WOWFRD – Ch 289

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Chapter 289

Xiao Yu felt that he was fortunate to meet these mechanical puppets in here. Otherwise, he was going to face huge losses if he suddenly encountered them in the battlefield. He saw that the bullets used by the riflemen couldn’t penetrate through these mechanical puppets. Only the moon blades of the Glaive Throwers could somehow disable them. Xiao Yu shouted out at the moment: “Gryphon Riders! Use chain lightning to blow these puppets!”

It seemed that physical attacks didn’t have significant damage on these mechanical puppets so Xiao Yu decided to use magical attacks.

Chi~ Chi~ Chi~

The blue lightning began to move and forth like a snake as it hit the mechanical puppet. The puppet hittered for a moment and stopped moving. It seemed that the lightning of the Gryphon’s had a good effect on them.

“Awesome! Continue to aim at puppets!” Xiao Yu saw that the Gryphon’s lightning attack was the nemesis of the mechanical puppets.

Chi~ Chi~ Chi~ Cha~ Cha~….

All 500 Gryphon Riderss were concentrating their attacks on the mechanical puppets. Each chain lightning would affect three units which meant that the chain didn’t stop at the mechanical puppet but spread to another two people or puppets close by to it. The warriors, mages or anyone else who was close to the puppets were affected too.

The enemies weren’t prepared for Xiao Yu’s air units so the scene turned chaotic in moments. One of the warriors within the group of enemies roared up and threw his sword towards a Gryphon Rider. It was obvious that the man was a very powerful warrior. At the moment he was using all his strength to shoot the Gryphon Rider with his sword. Moreover, originally the enemies were relying on the strength of the mechanical puppets to rush out from the city. But who would have thought that Xiao Yu had air units who could use chain lightning?

“Motherfucker! All the Gryphon Riders! Blast this motherfucker all the way up to the heavens!” Xiao Yu was furious when he saw one of the Gryphon Riders die because of this warrior.

Xiao Yu was always careful about his air units and powerful warriors. Their defense wasn’t good towards these people who could use their own weapons or powerful magi who could use spells to shoot them. The Bat Riders were used as ‘bombers’ by Xiao Yu. So they couldn’t affect these warriors or mages unless the bombs or liquid fire thrown by them directly hit the enemy’s head.

The strength of the arrows thrown by the Hippogryph Riders wasn’t great enough to kill a warrior too.

However, the situation was different now. Maybe if 2 Gryphon Riders attacked a mage or a warrior, the enemy could resist. But what if 500 Gryphon Riders concentrated on 1 single person?

Thise quantitative change of attack would lead to qualitative change. All the Gryphon Riders concentrated on the person who had killed their comrade when they heard Xiao Yu’s order.

Chi~ Chi~ Chi~…. Kacha~~~

All the lightning came together and formed a single lightning beam which was as thick as an adult’s waist. It hit the man who has thrown the sword..

Xiao Yu was staring at the scene from hundred meters away. He wanted to see what kind of power would be exerted out by the Gryphon Riders.

An explosion occurred which flashed light all over the place. Dust and smoke floated out. The shockwave of the explosion was felt by Xiao Yu who was hundred meters away from the warrior.

Xiao Yu coughed and patted the dust off himself. He opened his eyes wide as he walked towards the epicenter of the explosion.

There was a pit which was almost seven meters in diameter. There wasn’t even a single trace of the warrior who had attacked the Gryphon Rider. It seemed as if he hadn’t existed at all. The other warriors and mages who were close to the warrior were affected too.

Two mages were lucky enough to use teleportation to flee from the scene but the others were heavily injured. Most of these people who were close to the warrior hadn’t realized the strength of the lightning energy sent down by the Gryphon Riders. Moreover, it was a chain lightning attack which meant that the lightning passed around after hitting the warrior.

It had to be noted that these warriors and mages were at least fourth-rank. The mages were using mana shields and some of them even had items on them to protect themselves from physical or magical attacks. However, the strength of the lightning sent down by the 500 Gryphon Riders was enough to bypass every shield and kill these people.

This wasn’t a taboo magic or a large-scale magic. However, when all the chain lightnings concentrated together in one person’s body the power exerted out was beyond the strength of a fifth-rank magic. Xiao Yu believed that even the fireball thrown by Master Alma was lacking in strength in comparison to this attack. Moreover, the Gryphon riders were level 1 right now. What would happen if all of them reached level 10 in the future?

“Motherfucker! This strength… It is definitely stronger than a fifth-rank magies attack… Moreover, for a fifth-rank mage to make such an attack he has to chant a spell for hours… The interval between the attacks of Gryphon Riders is just few seconds…”

Xiao Yu was excited at the moment. He fear the strength of Kennedy family’s troops at first. But now he was full of confidence when he saw the power of the Gryphon Riders. These units would become his top warriors if he could put them into good use in the future.

The mechanical puppets weren’t moving either. They were effected by the electricity too.

“Let’s check these mechanical puppets… Even the bullets of the riflemen can’t penetrate through them…” Xiao Yu felt dreadful at the sight of the puppets. As a commander he was aware the power of these mechanical puppets in the battlefield. They were simply invincible. You could use 100 of them to kill at least 100 times bigger army without an effort.

The orcs were furious as they were chased by these mechanical puppets moments ago. They rushed out to drag one of them when they saw that all of them were ‘dead’.

Xiao Yu carefully observed the mechanical puppet. He found out that there was a lock on it.

“Hm? Is it possible to open it?” Xiao Yu squatted down and checked the lock. He opened one after another but found out that the main lock was closed from inside.

“Is it locked from inside?” Xiao Yu was surprised. Why was it locked from inside if the locks were meant for the maintenance?

“Is it possible that someone is manning this mechanical puppet?” Xiao Yu whispered.

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