WOWFRD – Ch 287

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Chapter 287

Xiao Yu sent scouts all over towards the principalities that were collaborating with the Kennedy family. Afterwards, he began to mobilize his own troops to seize the chance and make the first blow.

The first territory was a small one to the east of the Lion Territory. It was a little smaller than the Solomon’s territory in size but because of good and effective governance it was a prosperous territory. In addition, they had an army of 50,000. Xiao Yu wasn’t clear about the units the army was made of. Originally, he wouldn’t care about an army of 50,000. But now the situation was different. He knew that the Kennedy family was going to give them support and even a regular army might turn into a mighty one because of them.

It didn’t mean that Xiao Yu fear them too. At the moment, this army of 50,000 wasn’t integrated with the troops of the Wei Principality so they couldn’t cause any major threat or difficulty to Xiao Yu. It would be headache if the army was integrated with the troops of the Wei Principality and a commander from the Kennedy family was appointed to lead them.

Nevertheless, this was a chance for the Xiao Yu. He had to take the advantage and make a surprise attack. He had to divide and rule. Ordinary people wouldn’t go for offense if they knew that such a massive force was going to attack them. They would try to build strong fortifications and carry out better defense tactics. But Xiao Yu was different. He wanted to go for offense instead of defense ven in the face of such a strong enemy. The real commander must make bold and decisive decisions to seize the chance.

Two days passed on. Xiao Yu learned the deployment of the troops from the Dui territory and analyzed the information. He decided on the time of attack. Xiao Yu speculated that it would take another week or so for the enemy to come to attack him. He had to attack them before they could mobilize their troops. After this the pressure on Xaio Yu’s shoulders would go down.

Xiao Yu was going to take his best troops for the main attack while the newly summoned ones would be present there too. He wouldn’t be able to flatten the bases of the enemies if he didn’t bring his best troops with himself. Moreover, it seemed that the Kennedy family would bring the troops from the Dui territory first to attack him. The Wei troops would come when the war would enter the stalemate phase. At that time Xiao Yu would be facing an impossible to win war.

Moreover, Xiao Yu had another aim while trying to attack this two territories. He had summoned a lot of new warriors. He was going to face a lot of casualties if he used them in defense war without them levelling up first.

“Depart!” Xiao Yu quietly set off from Lion city at night.

He knew that there would be spies and assassins investigating the movements in the Lion city so he made sure that everything was kept secret. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if the enemy knew that they were going to attack. In addition, the reason Xiao Yu was so bold and daring to move so many troops at night while the enemy spies were around was because the human base was upgraded a level. There was a new ability that he was going to use. The skill of cloud creation.

It was possible to create fog to cover his troops and make them hidden within the smokes and clouds. The scouts would find it very hard to find their whereabouts in such a fog. In addition, Xiao Yu would use Thrall’s Far Sight and Tyrande’s Eagle Eyes to find the enemy scouts and assassins in advance. Basically, he could move an army without being detected.

“This cloud trick is the best.. It will make it more convenient to attack anyone.. I have to get lots of merit points to upgrade the Undead Base! I need those powerful units from the undead base to attack these enemies! The undeads are forces of evil but it undeniable that all of them are strong… Moreover, the psychological factor that would come into play when undeads attack the enemies would be huge too! Imagine undead troops coming out of fog and attacking them…” Xiao Yu was planning to make use of undeads since he had such a trick in his hand.

It was true that the undead army was the most powerful of four races. Otherwise, how could they dominate the Azeroth? The Azeroth would belong to the undead if it wasn’t for the problem that Lich King faced and summoned Arthas back.

In addition, Xiao Yu was clear that he couldn’t use undead forces with ease. He would face the wrath of whole continent if it was found out that he was leading them.

Xiao Yu thought about this issue along the way. He believed that he would be able to rise another commander rank in the game system if he was able to defeat the Kennedy family’s massive attack. It wouldn’t be a problem to upgrade the undead base in that case. At that time he could just summoned 100 ghouls and make Arthas lead them.

“The Undead base must be upgraded! I can make Arthas a powerful leader and make him lead the undead troops… No one would think that I’m the puppetmaker behind the scenes and he will be able to secretly clear the problems for me…” Xiao Yu whispered.

Xiao Yu’s troops were hiding in the daytime and marching at nights under the cover of fogs. They reached the first city of the Dui territory after two days of marching.

Entire city of Pleidas was plunged into silence at the night time. There were torches over the walls whoing the soldiers inspecting the surroundings. However, Xiao Yu believed that this level of patrolling wasn’t going to be a problem. Xiao Yu knew that once he got into the city the enemy wouldn’t be able to show back effective resistance. At night it would be too hard to organize the troops. Moreover, they would be caught unprepared. That’s why Xiao Yu’s plan was simple. He was going to make sure that the gates are open and his troops would enter to kill the enemy soldiers. He sent Maiev and Grom into the city to open the gates. Afterwards, he ordered his army to line up in neat rows to charge into the city.

“Charge!” Xiao Yu ordered. He spoke in a faint voice. This time he wasn’t going to make any passionate pre-war speeches. He didn’t need to pump the morale of summoned warriors. A simple order was more than enough.

Boom…. Booom….

The earth trembled as the mountain giants ran towards the city. The patrols on the city walls felt the ground vibrate but they believed that it was an earthquake. However, they were shocked when the mountain giants entered their line of sight. Some of them even stood still blankly as they forgot to shout. What would they do against the mountain giants that were almost ten meters tall? How they were going to defend themselves?

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      1. Then you would have died as all the surrounding forces tried to destroy you after using them. It would make for a very boring novel =\

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