WOWFRD – Ch 273

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Chapter 273

“Hippogryph Riders! GO!” Xiao Yu commanded.

The elf archers that were riding the Hippogryphs hadn’t joined the battle yet. As a result, the Hippogryphs lifted off and began to fly over the walls of the town. At the same time, wolves rushed to the walls. They began to rapidly run over the ladders to the walls.

Wolf warriors were very fast. Actually, even the Raiders weren’t as fast as them.


The wolf warriors howled as they reached the top of the walls to attack the soldier. However, howls of wolves of Raiders echoed out from the inner part of the town. The Raiders rided their wolves onto the walls too. The Raiders used their heavy swords as they attacked the wolf warriors. It was time to see which one of them was better.

The wolf warriors were going to attack ordinary soldiers but the Raiders attracted their attention. These wolf warriors felt strong hostility towards the same kind they faced. There was no sympathy but bloodthirst. It was about which one was going to survive.


The Raiders and wolf warriors collided. Xiao Yu was aware that the number of the Raiders was lacking in comparison to the number of wolf warriors. If it was one on one battle then he was sure that Raider would win a wolf warrior. However, now the situation was totally different.


Dozens of mountain giants joined the battle. They were using the skill Taunt to attract the attention of wolf warriors onto themselves. This skill was allowing the mountain giants to make the nearby enemies to involuntarily attack themselves.

The pressure on the Raiders was greatly alleviated after the mountain giants joined the battle. Ordinary orcs were trying to help the Raiders too but Xiao Yu’s aim was to kill the wolf warriors with the help of Hippogryph Riders. The Hippogryphs were soaring over the walls. Whistling sounds echoed out as the arrows were shot from the sky. All of the arrows were aimed at wolf warriors.

The skin of the wolf warrior was very thick. Ordinary swords wouldn’t able to penetrate them. But the Hippogryph riders had reached level 10. Their arrows were extremely powerful. Actually, a single arrow wouldn’t be able to take wolf warriors life but a dozen of consecutive arrows would be more than enough to kill a wolf warrior. As a result, the most crucial part of the battle against the wolf warriors were the Hippogryph Riders.

Raul’s performance was brilliant during the battle. He was using the Hurricane bow and two shots from him was enough to kill a wolf warrior.

Ba Tianming’s idea was to break the defensive line relying on the wolf warriors and instantly take the town. However it had failed.

Xiao Yu was using the U.S tactic of attacking the ground forces with air force. The U.S had used this tactic on Iraq in the Gulf War. At the time, everyone believed that Iraq would be able to counter U.S attack by relying on their tanks. However, U.S Air Force destroyed the Iraqi air force and then bombed numerous tanks. The bombers were the natural nemesis of tanks. Similarly, the infantry units would be helpless if there were no air defenses.

Xiao Yu had played the game and had a deep understanding of this truth. There was no other way but death to the wolf warriors if Ba Tianming couldn’t dispatch air units.

Ba Tianming was aware that Xiao Yu was using air units. That’s why he was using ballistas and catapults to prevent the bombing of Batriders. However, he hadn’t expected Xiao Yu to use the Hippogryph riders in this manner. The ballistas were far away from the walls and couldn’t hit Hippogryph Riders. Moreover, Xiao Yu had demolishers, catapults, Glaive Throwers and ballistas on the walls too. At the moment, the Hippogryph Riders were in the safe zone.

Actually, there were some enemy soldiers that used heavy crossbows. But those arrows couldn’t injury the Hippogryph Riders. Nevertheless, there could be fourth-rank or fifth-rank warriors hidden in the enemy crowd. They may be able to hit the Hippogryph riders by throwing their weapons.

However, at the end the Hippogryph riders were able to mercilessly kill the wolf warriors. Ba Tianming got off his horse because of anger and fury. At the moment, he couldn’t order the retreat of the wolf warriors. There were so many soldiers under the walls that the wolf warriors would drown in crowd if they came back.

“Ghost Warriors! ATTACK!” Ba Tianming shouted.

The Ghost Warriors who were hidden in the crowd began to move when they heard the order. A dark aura began to circle around their body as they began to climb the ladders.

Xiao Yu was surprised when he saw the sight.

“Are they Wraiths?” Xiao Yu had been to the Undercity and this humans were similar to those undead creatures. The feeling he got from these Ghost Warriors were similar to those of undead creatures.

“Why would he use undeads? Isn’t Ba Tianming fearing the wrath of the continent?”

Xiao Yu was able to analyze the strength of the Ghost Warriors from afar. They were at least fourth-rank warriors. The fourth-rank undead warriors were much more powerful than ordinary fourth-rank warriors. The undeads didn’t have pain, fear, emotions or other things. They were perfect killing machines.

“Stay away from those warriors that have dark aura exuding from them! They are undeads! Attack either their heads or hearts!” Xiao Yu knew that the weakness of the undeads were usually their heads and hearts.

Xiao Yu pulled out fake Ashbringer. He wasn’t going to use Arcanite Reaper. The fake Ashbringer which had light magic engraved on it was more useful in dealing against these undeads.


Xiao Yu attacked the ghost warrior that had climbed over the ladders. However, the ghost warrior blocked his attack with his own arm. Xiao Yu’s hands got numb because of the aftershock.

“What the heck?! My hands are numb… Ordinary soldiers aren’t their opponents… Only the mountain giants could handle them!”

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  1. Wow Ghost Warrior so Powerful 😀 i hope he have a way to deal with them, maybe using magic and magic scroll 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^

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