WOWFRD – Ch 281

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Chapter 281

Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up as he listened to Nicholas. He understood that he couldn’t underestimate these ancient families. They were able to find the sunwell that had been lost for so long. It was no wonder that Reilas was firm on reviving the blood elf race without Kael’thas. Who could stop the blood elves if they had sunwell? The ancient times were over and the mages were rare. Who could oppose the blood elves if so many elf magicians acted together? Nicholas was smart and cunning.

“The sunwell is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Do you know the reason why it was destroyed? The energy of the sunwell can’t be controlled… The entire world will be destroyed if that energy breaks out…” Xiao Yu talked as he looked at Nicholas. He had a hunch that Nicholas would be one of the most powerful enemies that he would ever meet.

“Haha … Duke Xiao has a sense of humor… Moments ago you were saying that you will bring back Kael’thas and he will search for the sunwell, weren’t you? We have already found it so there is no need for you to go to trouble to return Kael’thas… Actually, I tell you something.. You are just a lucky little lord who owns things which he shouldn’t! Duke Xiao! Don’t think that you are the only one in this world who has the support of other races.. Your allies will change masters soon enough…” Nicholas smiled.

Nicholas words and actions were reserved and elegant unlike Xiao yu. There was demeneaur of an aristocrat even when he smiled. This subtle actions were result of thousands of years of heritage that was passed down. Xiao Yu was a noble too but limited to several generations. Xiao Yu was like a village bumpkin who had just arrived into a metropolitan city in comparison to Nicholas.

Xiao Yu was feeling the gap between him and Nicholas too. He understood the reason Master Alma was so afraid of Kennedy family.

“It doesn’t matter… You may get the blood elves but their leader is Kael’thas.. Only the leader of the blood elves can revive the race! Do you think you will be able to dominate the world with the help of blood elves and sunwell?” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he asked.

Nicholas wasn’t doing anything. He was just standing still and indifferently looking at Xiao Yu but Xiao Yu was feeling a great pressure. It wasn’t the pressure that came from the absolute strength, similar to master Ao Du’s, but because of the temperament. Nicholas’s attitude was telling Xiao Yu that they weren’t in the same ‘grade’.

“Does Kael’thas exist in this world? Or Is there a need for Kael’thas in this world? We are living in a new era, a new epoch… Why would we favor those old-fashioned tales? Do you think that you are the only one in this world who has orcs and elves? Orc, elves, dwarves and other races were never extinct… They were just hidden from the plain sight. They were waiting for the right time so that they could come out too. Do you think the families with ancient backgrounds were sitting idle for all these years? Everyone was accumulating strength and waiting for the arrival of the new epoch! The time is near and everyone is aware of the prophecy.. The greatest king of the continent will lead all races to the victory and glory… Now you are here and have few orcs by your side.. I find it ridiculous that puny lord like you have such a huge DREAM…” Nicholas spoke out.

“HaHaHa… You talked a lot.. So what are you hinting at? Do you wanna assert that I’m useless in comparison to you? If I’m really like that then why are you trying to deliberately discourage me? I’ll tell you the answer.. You are afraid. You are afraid that I’ll be a huge threat to you in the future.. Deep in your heart you are aware that I’ll surpass you and become the greatest kind of this era!” Xiao Yu spoke out. He was pointing out to psychological pressure that Nicholas was trying to put on him.

Nicholas shook his head: “You think too highly of yourself.. I know about you because I know about everyone on the continent… You are weak so I don’t even pay attention to you.. But I won’t even take an ant lightly.. It’s what my parents have taught me and I’ll keep that in my mind until my death… As for you.. It’s enough for me to wave my hand and you will be dead.”

Xiao Yu snorted: “Is that so? Go on then.. Wave your hand.”

Nicholas turned around and came to sit on the chair. He took the cup and drank from it. Afterwards he said: “Why should I act if you will be killed soon enough? Why would I waste energy? Moreover, the game had already begun.. It would be too boring if I acted before than others…”

Xiao Yu asked: “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean? Duke Xiao is a wise man and he can’t understand the meaning behind my words… Alright, I won’t be stingy and help you a bit… You are a capable man to scold that stupid young master of the Kennedy family.. Actually, you have said some over the top curses.. Do you think that they will let go of you just like that? Especially, if there are so many coveted things in your territory…” Nicholas stopped and smiled.

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  1. why does it feel like mc becomes an idiot?…or does the author wants to show that it is boring since we only saw him always winning when it comes to arguing an enemy?

    1. tbh mc was always a dumbass, and the author tries to write it so that he isnt. Its just bad writing imo.

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