WOWFRD – Ch 279

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Chapter 279

The blood elves wouldn’t easily bring an outsider to their lair. Their strength wasn’t at a level where they could boast about it so bringing outsiders may lead to a disaster. However, the situation was different when they saw Tyrande. Tyrande was an ancient hero and the leader of the night elves so they wouldn’t doubt her.

“Oh God! Kelly! Is she really back? Look at the others… Weren’t they captured by those filthy humans?”

Xiao Yu and the rest had entered a huge palace. The blood elves were using their remaining magic to support this palace which relfected the glory of their past days. There was a huge magical shield in front of the palace. Average person wouldn’t be enter through this protective layer. Moreover, there was another magic array which made the whole palace look like part of the mountain. Nevertheless, the strength of blood elves would decrease the moment they exited this palace. They were born with the ability to control magical elements. Even a newborn blood elf would become an excellent magician as long as there was source of magic. However, now they didn’t have sunwell and it wasn’t enough for them to rely on the elements of heavens and earth.

The blood elves were like drug addicts that relied on sunwell and mana source. They would suffer pain and some of them would even commit suicide.

“Where is the patriarch? I want to see patriarch!” Kelly said the moment they entered the palace. She couldn’t wait to take Xiao Yu to patriarch and tell him about Kael’thas’s return.

“Patriarch is in the main hall. There are guests.”

“Guests? We have guests?” Kelly was perplexed. The blood elves didn’t have any friends or allies at the moment so how come there were guests…

“Yes. A few humans have come and it seems patriarch attachs great importance to them. Whose the human behind you? Who are those night elves and the orcs?” The blood elves found it strange that night elves and orcs were standing behind a human.

“He is my savior. He can summon Kael’thas too.” Kelly replied.

“What!? How can a human summon Kael’thas?” The blood elves were full of contempt for humans so they couldn’t believe such thing.

Kelly nodded: “I have seen Tyrande and Maeiv Shadowsong from the night elves! They have returned.. The one riding the white tiger is Tyrande… Return of Kael’thas isn’t that far off too.”

“Tyrande! Is she Tyrande?” The blood elves were astonished at sight.

“Yes, I have spent enough time with them and I’m sure she is Tyrande.. The Blademaster Grom and their Leader Thrall are back too.. Kael will return soon too…”.

“Really?” The blood elves were excited as they looked at Tyrande and Grom. It seemed that Tyrande and Grom were the real legendary figures from their clothing and weapons. Blood Elves had ancient portrait scrolls where the appearance of Tyrande and Grom were clearly drawn.

Xiao Yu and rest joined the crowd as they walked towards the main hall. The main hall was located at the highest locatio in the palace. There was a giant statue of Kael’thas too. Moreover, Xiao Yu could see statues of Kael’thas all around the palace.

Kelly explained her reasons for a visit to the guard outside the main hall. At the same time, Xiao Yu was observing the inside of the balace. The goblins built their palaces and buildings in practical and peculiar manner. However, the blood elves tried to be as extravagant as possible. This palace was simply too gorgeous and luxurious. It was all to show off their nobility. They had very scarce magic sources but they still used it to support the magical arrays in the palace. The blood elves were trying to “save face” even at the doorsteps of death. It was obvious that they didn’t have enough magic to survive but they didn’t stop from using it to decorate the palace.

It didn’t take long before the guard came out from the main hall. He looked at Xiao Yu and rest with disdain: “Kelly! Patriarch wants to bring them in.”

Xiao Yu’s eyebrows wrinkled up when he saw the indifferent attitude of these guards. It seemed that everything won’t be so smooth.

Kelly and Xiao Yu walked into the main hall. The place was very grand. They set food onto red carpet walked inside. Normally, blood elves wouldn’t receive guests in the main hall but in the lobby. You had to be an honored guest to enter the main hall.

Xiao Yu saw many individuals sitting in the main hall after they entered it. There were four blood elves who were wearing blood-red robes and sitting in one side. At the same time there was a handsome human youth sitting opposite to them. There were guards standing behind the youth. Xiao Yu was surprised when he saw the guards.

The weakest of those guards was a peak fift-rank warrior. There was even one skinny old man who was a sixth-rank warrior.

Who is this youth?

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