WOWFRD – Ch 286

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Chapter 286

Xiao Yu came back to Lion city to discuss the current affairs with the upper level. However, he was surprised to see that the scouts had yet to find the trace of Kennedy family’s army. There was simply nothing. The funny thing was that the army of the Kennedy family had to pass through many territories and principalities to reach the Lion territory. It meant that the movement would be large enough for the news to be spread far and wide. How could there be no news at all?

Had Nicholas cheated him? But why would Nicholas try to deceive him? Why would a man of that status lie to Xiao Yu?

There could be only one possibility if Nicholas really lied to him and that meant that Nicholas had his own plans for Western Cloud Empire. If Nicholas wanted to achieve something in Western Cloud Empire then it meant that Nicholas belonged to the mysterious force. But Nicholas would have exposed his identity in that case which was unusual to that mysterious force.

“Impossible…” Xiao Yu determined that Nicholas wasn’t in hand with the mysterious force. Moreover, if Nicholas was really part of the mysterious force then Xiao Yu would have been killed on spot. He would have let Xiao Yu to leave alive from the palace of blood elves. Nicholas had let Xiao Yu leave from there so that Xiao Yu could fight with Kennedy family while he sat on the sideways and watched the war. He would move in to reap the benefits at the right time…

Xiao Yu thought about the details and determined that Nicholas have told him truth. But in that case, where was the army of the Kennedy family? Were they going to use a mass Teleportation spell to move the army? It would be almost impossible! In addition, Nicholas told him that the forces of the Kennedy family would come soon…

Xiao Yu sent all the hunters, druids of the talon, hippogryph riders to patrol the region. Additionally, Thrall was using his skill to constrantly search the horizon. No movement could be hidden from his eyes.

“There is no army… But some high-level assassins have been seen around the bases.. We thought that they are adventurers who had come to capture elves but it seems they are spying for Kennedy family… They have come over just for investigation…” Mu Lee informed Xiao Yu.

“Well…” Xiao Yu frowned when he heard the information.

In fact, a lot of assassins have been killed who had tried to capture elves.. But they couldn’t catch high-level assassins. Although they had many ways to deal with the assassins but high-level assassins could always pass through the traps.

“Increase the intensity of investigations. Make sure all hunters, druids of talon and the witch doctors who have reach level 10 put out sentrys…Inform me about slightest change.” Xiao Yu ordered.

Xiao Yu understood that Thrall’s Far Sight was like a small map of the given location. So he could minimize the area of search by using druids of talon and the witch doctors.

It was found that a lot of assassins had come near the Lion territory and city to observe the place after a few days of investigation. Some had pen and papers and it seemed that they were recording information. Ordinarily, the assassins would just capture the elf and try to get out of the territory as soon as possible. Now, it seemed that these people were trying to record the deployment of Xiao Yu’s troops.

Therefore it was clear that these people held more malicious thoughts about the Lion territory. In addition, it would be only Kennedy family or a force similar to them who could deploy such high level assassins. The investigations were being made so where was their army?

How could they hide their army?

“Send people to investigate the territories and principalities that are close by! Search in 100 mile radius!” Xiao Yu commanded.

Xiao Yu couldn’t tolerate the situation where the enemy knew about his each move while he was kept in dark about the movement of the enemy. The scouts returned after few days of investigation. There was not a single clue about the army of Kennedy family. It made Xiao Yu very nervous. He had found many battles and enjoyed the dangerous situation. But he had understood his own capabilities and the enemy’s movements back in time. Now, everything was totally different…

Xiao Yu asked about all the details that the scouts had learned.

“What you said? Wei Hao is ill?” Xiao Yu finally found something that sounded very weird.

“Yes, my lord! Everyone in the Wei Principality knows that Wei Hao is seriously ill.. The man who is in charge of everything is called Li He! He has been summoning troops from all over the principality.. It seems he is going to usurp the throne. ” The scout replied.

“Did you hear anything about them training soldiers? Forging weapons?” Xiao Yu asked.

“Yes, my lord! I saw it with my own eyes.. There is some big mobilization going on.” The scout replied.

“Don’t you think this is unusual?” Xiao Yu looked at the scout.

The scout pondered for a moment: “Wei Hao is seriously ill and this Li He is mobilizing the army.. Most probably he is going to usurp the throne.. But everyone knows that Wei Hao had inherited the throne.. The nearby forces would move in if he blatantly get the throne!”

Xiao Yu laughed: “You aren’t that bad… Naturally, he can’t get the throne just like that.. But he would dared to do so if there was a huge power that backed him! It was no wonder that we couldn’t find their army! They have been in control of Wei Principality for too long and now they have mobilized the troops of the principality as they have a need for it! Damned Kennedy family!”

The scout replied when he heard Xiao Yu’s remarks: “And I thought it was Wei Hao who was in bad luck… I didn’t think that the Kennedy family was controlling them.”

Xiao Yu ordered: “Tell others to continue to investigate other nearby territories who have similar situations to Wei Principality.”

“Yes, my lord.” The scout left.

It didn’t take long before information about a nearby territory was received. The lord of the territory was sick but the army of the territory was being mobilized.

Xiao Yu determined that the Kennedy family was intending to use the armies of these two territories to attack Lion territory. The family wouldn’t send cannon fodders but powerful warriors, mages and commanders. They could just buy the equipment from the Warhammer company and get Lion territory unprepared in that case.

Xiao Yu, himself, had disguised as a merchant and entered the Western Cloud Empire. It was possible that these people from the Kennedy family had moved over the same way too. They hadn’t attacked yet which meant that these people were making adjustments to the armies. After all, the army wasn’t just about the numbers but uniform actions and commands. It is clear that the Kennedy family wasn’t stupid enough to send two armies just like that. They naturally were aware of the Art of War and would make the best of these two armies.

Xiao Yu shared the information with the others.

“We shouldn’t be afraid since we know their location.. We can just send scouts and prapre for defense in advance.. They will eat big losses when they come.” Mu Lee said.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Defense… Why should we wait for them? Isn’t offense is the best defense? Why don’t we take the initiative?”

Mu Lee and Captain Hui were stunned when they heard Xiao Yu’s words. However, they understood his intentions after they pondered over his words.


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