WOWFRD – Ch 282

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Chapter 282

Xiao Yu understood from Nicholas’s words that the young master of the Kennedy family was going to come for trouble. It was something that he was expecting. Xiao Yu believed that the young master of the Kennedy family would come to get revenge on him but now it seems they were after orcs, elves and other races under his command.

In addition, it was clear that these ancient families had secretly began to assimilate and control different races under their control. However, it was all kept it secret without any announcements to the outside world. It seems they are waiting for the decline and collapse of Sky Lion Dynasty. The moment the chaos would erupt these forces would start to act. They had accumulated strength for thousands of years to conquer the continent and create an unprecedented kingdom.

It seemed that Xiao Yu had underestimated everyone believing that he was the only one with the special summoned units. He believed that he would be able to dominate the continent without a problem if he had enough summon troops. But now it was unveiled that he had too little capital. These families had accumulated wealth and strength for thousands of years. Their connections were wide and far. In comparison he was a puny lord. There were too many setbacks.

Nevertheless, it took a moment for Xiao Yu to throw these negative ideas to the back of his mind.

What if they are ancient families? Who gives a fuck? I’m the greatest and I’ll screw up anyone who dares to fight with me! I’m the ultimate rogue and hooligan!

Xiao Yu walked and sat beside Nicholas. He picked a glass of wine and drank from it: “Excellent (TL note: Imagine it in Mr Burns voice)…Excellent wine.. Recently I finished up my business in the Western Cloud Empire and I was bored that there was nothing to do.. Let that young master come over and I’ll play along with him… But what got to me was you taking action of inaction… You want both of us to fight while you will be the Fisherman who reaps the benefits… I assume you already have eyes on my territory.”

Nicholas was a bit perplexed and the expression could be seen in his eyes when he saw Xiao Yu act calm about the news he had leaked.

Nicholas had underestimated Xiao Yu. Moreover, Nicholas understood from Xiao Yu’s words that it would be very hard to get benefits out of Xiao Yu. Fortunately, Xiao Yu’s strength was weak and he could suppress him at any given time. But if Xiao Yu was given enough time frame then he was going to become a headache to Nicholas.

“You are right.. I want to sit in the sidelines and reap the beneifts. I’m envious of your orcs and elves. I have orcs, dwarves and other races under my command.. My forces will reach a new height if yours joined mine. It’s not about the number of warriors but the quality. I’m really curious about the place where you get so many different types of warriors. Ernst family have been looking for different races for thousands of years but we haven’t got so many variety of warriors as you have…”

Nicholas spoke truth as he saw that Xiao Yu had already seen through his plan.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Have you seen orcs and elves play around in bustling human cities? It’s all about Ankagen Mountains.. My father was a very smart man. People think that he was sent to Ankagen Mountains as a punishment but he deliberately choose this place. He had been in contact with orcs, elves and other races for a long time.. It was a pity that he died too soon.” Afterwards, Xiao Yu sighed.

Xiao Yu pushed the origins of summoned warriors to his dead father and endless Ankagen Mountains. There would be no human in this continent who had seen everything in the Ankagen Mountains. It was like Xiao Yu was challenging others to go to Ankagen Mountains and seek for the other races. Moreover, Xiao Yu had brought a lot of orcs and elves from the Undercity and many adventurers had seen with their own eyes that there were orcs and elves there. Therefore nobody could come up with evidence even if there were doubts about the origins of summoned units.

Nicholas smiled: “Don’t forget that when you have something that you shouldn’t have and don’t have the ability to control then it would inevitably lead to a disaster…”

“HaHaHa … Do you have the abilities? Isn’t it too early to talk? There have been countless people who have tried to flatten my territory but ended up being smashed to the ground. Do you think you will be able to wreck my territory?” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes and leaned back on chair. He was looking into Nicholas’s eyes.

Nicholas smiled: “Enemies? Carrie, Solomon, Subaru… Do you consider them enemies? They are garbage! You will know what a real enemy is when you face the Kennedy family troops.. I’ll see if you will be able to smile and laugh when you face them…”

Xiao Yu interrupted him: “I had the means to get rid of former enemies and I’ve ways to get rid of all the future enemies… I’ll be waiting for your arrival in Lion territory.”

Nicholas smiled back: “I’ll be there… ”

Both of them looked at each other without uttering a word. They understood that they would be eternal enemies along the road to hegemony. Only one of them would be able to ascend to the throne at the peak.

The blood elves had joined Nicholas so Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to stay here anymore. He knew that none of them would follow him. In addition, Reilas wouldn’t recognize Kael’thas as the real one even if he brought Kael’thas.

From now on he could rely only on the blood elves summoned from the game system. Nevertheless, nothing mattered right now. He was promoted a rank and could upgrade a base and summon 4000 units. He wasn’t afraid of Kennedy family’s attack because of this. If the war couldn’t be avoided then he was going to test his own strength.

The game of world domination had begun…

Xiao Yu decided to leave. He had to make few arrangements for Touba Hong and then go back to his own territory. Reilas wasn’t planning to stop Xiao Yu but Nicholas stood up to send him off as if he was the master. Xiao Yu knew that Nicholas was demonstrating his new status and telling Xiao Yu that he was the new owner of this place.

“Wait a minute.” Kelly said at this moment.

Reilas couldn’t help but frown: “Kelly, what are you doing?

Kelly went to stand by Xiao yu’s side: “I was captured and sold as a slave. Xiao Yu is my master and I’ll go with him. ”

“What? Kelly, have you gone crazy? Are you willing to live as a slave?” Reilas was quite furious about Kelly’s tand.

Kelly replied: “Patriarch I hope that you will bring prosperity and glory to Blood elves… But I’m no longer part of this tribe. I’ll follow Kael’thas and I hope that we won’t meet each other as enemies on the battlefield in the future.”

Reilas was angry but he knew that Kelly had chosen a different path than their own tribe.

Nicholas came out with them. He saw the Raiders, Hippogryph Riders, Grom and Tyrande.

“Are they the blademaster Grom and Priestess of the Moon Tyrande? They look different from the others but its not a proof of anything.” Nicholas didn’t believe that Grom and Tyrande were the original ones. He had heard about the rumors and prophecies but he believed that it was all nonsense. Moreover, Nicholas believed that Xiao Yu was using those names to push his own agenda.

Xiao Yu smiled: “They are the Blademaster and Priestess of the Moon in my heart. I let them be and they are! I say they are even if they are not.”

Nicholas nodded as he listened to Xiao Yu: “Good… You say it is and it is..”

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  1. bro honestly the author is stupid. Like Nicholas said he was gonna treat the MC as a real rival, but instead of killing him right then and there he gives him time to gorw? You cant even say that he was scared of Theodore or someshit like that because of his family, i mean shit he has a fucking 6th rank person next to him right now, we dont know how much more he has in his clan. But anyways who gives a fuck lmao thanks for the chap.

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