WOWFRD – Ch 277

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Chapter 277

Xiao Yu helped Touba Hong to kill some tribes and succumb them and control the neutral forces in the upcoming days. Moreover, Xiao Yu told Touba Hong that he wouldn’t be able to help Touba Hong for ever so he wasn’t sending his troops but the army made out of the people of Western Cloud Empire. Marshal Hattum was also showing great capability as a general.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu was aware that the sight was as unbeliavable as it could get. He was aware more than anyone that mysterious force wouldn’t let Touba Gui fail so easily. They would come back to fight and at that moment Touba Hong would be facing the challenge of his life.

Xiao Yu decided to accomplish two things as the situation was stable for now. The first thing was to check the blood elves. He wanted to take them back to his territory if it was possible. The second thing to accomplish was to go back to summon new warriors and upgrade the human base. Xiao Yu’s rank as a commander was raised too so he could control 10000 summoned warriors. He had warriors who had taken place of 6000 units and there were additional 4000 units to fill. He was considering to allocate those free places but to do that he had to know the measures of each warrior and their combat effectiveness before summoning them.

Touba Hong saw that there was no urgent need for Xiao Yu’s presence so he didn’t block Xiao Yu’s actions.

Naturally, Xiao Yu wasn’t going to find blood elves with all his troops. He took Grom, Tyrande, Antonidas, 100 Raiders and 100 Hippogryph Riders with himself. He had to rapidly go to find the blood elves and come back to get back to his territory. At the end, he didn’t know when Touba Gui was going to launch an attack.

The Raiders and Hippogryph Riders were mobile units so he didn’t fear encountering small troops that would bother him on the way.

As a result, Kelly led the way to the location of the blood elf tribe.

They walked for three full days. The only reason Kelly took them to the tribe was that she believed Xiao Yu to be the one who could bring back Kael’thas. Tyrande, Grom, Cairne, Maiev and Antonidas were legendary ancient heroes. She couldn’t help but believe that the one who could bring them back couldn’t bring Kael’thas. Kelly believe deep in her heart that the fate of the blood elves would be associated with Xiao Yu one way or other. (TL note: its not exactly one way or other.. its more like comrades or enemies…)

She had to take her chance to make Xiao Yu visit the tribe.

Kelly was excited as she pointed towards the mountain range: “There! My people are there!”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Let’s go. This visit may change the fate of the blood elves… But it won’t be me who would do that but your own people… I can lead you to glory if they believe in me… I won’t be able to help them if they choose not to believe me.”

The crowd began to move rapidly towards the mountains. The terrain was very complex. There were towering trees all over. In fact this place was the other side of the Ankagen Mountains. The Ankagen Mountain range stretched so far that it would be impossible to cross from the current location to the Lion territory… The Ankagen Mountains were so dangerous that even the flying beasts wouldn’t be necessarily able to pass over them.

Xiao Yu saw a group of people come out from the mountains when they entered the path to the tribe.

“Adventurers?” Xiao Yu murmured. It didn’t take long before Xiao Yu saw a blood elf woman taken as a captive by the adventurers. It was apparent that they had come here to hunt and capture blood elves.

Xiao Yu coldly said as he rushed to stand in front of these adventurers: “Let them go!”

there were about 100 adventurers. They were a little surprised when they saw Xiao Yu and his troops. They had never seen Raiders in their lives. However, the terror in their heart disappeared when they saw a human appear in front of them: “Who are ya? Don’t you see that we are Thor’s Mercenaries!?”

Xiao Yu observed these adventurers for a brief moment. There were several fourth-rank warriors and magicians in the group.

Xiao Yu continued in a cold tone: “I told you to release the blood elves! Are you deaf?”

One of the adventurers who seemed to be the leader of the group came forward. He checked the Raiders behind Xiao Yu and the Hippogryph Riders flying on the sky: “Who are you? Why do you have so many wolf warriors and elves with ya?”

Xiao Yu cold: “You don’t need to know my identity.. The only thing you must know at the moment is you will release the blood elves… Otherwise, I’m going to be quite impolite…”

“oh.. Will you? A puny third-rank warrior is threating us… There are several fourth-rank warriors and mages in our group.. Do you still think that you will be able to beat us? The ones with strength have the right to talk.. The weak ones should stay silent and obey… We are the Thor Mercenaries! Our fame is wide spread over the continent… Even some lords of the territories invite us to defend them or fight for them… Kiddo you will regret your words…” The person’s eyes lit up and stopped talking. It seemed that he remembered something.

“Are you the lord of the Lion territory?”

Xiao Yu replied: “I am… You can come to Lion territory if you are looking for a trouble… But today, I will take away these blood elves… ”

The man looked at the raiders and hippogryph riders on the sky after hearing out Xiao Yu admit his identity. Afterwards, his eyes focused on Tyrande who was riding the white tiger.

“Is she the famous Tyrande?” The man’s eyes were full of greed as he looked at Tyrande. He was aware that there were countless people in the continent who would give them huge rewards if he brought the female leader of Lion territory’s elves. Everyone was aware that the leader of the elf clan would have good strength and extremely beautiful appearance. Some people who had seen Tyrande had told about her beauty far and wide. There were many adventurers who had previously come to Lion territory to capture Tyrande and sell her.

“You will give us that elf before we let go of these blood elves… Otherwise, you won’t live to see another sunny day…” The man said as he pulled out his magic sword.


I was too drunk yesterday so couldn’t translate.. Good news thou: I’m on holidays until 8th or 9th of jan so I’ll be able to pump out a lot of chapter till then..

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  1. mc is so overboard
    he can go in more strategic way
    buy the slav
    rescue mission at night
    something like this
    why did he go kill people an act like he super good guy ho do no bad to people

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