WOWFRD – Ch 280

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Chapter 280

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Xiao Yu’s body. The youth even looked at Xiao Yu and winked. Xiao Yu understood that the youth was aware of his identity. But who could it be?

“Patriarch, I am back.”Kelly came to stand in front of the blood elves and knelt: “Patriarch! I brought back news about Kael’thas. He is about to return and we will regain our glory once again!”

Xiao Yu saw that none of the four blood elves were excited about the news. The one sitting in the top seat faintly said: “Kelly, step back… We can revive the glory of the blood elves without the summoning of Kael’thas.”

“What?” Both Xiao Yu and Kelly were surprised. It was known that Kael’thas was the leader of the blood elves. Patriarch’s reply was too indifferent and his tone was cold.

Who is this patriarch? Why is he so cold? Why does he think that they can revive the blood elves? It has to have something with the youth…

“He is Nicholas Ernst, the new chief of the Ernst family. He has brought us what we need the most… Soon, we will reach the peak and stand on place where we belong… ” The patriarch stood up and spoke as he raised his hands towards the sky.

“Nicholas Ernst?” Xiao Yu was surprised when he heard the name. Actually, Master Alma had explained about the famous families of the continent to Xiao Yu so that he didn’t easily provoke them in the future. Ernst family was one of those ancient families which was comparable to Kennedy family that Xiao Yu had offended in the ruins of Lordaeron.

Xiao Yu had a bad feeling about everything that was happening in front of him. Why would the youth come here? What had he brought that made the blood elf patriarch so hyped?

“Patriarch, what about Kael’thas? This youth…. Xiao Yu… I brought him… He can summon back our leader Kael’thas…The blood elves can’t flourfish without Kael’thas’s leadership… ” Kelly begged when she saw the indiffierent attitude of the elders and patriarch.

“I know who he is… Nicholas Ernst has informed us about Xiao Yu… Don’t be fooled by this man! How can ancient heroes who had died so long ago return back? He is just using their names to deceive the world! Don’t you understand it?”

The elders and patriarch looked at Xiao Yu with contempt and disdain.

Xiao Yu was stunned when he had initially heard the patriarch of the blood elves but understood what was happening after hearing the identity of the youth. It seems Nicholas had already misinformed the patriarch and they were not trusting him at this point. Moreover, Xiao Yu saw that patriarch of the blood elves had a bias towards Kael’thas or so it seemed.

“May I know the name of the patriarch of the respected and noble blood elves?” Xiao Yu wasn’t angry but instead very respectful towards the elder of the blood elves. Xiao Yu would try to understanding what was happening in the mind of the people opposite to him. It was the thing that he had learned from the movie Godfather.

“I’m Reilas! Descendant of Aethas Sunreaver!” The patriarch said in a tone full of pride.

“Motherfucker! He is a sunreaver! It’s no wonder he has disdain towards Kael’thas.. Sunreavers were powerful and occupied an important position in the blood elf hierarchy but they were always oppressed by Sunstriders… Resentment… He would have probably ruined all statues of Kael’thas if not for Kael’thas’s fame…” Xiao Yu understood the reason patriarch had taken such an attitude.

(Author Note: It’s NOT official history of Warcraft but set for the plot…)

“Descendant of Sunreavers! I have utter respect for your ancestors. All of them were great magicians and have left their marks on the pages of history. However, for Blood Elves to reach their glory once again isn’t easy. I know about the prophecies and soon Kael’thas will return. He will lead your people to find the lost sunwell and claim the glory that belongs to the blood elves.” Actually, Xiao Yu was just lying right and left at the moment. The sunwell was destroyed long ago and only God knew where and how it could be found. Xiao Yu’s idea was to make sure that the youth, Nicholas Ernst, didn’t sway the blood elves towards himself.

“Sunwell? We have it now!” Reilas snorted. He moved his hand and a small bottle appeared in it. There was aliquid inside the small bottle. It was similar to burning flames.

“Water from Sunwell?” Xiao Yu was astonished. He didn’t think that Patriarch would have something like that. Moreover, it seemed that the youth had brought this thing.

“HaHa… Lord Xiao! You are a step late. My family has found the legendary sunwell. The energy within the sunwell is useless towards and average magician. But it is a natural source of power and strength for the blood elves.. A young blood elf would become a grand magician as long as he or she has access to the sunwell… ” The youth, Nicholas Ernst, grinned and said.

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  1. If you guys want to know sunreavers are faction/group of blood elves who represented horde in dalaran, there wasnt much of a feud as they were loyal to kael before the latter found illidan as his new master

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