WOWFRD – Ch 274

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Chapter 274

Xiao Yu was shocked when he saw the Ghost Warriors. It was no wonder that Ba Tianming was bold enough to make a decisive attack.


Xiao Yu used the wind walk and rapidly went past Ghost Warrior’s back to attack once again. However, Ghost Warrior’s speed was beyond his expectations too. The warrior was able to escape Xiao Yu’s attack.

“Motherfucker! They are too fast!” Xiao Yu shouted in a loud manner. He twisted and made another attack.


The Ghost Warrior issued a roar as a purple smoke began to float from its body. The fake Ashbringer was affecting the Ghost Warrior. These warriors were tought but they were weak towards the powers of light.

“Mountain Giants! Come over and block them! Footmen attract their attention! Orcs don’t meddle with them on your own!” Xiao Yu quickly issued orders to focus his forces against these Ghost Warriors. The wolf warriors had to be defeated by the Raiders and other ordinary soldiers. The appearance of the Ghost Warriors had disrupted his deployment.


The riflemen began to shoot the Ghost Warriors. The Ghost Warriors were using thick armors but the bullets were able to penetrate through them. The Ghost Warriors that were shot began to cry. They didn’t die but the bullets were able to hurt them.

“Riflemen can harm them too! It seems they are afraid of gunpowder.” Xiao Yu ordered the riflemen to shoot the Ghost Warriors.

The Ghost Warriors saw that riflemen can harm them so they stopped attacking ordinary soldiers but rushed towards the riflemen. The riflemen immediately used their skill to turn their skin to stone. The Ghost Warriors were able to attack them but they weren’t able to kill the riflemen because of their tough stone skin.


Riflemen constantly shot their weapons. All of them were focused on the Ghost Warriors.

“Fuck it! Use the Glaive Throwers! I don’t believe the moon blades won’t be able to split them off!” Xiao Yu shouted out. Even the rocks could be spliced into two by the Glaive Throwers so Xiao Yu believed that Ghost Warriors wouldn’t be able to withstand them.

Several orcs moved the Glaive Throwers and attack the ghost warriors.



They used the Glaive Throwers and the moon blades were thrown out towards the Ghost Warriors. There was less than ten meters of distance so the ghost warriors couldn’t dodge the moon blades. The only option they had was to use their swords over their chests in an attempt to block the blade. However, the moon blades were able to cut their swords and bodies in half.

“Awesome!” Xiao Yu was calming down as he saw the ghost warriors were being pressured by the riflemen and the Glaive throwers.

There was chaos over the walls. Everyone was attacking each other.


Xiao Yu heard a sudden sound. He turned around to see that a Kodo Beast had rushed and swallowed a Ghost Warrior.

“Several of them have reached level 10! Aia! They can kill these undead warriors but unforunately I don’t have many Kodo beasts in here.. ”


This time Xiao Yu heard Cairne’s battle roar! He turned to see that Tauren chief was using his giant body and axes to push down the enemies. Cairne smashed his axe to attack ghost warrior. The ghost warrior blocked his attack but his legs were smashed into the wall. The walls were made out of the mud and couldn’t withstand such a destrucitve power. The Ghost warrior’s sword was broken and he was split into two…

Cairne was like the god of war. He was 3 meters tall and covered in t3 armor suit. The attacks of ghost warriors didn’t even flinch him. Their swords couldn’t pierce through the armor. Cairne was using his massive body to attack the enemies. It was a simply but an effective method. He had the powerful defense of the T3 armor suit and the sturdy strength of a tauren.

Grom was also using his extraordinary skills to kill the enemies. He would dodge when facing a ghost warrior. But Grom would turn back to attack the ghost warrior the moment the ghost warrior attacked someone else. He would use the wind Walk to rapidly move away if his attack failed… Grom was able to kill countless Ghost Warrior relying on this tactic. This sneak method Grom was using was learnt from Xiao Yu. Every despicable and shameless tactic that the heroes used were instilled upon them by Xiao Yu.

Ba Tianming’s eyes were cold as he looked at the walls. He didn’t expect that Ghost Warriors wouldn’t be able to break through the defensive line.

It was true that Ghost Warriors were strong. Several orcs would be needed to block one ghost warrior and kill him.

Ba Tianming roared in fury: “Send rest of the Ghost Warriors! We must capture the Wuhe town!”

The remaining 500 Ghost Warriors rushed out. They mixed in with the soldiers and went towards the wall.

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  1. Where the hell the great swordmaster from the Empire? did he just watching? what a shameless IoI

    thx for the chapter ^^

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