WOWFRD – Ch 288

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Chapter 288

“Enemy! Enemy attaccckkk!” The patrols began to loudly shout out. At the same time, deafening sounds of explosion began to echo close to the gates. Apparently, an assassin had sneaked into the city and wanted to open the gates. However, there were strong warriors stationed by the gates and it would be hard for the assassins to open the gates. Nevertheless, the next moment they heard the sounds of a loud crash from the city gate. The whole city walls were trembling because of it..

“What the hell is that? The city gate will be destroyed if it goes on like this… ”

The guards of the gate were indeed very strong. Grom and Maiev were strong but they couldn’t outdo several fourth-rank warriors with just iron bombs. They tried their best but were only able two doors out of three to open the gate. At the same time loud sound of a crash echoed out. The Mountain Giants were had giant trees in their hands were smashing the gates. The mountain giants had reached level 10 and could use the trees to fight. The patrolling soldiers on the city walls reacted too. They wanted to use the ballistas to shoot the mountain giants. But other mountain giants lifted the trees and swept through the walls. The soldiers were thrown over from the top of the walls.

Other soldiers rapidly rushed over to get control of the ballistas. But lightning was thrown down from the sky. Most of them were electrified on spot.

Lightning? The sky was open! How come there is lightning?

Those soldiers weren’t even able to figure out what had happened before steams began to float out from their bodies. The first appearance of the Gryphon Riders was quite shocked. The entire city wall was electrified by them. The soldiers couldn’t hide from the high-altitude chain lightning attack of the Gryphon Riders. Moreover, they couldn’t counterattack either.


The mountain giants were able to broke through the city gate. The grunts were first to charge in while the other warriors followed after them. Batriders flew over the city walls and dropped large amounts of liquid fire onto the city. The flames began to cover the entire city.

The enemy had yet to respond to Xiao Yu’s raid. There were many soldiers and most of them had gone through hard training recently. However, they weren’t even able to group into formations because of the chaos.

It was a blunt massacre…

Xiao Yu made sure that the newly summoned troops stood behind the grunts. The orcs were able to protect the newly summoned warriors in times of danger. Moreover, they would not make the last killing move but let the other newly summoned wariorrs to kill and level up.

In addition, Xiao Yu had ordered all his troops to kill everyone with a weapon in their hand. The Gryphon Riders, Dragownhawk Riders and Hippogryph Riders were ordered to chase everyone. These people would attack Lion territory if they were left alive. Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to take prisoners or resettle this people.

He didn’t like killing people but this was war. He would face an inevitable end if he was full of mercy at this point.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t easy to kill tens of thousands of soldiers in such a large city. The time it took was quite long too.

The civilians didn’t go out of their houses because of fear. Moreover, Xiao Yu had ordered his troops to kill only the people who held weapons.

There was quite a strong resistance too. Some might warriors, magicians and special units came out and inflicted injuries on the orcs. Xiao Yu was aware that these people were sent by the Kennedy people.

They had to be killed!

Xiao Yu ordered the air units to entangle them and the other troops to siege these people. Xiao Yu knew that these people would certainly try to escape and would cause greate trouble to himself in the future. Moreover, he couldn’t let them know others that he was coming.

In addition, Xiao Yu found out that there were people who were rushing towards the western gate. Xiao Yu saw that there were huge mechanical puppets within that group. He had never seen those kinds of puppets.

“Where the fuck did they got these things? It doesn’t seem to be product of goblin technology… I would have faced huge losses if they suddenly appeared in the battlefield…” Xiao Yu looked at hundreds of three meter tall puppets. All of them were made out of steel. They ran fast and used huge swords. One of them attacked the grunt and cut him in half. These puppets were more powerful than even wolf warriors.

Several orcs(grunts) were able to fight with a single wolf warriors and kill it. But right now the orc’s attack could at best make a mark on the steel casting of the puppet.

These hundreds of mechanical puppets together with powerful warriors and mages were almost invincible for a short while. They almost reached the western gate. They would be able to rush out if they had a bit more time.

“Glaive Throwers! Shoot them! Footmen stand in line and protect the others!” Xiao yu issued orders one after another.

The body of the puppets were very strong. The orcs couldn’t damage them. Moreover, they used almost two meter long swords too. If Xiao Yu blindly let the orcs fight them then he was going to lose all of his orc troops. The footmen rushed to block the mechanical puppets. The orcs began to use the Glaive Throwers against the mechanical puppets.

Swoosh~ Swoosh~ Swoosh~ … Dang~~~ Dang~~~ Dang~~~

The moon blades weren’t able to cut and slice through the puppets. The sounds of intense steel collision echoed out. However, it didn’t mean that Glaive Throwers didn’t have any effect at all. The moon blades were still embedded into the mechanical puppets. The puppets stopped moving after some time when the moon blades hit them.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

The riflemen began to shoot at the mechanical puppets. The bullets weren’t able to penetrate through the mechanical puppets but were able to cause some trouble.

“What the fuck! How strong are they? They can conquer the Lion territory if they have one thousand of them…” Xiao Yu found out that these mechanical puppets were way too tough…

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