WOWFRD – Ch 275

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Chapter 275

Ba Tianming was going for the decisive attack and he knew that he must capture the Wuhe town. Actually, he was very confident in capturing the Wuhe town and taking the Touba Hong as a prisoner after he sent out 500 Ghost Warriors (2nd batch).

Xiao Yu was over the wall as he looked at the Ghost Warriors whose body exuded purplish smoke. He knew that he was going to face an impossible battle if he let them climb up the walls. The situation on the walls was difficult as is and it would be much more difficult to control if these new batch of the ghost warriors came up.

“Motherfuckers! Come on! Come over so that daddy can deal with you.” Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up.. He loudly shouted when the new batch of the ghost warriors were close to the walls: “RETREAT! RETREAT!” Xiao Yu ordered. The defending soldiers began to rapidly retreat to the rear of the walls while the attackers rushed towards them. However, a violent trembling began to happen under their foot. It seemed that a powerful earthquake was happening.

Boooooom…. Rummmbllleee….

The walls began to shake and about 3 meters wide part of the outer part of the wall began to fall towards the enemy soldiers. It had to be noted that the walls were taller than 10 meters. It was like a mountain fell down on the enemies. The Ghost Warriors wanted to dodge but they were too close to the walls and it was late to do anything.


The outer wall fell down. The enemy soldiers were buried under the mud wall. Soldiers from both sides were shocked and couldn’t move. No one would think about such a despicable method to deal with the enemies.

“What’s happening? How could a wall collapse? Those soldiers won’t be able to get out… What are we going to do now?”

“They knew about it! It was a pre-planned action! Didn’t you see that they loudly shouted to retreat? It was their plan to bury us in here!”

“DESPICABLE! The one who came up with this idea is way too despicable!”

“We lost tens of thousands of people in one move…”

Tens of thousands of enemy soldiers were buried under the mud wall. It meant that the remaining enemy soldiers on the walls didn’t have any reinforcements. It would lead to their annihiliation. There were Ghost Warriors and wolf warriors still surviving on the top of the wall. But they would be killed if without the support of follow-up soldiers. In short, the ones on top of the wall were isolated.

Ba Tianming couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the scene. Several layers of the town walls collapsed… He didn’t know whether it was an intentional or unintentional move but this action had brought disadvantage to him.

The wolf warriors and ghost warriors he had sent were either killed by the falling wall or were on top of the walls. All of them would be destroyed if he didn’t hurry to rescue them!

“ATTACK! Get the ladders! SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!” Ba Tianming roared. However, there was a chaos in the field. It wasn’t going to be easy to organize anything at the moment. In addition, the area was rugged after the collapse of the wall. There were huge mud bricks all over the place. It was going to be laborious just to climb over them let alone bringing a huge ladder.

“KILL THEM! They are alone now!” Xiao Yu shouted when he saw that his plan was played out well. He knew that most of the new batch of ghost warriors were already killed by the collapse of the wall. Now, they had to kill the super warriors on top of the walls. It would lead to Ba Tianming’s failure.

All the soldiers shouted out as they went to kill the wolf warriors and ghost warriors who were secluded on top of the walls. Mountain Giants began to roll towards the ghost warriors and wolf warriors to smash them with their bodies. Many of the enemies were forced to jump over the wall because of the mountain giants. They didn’t die but it was inevitable that they would have serious injuries.


The guarding soldiers saw the hope of victory. They tried their best to drive down all the enemies from the top of the walls.

Originally, Xiao Yu had come up with the plan of collapsing the walls since the start of constructing the walls. He had talked with Foror about it. It was almost equivalent to a sixth-rank magic spell if they could make the walls collapse. Foror replied back to him that he could realize Xiao Yu’s plan. As a result, it was only Xiao Yu and Foror who knew about the construction details of the walls. Xiao Yu used this last resort when he saw that a new batch of ghost warrios were climbing up the walls. He had to use this method or face a very difficult battle.

The tide of the war was reversed after the collapse of the walls.

At the same time, a large group of people appeared at the rear of Ba Tianming’s camps. They burned everything within the sight.

“What’s going on?” Ba Tianming knew that the situation was going towards bad every single second.

A scout rushed and knelt down: “General! An army appeared behind our camp. They were over 10,000 people. They broke into our camp and set it on fire. Most of our resources are burned down…”

“What!?” Ba Tianming wanted to strangle the scout to death. He had already lost the battle on frontline and now the camp was on fire. He was forced into despair.

“Who? Who it was? Who it was to attack my back?” Ba Tianming clenched his teeth.

He had arranged groups to guard the rear of the camp from raids of bandits. But he wasn’t too strict as Touba Hong and his allies were in the Wuhe town and surrounded.

“General… It seems that it was General Hattum from the Longyou tribe… ”

“Hattum? What’s he doing in here? He is a mighty general who isn’t under my control.. Its no wonder he raided my camp… ” Nevertheless, Ba Tianming was surprised. He was familiar with the name and reputation of General Hattum. However, the Longyou tribe that the general belonged had already given their allegiance to Touba Gui… Does it mean that Longyou tribe betrayed Touba Gui?

Ba Tianming was puzzled and battered. He couldn’t understand the reason he failed. He had the absolute advantage in terms of weapons and warriors. There were wolf warriors, grassland shamans and ghost warriors…

Xiao Yu! The damned lord of the Lion territory! It was that bastard that humiliated him! Ba Tianming was ready to peel off Xiao Yu’s skin and eat him alive. But he understood that he could hardly beat Xiao Yu after this moment. He had lost the momentum. Actually, he could attack once again if he had only lost the offensive battle. But now the rear of the camp was attacked and there were no more enough resources.

Xiao Yu was overjoyed when he saw the sky full of smoke. It seemed that General Hattum had really given his allegiance to Touba Hong.

The enemy troops on top of the walls were almost killed as there were no reinforcements to help them out. The wolf warriors and ghost warriors were strong but they couldn’t withstand the attack of thousands of people…

“Out! Go out! Their morale is down and its our chance to completely defeat them!” Xiao Yu ordered.

The gates of the town were opened. The orcs were first to rush out while the others came after them.


Batriders were the first to take off too. They used all the iron bombs and liquid fire they had to bomb the enemy camp and troops. At the beginning of the war Xiao Yu had ordered them to use the bombs in limit. However, now Xiao Yu had ordered them to throw out all the iron bombs and liquid fire to create as much chaos as possible.

The enemies were much more than them. So Xiao Yu had to make a decisive win over them by giving a fatal blow. Otherwise, the enemies would come back to attack once again.

“Retreat!” Ba Tianming saw that the momentum was gone so he took lead as he withdrew his forces…

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