WOWFRD – Ch 28

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Chapter 28

Editor: ZeXu


Xiao Yu and the Blademaster cleaned up one side of the wall before turning towards the other side of the wall (the gate divided the wall into two). It didn’t take long for them to finish off the other patrolmen. Xiao Yu went over to open the walls while gesturing at the footmen and grunts to quickly reach the gates.

There were two bars that laid over the gate to keep it closed. Fortunately, Xiao Yu was at level 5 and his basic attributes had improved by a lot.

Xiao Yu slowly unloaded the bars and opened the thick gate.

“What’s happening? Why are all the torches gone?” The voice of a bandit disturbed the silent camp.

Tyrande was by the gate; she used an arrow to shoot through the bandit’s throat.

The patrolmen on the other side of the bandit camp had heard the sound but were still oblivious that an enemy had penetrated their camp. One of them came over: “What’s happening?” However, he was met by a cold Grom who quickly killed him off.

The camp patrols came one by one but all of them were killed. The other patrols within the camp realized that something was wrong so they began to ring the warning bells.

Xiao Yu commanded his troops to get in position as the battle was about to begin.

He placed the elven archers and the dwarven riflemen on the walls. He divided the footmen into groups of 25 and placed them where they could protect the stone ladders that lead to the top of the walls.

The elven hunters were ordered to infiltrate the camp and find places to hide.

Xiao Yu knew that hunters weren’t good at close-combat so he ordered them to start fires in different parts of the camp to create chaos. They were fast and stealthy so it was the most appropriate role for them that he could come up with. Moreover, they were invisible in the shadows. In addition to that, he ordered the hunters to not engage in a direct fight against bandits. If one of them was found then he wanted the hunter to escape immediately.

His hunters had reached level 2 and Xiao Yu couldn’t bear to see them die in this camp.

“An enemy attack! An enemy is attacking! Get ready to fight!” The loud noises of bandits as well as the sound of bells and drums began to echo all around the camp.

Xiao Yu stood on top of the wall with a smile on his face.

Xiao Yu was worried about the formations that the bandits might come up with. As a result, he himself occupied the best terrain in the camp for the upcoming battle. At the moment, confusion was rampant in the minds of the bandits. Any group that came forward was mercilessly slain either by the archers or the grunts.

Xiao Yu didn’t dare to go for a face-on attack. Although his warriors were strong, the number of troops he had was lacking in quantity.

Xiao Yu wouldn’t hesitate to go for a direct attack if he had 2,000 warriors. However, at the moment he only had 650 warriors, while the other side was an army of 3,000 or 4,000 elite bandits. His army would be drowned if he went for a direct battle. Even the grunts would suffer huge casualties if they were encircled by a large number of enemies. Needless to say, the elven archers were hopeless in a close-combat.

But in this battle, he had control of the walls. Archers would play a great role during this battle. In name, it was an offensive war, but in reality, Xiao Yu planned for a defensive battle that would slowly kill his enemies.

“Orcs … they’re ORCS!” The Bandits who rushed over were surprised. Hearing rumors were one thing but witnessing it another.

The bandits got their courage once they saw that the number of orcs wasn’t substantial. Moreover, it seemed as if the orcs were holding their position at the gates rather than enter the camp— so they rushed out to push them out and shut the gates.

Those bandits fell into Xiao Yu’s trap.

About 200 bandits rushed over, but the riflemen and archers met them— not the orcs.

The accuracy of the archers was much higher as they were in advantageous terrain. In a matter of moments, two hundred bandits were killed.

Riflemen couldn’t see properly and their accuracy was low so Xiao Yu ordered them to fire at random.

“The enemy has occupied the walls! They have archers!” The bandits at the rear shouted out in surprise.

It was too dark and the walls were not lit. As a result, they hadn’t seen the enemies on the wall. Elves were basically invisible because of their Shadow Escape. The dwarves were too short and were leaning down at the moment. In short, there were invisible enemies on the walls that hunted the bandits.

The bandits that either wasn’t killed by the archers or had survived the arrows were trampled by grunts, who massacred them with their axes.

Xiao Yu ordered the grunts to fall back and defend the gates. This was the Spartan Tactic once again, but this time it wasn’t about not letting them in but not letting them out.

It was an overused tactic but was still the most effective one that Xiao Yu could come up with.

Most of the bandits were sleeping but woke up because of the commotion. At the same time, flames burned in some parts of the camp, adding to the confusion. None of the bandits knew the exact number of invaders.

Some bandits rushed towards the gate on instinct as they could only see the orcs. They wanted to form defensive formations before attacking but they didn’t know that Xiao Yu didn’t plan to attack. Tonight… was all about the defense.

The more bandits that rushed at the gates, the more experience points that Xiao Yu, his heroes, and his warriors gained. Xiao Yu saw Grom reach level 9. It didn’t take long for Tyrande to reach level 9 too. Soon, even the Archmage reached level 5. They had each accumulated a lot of experience points in the last battle; tonight’s additional experience points brought their levels up.

Xiao Yu quickly added a skill point to Grom’s Omnislash and the skill reached level 4. He added a skill point to Tyrande’s Beast Soul, then had the Archmage learn Ice Barrier so that the Archmage would have a skill to protect himself.

A golden light burst out as Xiao Yu found that he too leveled up and reached level 6. He quickly distributed his attribute points, then decided on Ice Barrier as his next skill.

“I’m protected by an Ice Barrier! Who can be my opponent?” Xiao Yu proudly exclaimed.

The system allowed Xiao Yu to master skills from different heroes simultaneously. As a result, he will eventually be more powerful than any hero. He had already learned all the skills of Grom so he planned to learn skills from different heroes.

“We went through a collective upgrade. It seems that we will be able to destroy this bandit camp without any problems.”

Xiao Yu was still pondering when a voice penetrated the sky: “Who is so bold as to attack my camp?”

Xiao Yu saw a man with endless anger displayed on his face and a body covered in soil screaming. Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he glanced at Fox: “Is this the leader?”

Fox nodded: “Yes, master. I haven’t personally met him before, but according to the characteristics of his supposed appearance this person must be the leader of this camp— Marcus!”

Xiao Yu nodded then ordered Fox to retreat and find a place to hide. He ordered grunts to collectively roar towards the front.

Hundreds of grunts lead by Grom issued roars towards Marcus, who rushed to the front of the battlefield.


Muffled sounds echoed out, causing strong air to blow up the sand on the ground. Sand and dirt flew up and swept over Marcus.

Marcus came to the battlefield only to eat a mouthful of sand.

“Doesn’t he know that there is no one that can compete with orcs when it comes to battle cries?” Xiao Yu said as he touched the tip of his nose.

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