WOWFRD – Ch 285

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Chapter 285

Xiao Yu saw that the skills of the Spell Breakers weren’t much different from the game. They could steal spells, control magic and could use immunity to magic. However, would the ordinary magicians let someone like Spell Breaker get close to them? The Spell Breakers weren’t much powerful in close combat. General magicians wouldn’t be fighting within the crowd too. As a result, the role of the Spell Breakers weren’t prominent in the battle at the moment. However, all of these were about general battles. They may cause great destruction under certain circumstances. Xiao Yu believed that he could use his Sorceresses with buffs from the Spell Breakers (magic immunity) and get close to the mages of enemy and kill them. The overall idea was that there weren’t bad warriors but bad commanders who couldn’t use them at the right moment and circumstances.

The priests were much more practical in comparison to other new warriors. They could use healing magic from the moment they were summoned. At level 3 they could use Dispel Magic which would remove the magical effects of enemy spells. At level 6 they could use Inner Fire which could enhance the damage done by the friendly units and the strength of their armor. At level 10 they could heal a group of friendly units.

In short, the priests could greatly reduce the casualties. There were veteran soldiers who got wounded on the battlefield. They had great experience and could play a huge role in the war if they could be cured and returned back to the battlefield. He had Uther but Uther couldn’t heal so many soldiers at the same time. However, with the introduction of the priests that problem could be minimized. Xiao Yu had life potions but he wasn’t willing to use them if he had an alternative method such as introduction of priests to the army. Moreover, how many life potions he had to use to support an army of tens of thousands?

The last to be summoned were Dragon hawks. The three skills that DragonHawks could learn were: At level 3 the Dragon Hawks would tweet and deterr the enemy air units. It would affect the enemy’s flight speed and balance. At level 6 they could release aerial shackles that would magically tie down the enemy air units. At level 10 they would use a skill called cloud. The Dragon Hawk would spit out clouds that would cover a region and affect the enemy’s field of vision.

The skills of the Dragon Hawks were good too. The first two skills were related to the control of the enemy’s air units. It seemed that there were few forces in the continent who had air units but after the last progression Xiao Yu knew that he couldn’t argue that he was the only one with the air force. The Dragon Hawks would play a huge role in the future. The cloud skill was definitely a top skill. The clouds could cover the region which meant that the enemy wouldn’t be able to use catapults or ballistas.

Xiao Yu felt great as he checked the skills of the new type of units once again. He felt that he would be unbeatable as long as he used all these forces in the right manner.

Xiao Yu ordered the system to summon 500 Gryphon Riders. He knew that the air units would be influential if they had enough numbers. Afterwards, he added 300 units of Dragon Hawks. The Dragonhawks were going to play a huge role if the enemy had air units. The aerial shackles would be excellent if he made the Hippogryph Riders to join the battle against the air units of the enemy.

He temporarly summoned 100 Spell Breakers. He had to see their role in the battlefield before deciding to summon more. He decided to summon 400 Priests. This number wasn’t much for an army of tens of thousands. 300 Druids of the Claw were summoned. He wasn’t going to summon more of them. Actually, Xiao Yu was planning to distibute the Druids of the Claw among the ordinary troops so that they could fight the enemy warriors.

Xiao Yu decided to summon 300 Sorceresses. At the moment, the sorceresses could be regarded as magic apprentices. Although 10 sorceresses could release fire magic that could cover a small range of area but it didn’t mean that he had to summon too much of them. Moreover, if he put so many sorceresses together then they would become the targets of the enemy. He planned to distibute sorceresses into groups of ten and mix with the ordinary soldiers too. Druids of the Claw or footmen would be by their side to protect them. Xiao Yu decided to summon 300 more footmen. In the past, he favored grunts over footmen but as the wars he faced progressed he saw that the role of the footmen were no less than grunts in the battlefield. There were vulnerable units that he had and he needed specialized units who could protect them. 300 Sorceress with 300 footmen would be more fatal and lethal than 600 grunts. At the moment, he had brought a lot of orcs from the Ankagen mountains too so there was no need to summon more grunts.

In addition, he decided to summon 200 more riflemen. The human base was upgraded to level 2 so the blacksmith shop was also promoted. At the moment, the weapons and the equipment could be upgraded too. The upgraded rifles meant that the strength of riflemen would increase too. Xiao Yu summoned 300 Knights and overall number of Knights increased to 1000. They were the only mobile ground unit Xiao Yu had and were commendable in the battlefield.

Additionally, he summoned 100 Faerie Dragons. At the moment, Xiao Yu understood that there couldn’t be a situation where he wouldn’t have casualties in the war. Sometimes he would have to use suicide attacks too. He didn’t want to see his summoned warriors die but sacrifices had to be made too. The Faerie dragons didn’t have much attack strength but their ultimate attack was perfect to kill enemy’s mages. He could make the Sorceress’s make Faerie Dragons turn invisible and Spell breakers make the enemy mages useless for a moment. He could make the faerie Dragons make the kamikaze attacks to get rid of the enemy mages. The mages were rare and precious for any army. So he could decrease the attack strength of the enemy by huge portions if he could cause heavy casualties to the mages of the enemy. Xiao Yu chose to summon 100 Hippogryphs for the remaining 100 free places that he had. He was going to make the elves brought from the Ankagen mountains ride them. The Hippogryph Riders were mobile and flexible. They could move to any part of the battlefield and support any friendly units that needed help.

Xiao Yu was planning to make them fight like guerrillas. The Hippogryph Riders didn’t have to stay in one place for long. They had to shoot few arrows and move into another area so that the Hippogryphs couldn’t be hit by the hand crossbows of the enemy.

Xiao Yu spent few days as he counted and allocated the units that had to be summoned. Afterwards he returned back to Lion city so see the overall sitation. This war was going to be totally different from any war he had faced in the past. As a result, he had to use different tactics and strategy…

“Since you are going to come then let’s see if you will be able to cope up with the new units and tactics… All of you will be buried in here…” Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up…

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  1. I took it from the machine translation. I think you will understand.
    Stone car 1 (50) = 50. Grunt 1 (600) = 600. Batrider 1 (1000) = 1000. Wolf cavalry 1 (600) = 600. Branch multi beast 1 (100) = 100. Shaman 1 (300) = 300. Witch doctor 1 (100) = 100. Only = 2750.

    Glaive Thrower 1 (50) = 50. Elf archer 1 (300) = 300. Elf hunter 1 (100) = 100. Hippogryph 1 (400) = 400. Bird of prey Druid 1 (300) = 300. Faerie Dragon 1 (150) = 150. Druids of the Claw 2 (300) = 600. Mountain Giant 10 (100) = 1000. Only = 2900.

    Footman 1 (500) = 500. Dwarf rifle 1 (400) = 400. Knight 1 (1000) = 1000. Spell Breaker 1 (100) = 100. Priest 1 (400) = 400. Dragonhawk 1 (300) = 300. Sorceress 2 (300) = 600. Gryphon 2 (500) = 1000. Only = 4300.

    Ghoul 0.5 (100) = 50. Only = 50.

    Only 2750+2900+4300+50=10000.

    I know English bad. Chinese is a little better. Therefore, I read both versions. I hope I helped a little. 🙂 As I understood, MC hired ghouls and shadows only 100 pieces for 50 points.

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