WOWFRD – ch 272

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Chapter 272

The spells of the shamans was somewhat different from the magic of the mages. The results were the same but the shamans relied on the manipulation of heavens and earth to form the attacks while the mages amassed the magical elements and formed them according to their will.

The shamans were more like summoning the elements of heaven and earth by making a spiritual link to them. This way the elements would change and form snow, ice, lightning or thunder. In fact, the spells of the shamans were more similar to the spells of priests rather than mages. Both shamans and priests relied on the divine power or connection. They would guide the elements by relying on faith.

The sand began to blow as it covered the sky over the Wuhe town. The sight of the guarding soldiers were blocked while thunderstorms and lightning hit the walls.

“Batriders! Attack once again!” Xiao Yu knew that he had to use bombing to stabilize the situation.

Whoosh… Whoosh…

Giant bats flapped their wings as they flew over the town and attacked the shamans and magicians. The flames covered the battlefield as the enemy shamans, magicians and soldiers were either killed or wounded.

“Shoot! Ballista and magicians! Shoot those giant bats!” Ba Tianming shouted out.

The enemy soldiers were used to the batriders because of the first bombing so they were now less fearful of them. They desperately tried to adjust the ballistas to shoot the Batriders. However, Xiao Yu had commanded in advance so that the Batriders didn’t go into the depth of the battlefield. They had to return after the bombing. Nevertheless, two Batriders were shot and fell from the sky.

The Batriders saw that the bats were shot and they couldn’t evade their fate so they made the bats fly towards mages and shamans to explode themselves. In fact, the Batriders were like kamikaze. As a last resort they would blew themselves up by killing the enemy too.


The Batriders were able to stop the magical attacks but the ordinary soldiers were able to climb up the walls. But they found out that they didn’t meet any problems while they climbed up. Normally, there would be guards who would shoot arrows or try to cut off the ladder to stop them climb up. But this time they went up very easily. Actually, it seemed a bit wrong.

The enemy soldiers understood the reason soon enough. They saw orcs standing on the walls as soon as they stepped onto the wall. The orcs roared as they rushed over the enemy soldiers.


The orcs didn’t killed them by using axes but used their strong bodies to push the enemy soldiers down the walls. The falling soldiers hit the others and soon a pile of human bodies were formed under the walls.

At the end, these enemy soldiers who had reached the top of the walls didn’t have time to stand on there. Moreover, most of them had broken legs or other parts of the body after falling down from the walls. On the battlefield, the number of wounded soldiers was much more negative statistic rather than the death toll. The wounded soldiers couldn’t fight but would consume food. They would end up being a burden on Ba Tianming.

Xiao Yu was aware that Ba Tianming would use elite soldiers or warriors soon. The orcs wouldn’t be able to fight against high-rank warriors on their own. But the most important characteristics of the orcs were their sturdy and strong bodies. An ordinary orc was able to fight against 2-3 ordinary enemy soldiers on his own.

Xiao Yu’s trick of shoving the enemy soldiers down the walls turned out to be a good tactic. The orcs relied on their strong bodies to directly throw the enemy soldiers off. In fact, Xiao Yu had prepared thousands of logs in advance so that orcs would use the logs to hit and throw the climbing soldiers.

Large number of soldiers were knocked off but the others still continued to climb up.

Ba Tianming had sent warriors to the gates so that they would be able to pass through the gaps in between the Mountain Giants and enter the town. The Mountain Giants weren’t too smart and moved slowly so the gaps were there for fast warriors to pass through. However, Xiao Yu was aware of this fact too. He had sent hundred orcs, 50 hunters and 50 elf archers in advance to stand behind the mountain giants. Elf hunters were mobile and rapid units. They would fight both as long-range and close combat units. The orcs would form the first wave of defense behind the mountain giants while the elf archers would stand behind the orcs and shoot the people who tried to rush into the town.

The heroes were active in the defense war too. It was needless to say that Grom and Cairne were the favorites of the war. They would rush towards anywhere they saw enemy soldiers. They would rely on their sturdy bodies and extraordinary martial skills to kill. Antonidas would support his magic spells by consuming mana potions. The icicles would fall down and each one would kill an enemy. Maiev was running within the battlefield. Her dagger would never miss a target.

Nevertheless, few warriors rushed to fight with Grom. All of them were fourth-rank warriors and normally would be more powerful than Grom. However, Grom’s strength was enhanced because of the Kodo beasts, totems summoned by Xiao Yu, Cairne’s Battle Roar and Bloodthirst skill of the shamans. In short, all the orcs including Grom (Cairne too) had their attack strength increased more than double. In the end, they weren’t on par against Grom.

Xiao Yu was relying on geographical advantage and using the troops under his command wisely to make heavy casualties upon Ba Tianming’s forces.

Ba Tianming was furious when he saw the sight: “It is time… I’ve let these kids think that they are invulnerable for a long time… 500 Ghost warriors and all the wolf warriors! Attack!”

Ba Tianming had 1000 Ghost Warriors but he was sending half of them. In his perspective they were more than enough to get the town. The other 500 Ghost Warriors were kept as reserve for just in case.


The wolves howled as the wolf warriors rushed to the wall.

“Wolf Warriors…?” Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up. He had witnessed the strength of these warriors and he knew that even orcs wouldn’t be their opponents on their own… But who said that he was going to use orcs to fight the wolf warriors?

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