WOWFRD – Ch 29

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Chapter 29

Editor: ZeXu


Marcus looked up at the orcs in front of Xiao Yu standing on the wall.

“Are you the leader who led these orcs to attack my camp?” Marcus calmed down and asked in a cold tone.

Xiao Yu raised his chin and gently coughed. He replied: “Yes. I am Xiao Yu, the lord of the territory. You have made a camp in my territory; this is enough of a reason to kill you all! Now, I’ll give you a minute to kneel down and surrender. Otherwise, you will all become food for my warriors.”

“Lion Town’s Lord? I don’t even care about the Emperor of the Sky Lion Dynasty! Do you think that you will be able to beat us with just a group of orcs? What a joke! I will cut off the heads of a few orcs and use them as ornaments!” Marcus snorted. He was initially shocked because of the sudden attack, but he was now completely calm and fearlessly facing Xiao Yu’s orc warriors.

It was an old tradition to cut the head of an orc. Many children from the noble families would go to mountains to hunt an orc and hang its head on the wall of their house as a decoration. This demonstrated their courage to outsiders and won their respect.

Many people nowadays still traveled to the mountains to kill orcs to get glory and status. However, orcs had gone extinct and very few people were able to find one.

The other bandits also calmed down after their leader came out. The more than 2000 bandits formed a basic formation about 100 meters away from the gates.

The bandits were able to quickly deal with the fires and flames at the rear of their camp. From this rapid reaction, it was possible to see that this gang of bandits were not inferior to a regular army. Nevertheless, it didn’t mean that they were equal to Xiao Yu’s grunts, elves, and dwarves present on the battlefield. More than 600 bandits died in a moment of chaos; they hadn’t noticed this yet because of the sudden appearance of the orcs

Xiao Yu continued: “Do you think that you will be able to beat my army of orcs? Keep dreaming! I’m here because I’m sure that I’ll be able to kill all of you! By the way, I am a man and was born by my mother. A beast, too, is born by its own mother. I look at you and see that you are uglier than even an orc! Are you the result of a man and a beast getting together?”

“Ah!!!…. You bastard!” Marcus turned furious when he heard Xiao Yu’s abuse. He waved: “Soldiers with shield go in front! Kill the orcs and leave that bastard to me!”

Marcus was almost two meters tall and had a big build. He wasn’t any inferior to a grunt. He was bald and had a rough face with lots of scars. He was ugly. Xiao Yu’s intention, to begin with, was to make him angry. It was a psychological tactic used by Xiao Yu. He was already occupying best terrain in the field and had to make the enemy to attack one way or other.

So… he used this petty trick to anger the leader of the enemy. If the enemy side calmed down and saw that attacking Xiao Yu would be disadvantageous then they may change their strategy and defend.

He didn’t want them to see through his own formation; if they did so he would lose.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes and laughed when he saw that the trick worked.



Both sides shouted and roared to boost their morale. Although the number of orcs was much less than that of the enemy, the echo of their roars was much stronger.

Marcus pulled out his sword. A yellow battle energy wrapped itself around his sword. He rushed out and jumped up towards the wall. Marcus’s aim was to kill Xiao Yu.

To capture the thieves, you had to capture the king of the thieves first. Marcus understood this strategy.

But he found out that another strong battle energy slashed towards him.

Marcus was surprised as he waved his sword to block the attack.


Two battle energies collided and a loud noise echoed out as a result of the impact. Both men backed off. Marcus stood still as he looked at his opponent. It was an orc 2.5 or 2.6 meters tall who held a giant sword.

“A strong orc warrior… Since when can beasts can cultivate battle energy?” Marcus was slightly surprised. The humans were different from beasts as they could cultivate battle energy and use magic.

It was naturally Grom who had stopped Marcus. Grom’s Omnislash had reached level 4.

Marcus was a second-rank warrior. While Grom was inferior to Marcus in strength, hewas able to parry Marcus’ attack with the aid of his skills.

“I will kill this orc and use its skull to drink wine… It will highlight my glory!” Marcus gestured for his soldiers to attack. As a second-rank warrior, Marcus felt that Grom was strong but he was still confident that he would be able to kill the orc.

In addition to Marcus, there were a few vice-leaders in the camp who were warriors that have reached the late stage of the first-rank.

At the same time, Archmage Antonidas, who was standing next to Xiao Yu, joined the battle.

Antonidas whispered the spell and a large ice cone appeared over the bandits. The icicle began to smash down and kill bandits.

While the bandits were surprised to see that Xiao Yu had a mage, they weren’t shocked. It wasn’t rare for a territory’s Lord to have a mage. Even they had a mage in their camp!

Moreover, mages were strong in long range attacks but it was easy to kill them in close combat.

The vice-leaders couldn’t directly jump over the wall so they tried to run towards the stone steps and rush up.

These bandits soon found out that there were numerous invisible archers on the walls. The archers seemed to possess stealth mode like assassins! As it was difficult to find the location of archers, they didn’t know how many were on top of the walls in total.

Normal bandits did their best to use shields while warriors used battle energy to block arrows.

Soon, they found out that Xiao Yu’s side had another strong weapon. Bang~ Bang~… They were shooting projectiles that the bandits couldn’t see with the naked eye but was very lethal.

One of the warriors was accidentally hit by a bullet. His calf was pierced through. This wound was at least ten times more severe than an arrow wound; the pain he felt was incredible. It felt as if his leg was broken.

The advantage of the riflemen was shown. The powerful warriors could resist arrows but they couldn’t overpower bullets.

The riflemen were slow and had low accuracy, but the advantages they held over archers were the bullet’ speed and power.

Xiao Yu ordered riflemen to concentrate on enemy warriors who depended on battle energy to fight. Although their accuracy was low if many riflemen concentrated on one warrior then at least one bullet would hit.

Bang~~ bang~

A warrior was hit by several bullets and lost his life in the same instant. Had it been arrows then he could have relied on his armor and battle energy to defend so the wounds wouldn’t be fatal, but he couldn’t prevent a bullet.

The threat of archers and magician was strong as the warriors couldn’t get to the wall.

Countless arrows were shot as grunts used giant axes to kill the normal bandits.

“They are way too strong! Mobilize our magician and break through their formation!” One of the vices shouted out.

Mages were like artillery in this era. A magician could break through a formation where an army couldn’t even pass.

The bandit mage quickly rushed over. In fact, he hadn’t been far away but was waiting for the right opportunity to cast his spell.

Dozens of bandits used shields to protect the mage as he began to whisper the spell. The mage feared that the powerful archers from Xiao Yu’s side would kill him.

There was quite a distance between elven archers and the enemy mage. Moreover, because of their shields the enemy mage wasn’t worried about his own health— but that was because he wasn’t aware that Xiao Yu had Tyrande and the riflemen.


Arrow and bullets flashed past. At least two bandits who were using shields to protect the mage died on the spot. The mage wasn’t able to release the spell and was shot to death.

“A small time mage was courting death; he got what he wanted.” Xiao Yu was proud of Tyrande’s and riflemen’s performance.

Although the accuracy of firemen was low, one or two bullets would always hit when all of them were aimed at the same place.

Xiao Yu decided that he had to get machine guns or automatic rifles as soon as possible!


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