city. It turned out that this man didn’t belong to Kennedy family but had given his allegiance to them. Xiao Yu didn’t even need to torture the man as he talked about everything after a few slaps and whips. The Kennedy family had bribed the man and taken control of the city. The man believed that he was going to become the lord of the territory in the future if he cooperated with the Kennedy family.

Nevertheless, the man’s sweet dreams became nightmares after a few weeks of cooperation. However, he didn’t have much information about tactics and strategies the Kennedy family was going to use in the battlefield. Xiao Yu decided to move to the next city before the sky brightened. He shipped back the treasures and the mechanical puppets first and took his troops towards the next city.

There was a half a day of travel from there to Wei principality too. Xiao Yu believed that it would take at least one day before the Kennedy family would get the information about his advance. So even if the troops left the Wei Principality at that time it would take another 2 days for them to reach Lion territory. It was enough for him to go back and defend the Lion city.

Xiao Yu was able to reach the next city before the afternoon. However, he saw that the troops of the enemy were already waiting for his arrival. It seemed that the information had already reached the Lecce city. Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he looked at the city. There would be big troubles if an ordinary army attacked this city but Xiao Yu wasn’t afraid as he had preplanned everything.

“Put the armors on Mountain Giants! Get the city!” Xiao Yu issued an order. He knew that he had to capture the city as soon as possible. The previous slaves from the Black Iron Tribe began to move large strips of iron which had hooks all over it towards the mountain giants. The iron strips were six centimeters thick and there were hooks on their edges. It was possible to the chain them together. These Iron Tribe people were skillful in labor and were able to form large strips of long iron pieces in short amount of time. These iron strips looked like simple armor after the completion of the process. In short, they were huge basic armors that were worn by the Mountain Giants. Even heavy ballista wouldn’t be able to penetrate through them.

The Mountain Giants weren’t heavy injured before this battle. Nevertheless, there were injuries because of heavy ballistas in the past. Xiao Yu believed that he would have lost the mountain giants if it wasn’t for the moon wells he had. As a result, he had decided to make simply armors for the mountain giants. But those armors couldn’t be too thin. The mountain giants were already huge creatures. Their armor had to be thick so that the heavy ballistas couldn’t even be able to injure them slightly. At the end of the day, the mountain giants had turned into steel giants who were invincible in the battlefield.

Xiao Yu had asked Foror to draw few types of armors that could be used on the mountain giants. Foror had come with a simple design where they would use iron strips and connect them to form the simplest of simple armors. At the moment, they had only 9 sets.

There were only 9 sets of armor but these mountain giants gave an invincible vibe after they were dressed in them.

“Should I rename them to steel giants? Even fifth-rank mages won’t be able to injure them… HaHaHA…” Xiao Yu was aware that because of limited time they were only able to build simple armors. In the future they could make much thicker and better armors which even had helmets for the mountain giants. At that time, the mountain giants would be able to smash the shit out of mechanical puppets.

The soldiers began to loudly cheer when they saw Mountain Giants dressed in giant steel armors. They knew that they would be able to dominate the world with these giants let alone a city.

The enemy soldiers were shocked when they saw 9 iron giants looking at their city. Their eye balls almost popped out of their sockets. The enemy soldiers checked their weapons and turned to look at the iron giants. Wasn’t it like an ant trying to beat an elephant?

Would heavy ballista’s be able to hurt these giants?

Boom~ Boom~

The earth began to tremble as 9 mountain giants walked towards the Lecce city. The other mountain giants walked behind them…

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