WOWFRD – Ch 276

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Chapter 276

The morale of Xiao Yu’s army was at best. He had to crush the remaining enemy forces so that he could breath easily for a while.

They attacked the enemy as if they were beating stray dogs. The chase continued for three days and nights. The vast majority of enemy soldiers surrendered. A small portion of them were able to escape and some were killed during the chase. Originally, they were against Touba Hong but now Touba Gui had failed and they were going to continue living under Touba Hong’s rule. Ba Tianming was able to escape successfully. The mysterious black cloaked people had disappeared too.

It was a great victory. It wasn’t just about crushing Touba Gui’s attempt to kill Touba Hong but to encourage the morale of the people by Touba Hong’s side. Now, Wuhe town was his base and Touba Hong could officially begin to claim the rest of the empire. Moreover, there were going to be others who would join Touba Hong because of this victory that would enhance Touba Hong’s strength.

It wasn’t just troops that Touba Hong got out of this victory. He was able to seize lots of ballista, catapults, weapons and other supplies.

Touba Hong held a grand banquet in Wuhe town after the troops came back from chasing the enemies. The soldiers who had achievements in the war were given rewards. A number of new generals were raised. They were the foundation upon which Touba Hong was going to build the new empire.

Xiao Yu had promised soliders the rewards so Touba Hong had to comply to honor his promise. The people who couldn’t amass good merit were very jealous. Moreover, they were eager for the next battles as they wanted glory too. In addition, they knew that the court had betrayed Touba Hong and the veterans of the war would be the new officials and aristocrats after Touba Hong united the empire.

Touba Hong made General Hattum the Grand Marshal of his army because of his feat during the war. He was a marshal but was still bound to comply to Xiao Yu’s commands. Touba Hong had handed over the military to Xiao Yu. He was clear that the only reason he had victory was because of Xiao Yu. He would be a prisoner of Ba Tianming if not for Xiao Yu. Additionally, Xiao Yu was his most important and irreplacable ally.

The next step was to work on strategic plan. Xiao Yu and Touba Hong discussed for several day and determined the basic road map for the future. First of all, they were going to send bards to all over the empire to talk about truth on Touba Gui’s act of treason. Xiao Yu had told to Touba Hong that it didn’t matter whether he had money or powerful army. The most important thing at this point was the people of the empire. He had to be popular and get the support of the people.

Second point was to train and reorganize the army. They would send scouts to the nearby tribes to make them pledge allegiance. The ones who refused would be killed.

Moreover, the military wouldn’t be only located in Wuhe town. Touba Hong would begin to send his armies to everywhere so that they could reorganize and support each other at any given time.

The third point was to send envoys to the tribes and clans in the distance who wanted to be affiliated with Touba Hong but couldn’t act at this point. Those tribes would be told to accumulate strength and prepare for the offense at the right time. These three points were general notions and there were lots of specific details. The road map would improve as the time passed on and the conditions changed.

The strength of Xiao Yu’s summoned troops increased after this large-scale battle. Perhaps it was because of extremely powerful Ghost Warriors and wolf warriors that there was such a rapid upgrade. Grom had reached level 25. Antonidas was level 26 too. He was showing an excellent performance in such a large-scale battle. Normally, mages would be weak and first target of any attack. But Antonidas could use Ice Barrier, Teleportation and other life-saving skills. In addition, he had unlimited mana potions at his hand. One of the icicles thrown by him was able to penetrate the skin of wolf warrior and the second one was enough to kill it. As one of the greatest magicians of the ancient era Antonidas was going to show much more terrifying power after he reached high level.

Cairne had reached level 25 too. He was like a killing machine on the battlefield. He would rely on pure brute force to kill everyone and anyone on his path. Moreover, Cairne had wasted two sets of T3 armor suits during the war. Xiao Yu had given him new sets during the battle but kept the broken ones for repair (TL note: Cheap bastard!).

Xiao Yu was surprised when he saw that Maiev had reached level 23. It had to be noted that she was just on level 18 before the war. The sudden increase of 5 levels was a direct proof to the number of people who lost their lives at her hand. Moreover, her movements were erratic and unpredictable after she levelled up. Xiao Yu felt like Maiev could disappear in front of him at any moment and kill anyone.

Maiev could learn 3 more skills after reaching level 20:

Rapid attack (up to level 3): Hero’s attack speed increases.

Fan of Blades (up to level level 3): Hero throws a wheel saw which rotates and inflicts damage on enemies.

Darkwalker (up to level 5): The Hero’s speed of movement and attack in the darkness increases. Hero can integrate into darkness which makes the detection very hard for the enemies.

The ranks of the other summoned warriors had substantially increased too. The lowest Druid of the Talon was at level 3 while the highest were at level 6. At level 6 they could turn into storm crow and fly freely. Moreover, they could use magic attacks which made them much powerful than average soldiers. Xiao Yu commanded them to stay far away from the first line of defense at the start of the war because of their low levels. He was afraid that they would be easy kills. However, they were still had done lots of damage.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu lost a lot of warriors summoned from the bases. There were 300 units that died. It made it first time that Xiao Yu lost so many warriors. But he knew that as the battles went on the forces that he was going to face were going to be more powerful too. It would be a naïve thought to think that he could stay invincible in the wars without a casualty.

Mountain Giants were the most difficult to kill in the war. They had killed a lot of enemies too. Some of them had reached level 10. The ones who reached level 10 were almost 10 meters tall which thick rocky skins. Moreover, they could pull out a tree and use them as weapons too.

Xiao Yu had decided to summon Druids of the Claw after witness the strength of the wolf warriors. This special unit can play a powerful rule if they were introduced into the battlefield in an unexpected matter. Imagine if lots of bears appear in the battlefield out of blue.

In addition, Xiao Yu’s meritorious service points had increased too. He had risen a rank and could upgrade one of his bases now. He was planning to upgrade human base. At least, for now he could use a group of undeads. It would not look good.

He could summon Gryphon Riders, Dragonhawks and other units. Moreover, he could summon priests too. The casualties in the battlefield could be reduced with the help of priests.

“The future lies in wars… ” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he pondered when to return to upgrade the base and summon new units. However, at the moment he had to help Touba Hong to stabilize the situation.

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