WOWFRD – ch 290

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Chapter 290

“There must be someone manning it.. Otherwise, this steel monster wouldn’t stall because of lightning.. the only explanation is that there is a person inside it.. That person was killed because of lightning… ” Xiao Yu was aware that if the mechanical puppets weren’t controlled by a human then their movements and attacks wouldn’t be so smart. In addition, it would be impossible to harm a puppet made out of steel with lightning…

“Did you catch anyone?” Xiao Yu turned to look at Grom. Few warriors and mages were able to escape when the chain lightning hit. Grom had gone after them to capture.

“Yes.” Grom threw down a mage who was wearing a gray robe. The magician’s body was trembling.

These enemies were shocked when they saw the lightning attack. Although they had a chance to escape but they still couldn’t forget the attack made by the Gryphon Riders. They were able to escape but could they out run Gryphon Riders? It was enough for Gryphon Riders to use few more lightning to burn them into ashes.

“You belong to the Kennedy family, don’t you?” Xiao Yu took out a chair from the interspatial ring. He poured wine and began to drink it while interrogating the prisoners.

The soldiers of the Pleidas city weren’t threat to Xiao Yu’s forces after he was able to get rid of mechanical puppets. As a result, he didn’t need to personally lead them anymore.

The mage was trembling all over as he looked at Xiao Yu: “Yes… I belong to Kennedy family… You… Why are you?… You are way too bold to dare to attack the subordinate territory of Kennedy family…”

“Motherfucker! Subordinate territory!? That’s a good term.. It seems this territory belongs to Kennedy family… You have robbed this from others and now claim it as yours?! This idiot asks me my identity!? Who do you think I am?” Xiao Yu splashed the wine on mage’s head.

The mage wiped the wine off his face: “Are you Xiao Yu, son of Xiao Zhan Tian and the Grand Duke of Lion territory?”

Xiao Yu looked into mage’s eyes: “Are you stupid? Who else have such strong troops?” Xiao Yu was proud of his own forces. Actually, Gryphon Riders had given him ‘face’ tonight.

“What were those beasts? They can fly and use magic… What kind of special beasts are they?” The mage was perplexed as he still couldn’t grasp the notion of creatures such as Gryphon Riders.

Xiao Yu smiled: “You don’t need to know that.. Now, tell me.. When were you going to attack Lion territory?”

The mage shook his head: “I don’t know about the details. I only know that the attack would be in few days.. The details of the plan were known to General Cach.”

Xiao yu knew that mage was telling the truth. Ordinary mages didn’t have much understanding about military tactics…

“Where is that general?” Xiao Yu looked at two warriors who were caught. One of them was binded by Grom while the other was binded by Cairne.

The mage wryly smiled: “He was killed by that magical atttack… He was the one who threw the sword.”

“Shit …” Xiao Yu knew that after the death of the general it was going to be hard to find any information regarding the details of battle plan.

“Bring them to me.” Xiao Yu looked at Grom.

Grom grabbed the warrior from his neck and brought him over. The man was originally a fourth-rank warrior but now both his legs and arms were tied together.

“What’s your name?” Xiao Yu raised his chin as he asked in proud manner.

“Stfu… Hmpf! …” The man was captured and his legs and arms were tied. But he turned his spat and turned his head when he heard Xiao Yu’s question.

“We have a tough mother fucker in here.. Though he doesn’t know who he is talking too.” Xiao Yu got annoyed because of the man’s attitude.

“Kill him! Bring the other one.” Xiao Yu directly sentenced the warrior to death. There was no reason to keep the warrior if he wasn’t obedient.

“Oh wait.. Don’t.. We can’t waste a fourth-rank warrior just like that.. Call over a Sorceress and make her slowly kill him.. At least her strength would reach level 2 because of this useless shit!” Xiao Yu knew that Sorceress’s strength wasn’t enough to instantly kill a fourth-rank warrior but the death was going to be a bad one. Grom picked up the warrior and went over to find a Sorceress. The Sorceresses were trying to level up so they were fighting in the city. As a result, there was none close to them. The city was in chaos and there were many ordinary soldiers who were resisting. It was the best time to upgrade his troops.

“What’s you name? Don’t try my patience..” Xiao Yu looked at the warrior who was brought by Cairne.

The warrior looked towards the direction the previous warrior was taken. He knew that his comrade wouldn’t have a good end. He began to honestly answer Xiao Yu’s questions.

“My name is Don.” The man replied.

“What’s your position in the Kennedy family?” Xiao Yu was satisfied when he saw the warrior to be so cooperative.

Don wryly smiled: “I’m just an ordinary fourth-rank warrior.. I don’t have any status… just a common guard…”

“Motherfucker! A fourth-rank warrior is just a common guard?” Xiao Yu cussed out loudly. At the moment, he didn’t have a single fourth-rank warrior by his side…

Don nodded: “You can become a family guard of Kennedy family if you reach fourth-rank.. Third-rank warriors are just ordinary soldiers.. The mages became family guards when they reach third-rank.”

Xiao Yu was perplexed at the information. If the Kennedy family decided to send their ordinary guards then his terrtiory wouldn’t be finished for good. It was no wonder that the young master of the Kennedy family was so arrogant. Their capital was more than the emperor of the Sky Lion Dynasty.

“What about these mechanical puppets?” Xiao Yu asked. At the moment, he was most concerned about these puppets as they were more terrifying that fourth-rank warriors. If it wasn’t for the conductiveness of the steel and the Gryphon Riders then he would have faced heavy losses. The mechanical puppets were way too terriyfing. The Glaive Throwers couldn’t slice them off. Xiao Yu belived that Master Alma’s fireball spell could at best kill a single mechanical puppet. But where he would get so many Master Almas? In addition to the high-level mages Xiao Yu believed that only heroes such as Grom and Cairne Bloodhoof could be a threat to these mechanical puppets. Ordinary soldiers were simply cannon fodders.

“Its alright though.. I’ll make Foror study and modify them… I, your father, will show you what a real puppet is in the war…”

Xiao Yu knew that he had to use this small time frame to research the puppets and have his own too. What would happen if the enemy used them in the battlefield?

Don’s eyes lit up as he looked at the mechanical puppet lying on the ground: “This puppets were made with the secret techniques of Kennedy family.. They are made out of steel and mithril mixture so they are very strong. Fourth-rank warriors such as myself can’t get rid of them at once.. That’s why 100 of these puppets can kill tens of thousands in the battlefield.. Nothing can kill them… Except those lightning magic using beasts…I still don’t understand what had happened…”

Don was puzzled as he remembered the Gryphon Riders.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Don’t you know what is conductiveness?”

“Conductive? What is that?” Don was stunned.

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “You won’t understand even if I tell you.. So many mechanical puppets were brought to attack Lion territory? How many puppets Kennedy family has?”

Don pondered for a moment: “I don’t know exactly how many puppets Kennedy family has but I know that they have brought total of 300 puppets..100 were here and the other 100 are in the Wei Principality… ”

“300 of them?” Xiao Yu didn’t expect that there were two hundred more puppets that could be used to attack Lion territory. Fortunately, Xiao Yu had Gryphon Riders and all those mechanical puppets could be blasted to hell by them.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he pondered about the problem… Why would Kennedy family need such wonderful puppets? They had to belong where they should… in his hands.

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