WOWFRD – Ch 284

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Chapter 284

Xiao Yu was going to summon Kael’thas first before doing anything else. He needed a powerful magician to cooperate with Antonidas as he was lacking magicians the most. Moreover, Kael’thas was a user of fire magic which was brutal and effective in demoralizing the enemies on the battlefield. In addition, the ice magic was more focused on controlling the movement of enemies while the fire magic was more violent and vicious.

A red storm flashed above the altar about half an hour later. A handsome reddish man jumped and stood in front of Xiao Yu. The blood elf had four green fireballs circling around him. There was a strange smile on his face which seemed to be devilish but gave a unique charm to the blood elf. He was the prince of the blood elves, Kael’thas!

“Kael’thas greets the master.” Kael’thas bowed in front of Xiao Yu. Kael’thas was a head taller than Xiao Yu. As a result, he was slightly taller than Xiao Yu even though his head was bent. It made Xiao Yu feel inferiority towards the bloow elf.

“I’m short on good people in here… Young man, I hope you will be doing a good job.” Xiao Yu clasped both his hands behind himself. He was acting like an elder.

“The subordinate will do everything to get rid of the troublemakers.” Kael’thas smiled.

Xiao Yu nodde: “Good.. I got a blood elf from you race in here too.. You have to meet her too… Let’s check your skills now.”

There were four skills that Kael’thas could learn at this point. They were:

Fireball (up to level 3): The blood mage can shoot a fireball to attack the enemy. The fireball would explode when hitting the enemy.

Flame Blast (up to level 3): Blood Mage release a flame that covers the enemy inflicting huge damage.

Phoenix Blast (up to level 3): Blood mage shoot a fire that turns into a phoenix and inflicts damage upon group of enemies.

Rain of Flames (up to level 3): Blood mage summoned flames from a location to kill enemies.

“Awesome skills! We don’t need fireball for now.. Alright, you must learn Rain of Flames so that you can level up easily on the battlefield… ” Xiao Yu made Kael’thas learn Rain of Flames and attack from the sidelines until got to learn the other skills.

Now, it was time to summon other units. Xiao Yu had accumulated more than enough meritorious serive points while defeating Ba Tianming in the Western Cloud Empire. At the moment, he could summon variety of buildings, units and weaponry. Firstly, he was planning to summon Druids of the Claw. They could transform into bears and attack the enemy which was going to be very useful in the battlefield.

He could make a Sorceress turn the enemy into a sheep and the Druid transform into bear and attack these sheep. It would be way too funny. Xiao Yu was lacking senior level commanders so he was planning to rely on different units to make up for the difference in strategic and power level. It was true that the warriors that he summoned couldn’t be opponents to powerful warriors on head on battles. But they would be able to kill high level warriors if they were used in the right way. In addition, Xiao Yu was missing strong warriors too. All he had were ordinary soldiers.

So he was planning to summon Gryphon and Dragonhawk riders and other units. He had 4000 units avialable to be summoned but Xiao Yu had a habit of utilizing each place.

“Summon 100 Spell Breakers, 100 Sorceresses, 100 Priests, 100 Gryphons and 100 Dragonhawks.” He was going to check them before going for mass summoning. After all, these units were quite different that he had seen in the game. He had to check their features before deciding to summon more of them.

Xiao Yu waited for a full day before all the warriors were summoned. At the same time, he went to the night elf base to summon 100 Druids of the Claw.

The Druids of the Claw didn’t disappoint Xiao Yu. All of them could transform into a bear as a normal skill. Moreover, their strength were much more stronger than an ordinary first-rank beast. Xiao Yu couldn’t imagine how powerful they would get if they reached level 10. At first, Xiao Yu believed that the Druids of the Claw wouldn’t be as flexible as grunts in the battlefield. But now he understood that he had made a mistake by believing so. Each warrior type had its own unique skills which were extremely powerful if they were put into the right use. Xiao Yu even wanted to summon Banshees but unfortunately he didn’t have enough service points for them.

The skills of the Druids of the Claw were:

Level 3: Rejuvenation. The druid can heal friendly units.

Level 6: Roar. Improves the damage done by the friendly units attack while reducing the movement and attack speed of enemy.

Level 10: Dire Bear Form. Transforms into much powerful bear with incredible attack and defense.

“Fierce! HaHaHa!” Xiao Yu was very excited as he didn’t expect the Druids of the Claw to be so powerful. However, each druid was equal to 2 units. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu didn’t hesitate to summon 200 druids.

At the same time he checked the skills of Sorceresses and Gryphons.

Each Sorceress was equal to 2 units too. It was no wonder as all of them were magicians. Xiao Yu didn’t have magicians and the sorceresses were a troop of magicians. They didn’t have much range to their attacks but they had variety of skills. They could support the Druids of the Claw in the battlefield.

The ordinary skill that Sorceress had was flame attack. The strength of the attack wasn’t big but the frequency and speed of the attack were high and fast. Ordinary soldiers would not be able to reach a Sorceress as they would be burned into ashes.

The other skills that Sorceress could learn were:

Level 3: Slow. Sorceress would attack the enemy with flame magic. As a buff to the attack the enemy’s movement speed would decelerate.

Level 6: Invisibility. The sorceress can turn friendly unit invisible. The invisibility will be lifted off if the friendly unit attacks or casts a spell.

Level 10: Polymorph. Sorceress will be able to transform an enemy unit into a sheep. The air units will turn into flying sheep. The effect of this magic depends of the strength of the enemy.

There was nothing special about the basic skill of the Gryphon. The knights that ride the gryphons were dwarves. They were very bulky and each of them used a hammer. However, the gryphons were already ferocious ebasts and they could tore apart ordinary human soldiers with their claws. The gryphon riders could only use one skill – The Storm Hammer. However, this skill could be upgraded upon reaching level 3, 6 and 10. At level 3 the rider could throw the hammer 3 times consecutively while at level 6 for 6 times and at level 10 for 10 times. Xiao Yu saw that the Gryphon Riders seemed more monotonous in comparison to other warriors. But he knew that this single attack was more powerful than anything else.

Gryphon Riders were used in the game as small teams to attack the enemy. However, the point was that the enemy mustn’t have air defense units. Xiao Yu couldn’t help but imagine having Gryphon riders reach level 10. He would send 500 Gryphon Riders with Hippogryph Riders and Dragonhawk riders to attack the enemy….

If the Batriders were the bombers then the Griphon riders were the firefighters…

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