WOWFRD – ch 278

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Chapter 278

Blueish light began to glow from the sword. It was apparent that there were engravings of ice magic arrays on it. The man’s body began to glow in icy bluish light too. The man must have reached fourth-rank warrior strength to be able to implicitly make his battle energy appear on his body. This rank of warriors didn’t look up at anyone in the continent because of their strength. The man didn’t fear neither Xiao Yu nor the Raiders as he looked at them.

Xiao Yu didn’t put them in his eyes too. Even if the other side had a fifth-rank warrior he would go for the battle. He summoned totem poles and shouted: “KILL!”

The Raiders were like gust of wind as they rapidly moved towards the enemies. All of them had reached level 10 and were on part with wolf warriors. Moreover, the totems had enhanced their strength exponentially. The Strength of the Earth Totem blessed them with raw power while the Stoneskin Totem blessed them with defensive attributes.

“Hmpf! Dare to attack us? Get ‘em!” The man shouted. He wanted to move but felt cold wind burst up behind him. He was surprised as he turned to block the attack. Bang… Two swords collided and the man saw an orc who was taller than two-meters. The man used all his strength to counterattack but found out that the orc’s sword skills were top notch. The man still had to find a way to disengage Grom after few consecutive slashes when he felt another breeze from behind.

The man was shocked as he knew that someone else was going to attack. He wanted to dodge but Grom was now blocking him. There were no way for him to block two people at the same time.



One of his arms was cut off and an arrow blasted past and exploded his body.

Xiao Yu, Grom and Tyrande were cooperating well. Firstly, Grom or Xiao Yu would use an Enhanced Omnislash to attract the enemy. Then the second one would come out to use Omnislash once again. Fifth-rank warriors wouldn’t be able to withstand two Omnislahes from opposite sides let alone a fourth-rank warrior. Moreover, Tyrande would use a Searing Arrow to attack the enemy.

The mercenaries saw that their leader was killed. They were furious as they tried to attack. The mages were already chanting the spells but Xiao Yu threw an iron bomb. He was aware that he had to supress the mages.

There were 100 Raiders and all of them were powerful but if an unbridled magician released the spell then there would be no way for Raiders to resist. At the same time, the Hippogryph Riders began to shoot countless arrows from the sky.

There were few mercenaries who had heavy crossbows on them but they weren’t able to shoot down Hippogryphs. The Hippogryph Riders had reached level 10 too. Their shoots were precise and rapid.

The mercenaries were strong too. They used shields to block the arrows from the sky. But how many arrows they could block? One, ten? Moreover, the Raiders rushed into the crowd of mercenaries.

Xiao Yu was using different types of units to suppress the enemy. Ordinarily, it seemed that both units weren’t that strong. They weren’t as strong as mountain giants.

“Ah … retreat! Run! The archers are very strong.” It didn’t take a minute for the will of mercenaries to collapse.

The enemies didn’t know whether to cope with air or land attacks. This was the result of confusion that Xiao Yu’s tactics brought.

Land-to-air wasn’t an effective way to attack air units. The best option was to use air units to attack the enemy air units. Therefore the defeat of mercenaries was expected.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu wasn’t ruthless. He didn’t order the Raiders or Hippogryph Riders to chase the mercenaries after they threw away the blood elf prisoners and ran away.

Kelly unlocked the chains on her tribesmen and women: “It’s me Kelly! I’m back!”

“Kelly!” The blood elves were surprised to see Kelly in good shape.

“Kelly, weren’t you captured by those dirty humans? How did you survive? Who are they? What about those night elves?”

The blood elves were shocked when they saw the Hippogryph Riders on sky and Tyrande who were riding her white tiger. They were quite dismissive towards humans, orcs and other races. But they saw night elves as equal to themselves. They had taken a different path but they belong to the same race.

“It’s a long story. Where is the patriarch? I have an important message for him. Kael’thas is about to come back and I’m here to persuade him to follow Kael’thas!” Kelly tone was full of excitement.

She was feeling bitter when she saw the captured blood elves. However, she was aware that once Kael’thas returned the difficult days of the blood elves would end and their path to glory would begin.

“Kael’thas is going to return?Is this true?” The blood elves had waited long for the prophecy to come true…

“Yes.. She is Tyrande and I’ve seen Maiev Shadowsong.. The day for Kael’thas’s return isn’t far away… We will stand at the peak soon enough…” Kelly’s eyes were lit up.

“Let’s go back to see the patriarch.. ” The blood elves led them towards their lair.

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