WOWFRD – Ch 283

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Chapter 283

Xiao Yu didn’t think that Kelly would go back with him. It seemed that the girl was literally worshipping Kael’thas. Xiao Yu was aware that it wasn’t his own charm that made Kelly return back with him. As for the Kennedy family, Xiao Yu had to go back to Lion territory as soon as possible to get ready for the attack. He couldn’t underestimate such a family.

Moreover, the purpose of the enemy wasn’t revenge but his warriors so they would do their best. Lion territory would be facing a huge test.

Xiao Yu returned back to the Wuhe town after few days. Touba Hong personally came out to greet Xiao Yu when he heard that they were back. However, Xiao Yu had a helpless expression on his face.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t things go smootly?” Touba Hong knew that there was a setback or Xiao Yu wouldn’t look so dejected.

Xiao Yu wryly smiled: “I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you alone for sometime.”

Touba Hong’s face turned serious: “Did something happen to Lion territory?”

Xiao Yu nodded: “There is a big enemy that’s going to attack Lion territory. I have to go back and prepare for the war.”

Touba Hong nodded: “That’s what you must do. The Lion territory is your base… There won’t be a place for neither you nor me if you lose it.”

Xiao Yu added: “I’ll leave warriors in here to help you in battles… Now, I have to go so everything depends on you.. I believe that you will be the greatest king that had ruled Western Cloud Empire! You have to hold on without me!”

Touba Hong laughed: “What are you saying mate? Are you looking down at me? Do you think that I won’t be able to get rid of Touba Gui without you? Don’t forget I can beat Touba Gui without you too!”

iao Yu smiled: “I believe in you.”

Xiao Yu left some notes to Touba Hong and 300 blood steel swords to increase the strength of his troops. In addition, Xiao Yu left 1000 orcs and O’Neal to lead them. Raul and 100 Hippogryph Riders stayed in the Wuhe town too. 50 Mountain giants, Kodo beasts, witch doctors and shamans were left to increase the battle strength of the orcs too. Xiao Yu didn’t take back 600 Raiders with him as they weren’t going to play a big role in the defensive war in the Lion territory.

Xiao Yu took back other units to deal with Kennedy family’s attack. Moreover, he left all the catapults and ballistas but took the Glaive Throwers and Demolishers. He believed that Kennedy family would come with lots of units and machinery and the Glaive Throwers and Demolishers would play an excellent role in city defense.

Xiao Yu left a lot of troops with Touba Hong because he knew that Touba Hong had to withstand Touba Gui’s next attack. Otherwise, Touba Gui wouldn’t wait but attack the Sky Lion Dynasty after capturing Touba Hong. Therefore Touba Hong couldn’t lose to Touba Gui.

The Mysterious force was support Touba Gui and the come back was going to be strong. It would be a huge test to Touba Hong too. So Xiao Yu left those warriors to take off some pressure from Touba Hong. Xiao Yu left Wuhe town to Lion territory in hurry after arranging all of this. In addition, he took back more than 10,000 goblins with him. Xiao Yu was aware that in the future the goblins could bring lots of impact into the development of the Lion territory so he had to take them back and train them.

Touba Hong believed that it was very weird for Xiao Yu to gather so many goblins and take them back but he still didn’t say anything.

Twenty days later Xiao Yu reached the Lion city. The towering walls of the city seemed indestructible from afar. But would they be able to withstand the attack of the Kennedy family? There would be lots of magicians belonging to Kennedy family that would come to attack. Would the city be able to withstand the attacks of several fifth-rank magicians?

The heroes under his command were at low levels at the moment and would be killed by enemy masters. That’s why Xiao Yu had to use all the summoned warriors in best possible way to kill the enemy. The Lion city was in uproar when the people saw Xiao Yu return. The reforms that xiao Yu had done had made energmous changes to the lives of civilians. That’s why most of them felt strong belonging to Xiao Yu and Lion territory. The tax policies seemed a bit trickier but it eased the pressure on the lives of civilians. What ordinary people wanted in this era? Enough food to eat. The man who made their lives easier was going to be supported by the masses too. The policies implemented by Xiao Yu made them see a hope in future. A future where their children and grandchildren would live easily. Therefore they worked hard to make sure that this hope didn’t disappear.

In addition, the youth of the Lion territory were willing to join army. Actually, they believed that it was an honor to serve the Lion territory.

Xiao Yu asked about the details of the things that had recently happened in the Lion territory after he returned. Afterwards, he sent people to settle the goblins. At the end, he called a meeting where the management of the territory met. He told them that the Kennedy family was going to attack the Lion territory.

Everyone was silent for a moment when they heard the news.

They had heard about Kennedy family. Housekeeper Hong had more profound understaning of Kenney family than others.

Housekeeper Hong stood up. He sighed: “I have followed the old lord and now young master for many years.. I don’t have much to live anyway.. I don’t care whether its Kennedy or some other family.. Lion territory is my home and its where I will welcome death.”

Captain Hui stood up after him: “I’m a man of sword! My body is wrapped in armor and my life will be taken in the battlefield if its meant to be!”

Mu Lee laughed: “My greatest wish since childhood was to become the commander of all-powerful army and fight the enemy.. There were no ambitions in the Wei territory so I couldn’t display my strength.. Now I have the opportunity and I’m not going to lose it! Let them come! I will fight as long as I have a drop of blood in my body!”

Xiao Yu was pleased when he heard the reaction of everyone to the matter in hand. At least, there was no one who was going to leave him.

“You guys are talking as if we have already lost.. HaHaHa… We will make them take the corpses of their comrades back with them.. They are strong but haven’t I shown my strength too? Since they dare to come to fight us then let them come! But they won’t return! They will all die no matter how powerful the enemy is!”

Xiao Yu assigned different taks to the people in the meeting and then left the city to the base. He wanted to quickly summon new warriors.

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