WOWFRD – Ch 271

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Chapter 271


Countless enemy soldiers grabbed numerous ladders and charged towards the Wuhe town.

At the same time, Xiao Yu ordered the guarding soldiers to use catapults and ballista. In addition, he had given them lots of bows and arrows. The people of the Western Cloud Empire were good at archery so Xiao Yu had brought enough supply of arrows to support the soldiers. Most of the soldiers were ordered not to even aim. They had to just shoot at the enemy.

Xiao Yu had ordered the people to make circular mud bricks in advance and now all of them were used by the catapults. The circular mud bricks wouldn’t stop at spot after landing but continue to roll and cause much greater damage.


The first wave of the attack was met by intense firepower from the walls. Almost 70% of the attacking soldiers were killed or seriously injured. Nevertheless, Ba Tianming was still calm as these numbers were within the range of his tolerance. He had expect and knew that it would be inevitable to face losses in the siege warfare. Ba Tianming didn’t care much about the human loss as the equipment were pushed to the front. Moreover, there were fortunate soldiers that were able to raise the ladders and hung them on the walls. These ladders were specially crafted for this war. The hooks of the ladders were made out of hard steel and it was impossible for ordinary weapons to cut them off. The ballista and catapults were being brought forward so that they would be able to shoot at the town walls too.

The heavy catapults and ballista used by Ba Tianming would be able to cause great destruction if they were successful. However, at the same time a group of flying creatures appeared on the sky. Ba Tianming’s eyes narrowed when he saw so many flying beasts. He had heard about these creatures but he hadn’t seen them. In addition, he wasn’t expecting these creatures to appear in the front of the battlefield.

“Why would they appear now? The flying creatures are powerful but we have so many heavy ballista… Aren’t they afraid of being killed?” Ba Tianming had enough confidence in the siege equipment. He ordered the soldiers to adjust the angles of the ballist and shoot the flying creatures. However, adjustment process was a long and difficult one. It took long time to adjust the altitude of the shooting for the heavy ballista. The flying creatures passed over the ballista and catapults. But they didn’t come down to attack instead lots of bottles were dropped from the sky. Afterwards, these creatures flew away.

Boom… Boom…

These bottles that seemed like small stones began to produce strong explosions. Any ballista or catapults that was directly affected by these bottles was shattered into pieces of wood. Soldiers that controlled these ballista and catapults were either killed or injured. These explosions created raging flames in the camp.

“What the hell are those?” Ba Tianming was perplexed.

“These things can produce an explosion which isn’t inferior to the magic of a fourth-rank mage…Neverthless, they can’t just throw them infinitely.. Otherwise, they would just keep throwing them until they kill us all…” Ba Tianming was very afraid of such attack.

“Stand in formations! Push the ballista and catapults!” Ba Tianming ordered. He had prepared a lot of heavy ballista and catapults in advance. Loss of some of them didn’t affect the overall situation.

This attack was totally different from the attack done by Carrie to the Lion territory. Carrie had brought only dozens of ballista and catapults but Ba Tianming had broughts hundreds of heavy and countless small ballista…

Heavy ballist and catapults were used to attack the walls (literally) while small ballista and catapults were concentrated on attacking the people on the walls. The small ones were flexible and could be adjusted at ease.

Bang… Bang…

Drums of Battle continue to echo and moralize the soldiers. They were losing their comrades but still stepped over the dead bodies to assault the Wuhe town. The people of the Western Cloud Empire were sturdy by nature. The cowards, weak and meek couldn’t survive in the harsh environment. Dozens of ladders were already hanging over the walls of Wuhe town after thousands of lives were lost. Battering ram was brought towards the gates of the town too.

However, they saw the gates open when they were about to smash them. The enemy soldiers were surprise. Intuition told them that there was a trap inside but brave ones rushed into the grab the glory! But they regretted their choice as soon as they entered the town. There were 10 Mountain Giants that neatly stood in front of them.

The Mountain Giants didn’t use their fists to attack the enemy soldiers. Instead they began to roll their bodies to smash over the enemy soldiers. The gates were changed before the war to adjust the size of 7 and 8 meter tall mountain giants. The mountain giants now could lie down and roll their bodies to pass through the gates at ease without any hindrance.

Normally, enemy soldiers would be able to run away if there was only one mountain giant. But 10 of them rolled out together. There was the factor of fear and chaos that made the enemies lose lots of soldiers. The orcs and elf archers followed behind the mountain giants. The enemy soldiers that were able to survive the mountain giants were killed by them.

Few mountain giants appeared on top of the walls. They lay down on the walls and rolled down. The height of 10 meters didn’t do any damage to the falling mountain giants. But how could ordinary men made out of flesh and blood could survive the mountain giants that fell on them?

The mountain giants continued to roll forward after falling down. The soldiers rushed to retreat but created swamps in chaos. As a result, most of them that were close to the walls were smashed down by the mountain giants.

Xiao Yu was proud as he looked at the sight. The appropriate warriors had to be used in relevant ways to make the most out of them. It would be way too wasteful if Xiao Yu ordered the mountain giants to kill the enemy one by one. They were facing a large-scale attack and the bodies of the mountain giants were the best weapons.

The mountain giants came back after a while and rolled into the town one by one. The gate was to low for them to walk in so they had to roll in.

The advantageous situation created by the Ba Tianming was lost. The enemy soldiers were smashed and crushed down. The ladders were either lifted off or crushed by the mountain giants. Even an average orc would find it difficult to break the hooks of the ladders but a giant creature like mountain giant would do it easily. Nevertheless, the mountain giants acted and reacted very slowly. It would be very hard for them to fight a warrior on one on one battle. The warrior would be able to evade their attacks at ease by using martial arts. However, the mountian giants held the absolute strength.

Ba Tianming almost vomitted blood when he saw the waves of attacks getting broken. He was aware that Xiao Yu had mountain giants but didn’t expect Xiao Yu to use them in such a way. Ba Tianming had ordered the soldiers to avoid the mountain giants if they faced them. Nevertheless, the ‘rolling’ mountain giants was an unexpected move which even Ba Tianming couldn’t think of.

“Continue to attack! Shamans and magicians join the battle and help the soldiers to suppress the enemy!” Ba Tianming shouted out. The attack range of the shamans was very long. They could direct the elements of earth to protect the soldiers from the enemy. Magicians were sent by the mysterious force. Most of the mages were third-rank magicians. The effect of their attacks would be unbelieveable if they went for large-scale magic.

The second wave of the attacks began immediately. The soldiers began to protect the grassland shamans and magicians with their shields as they slowly moved forward.

“Do you think that those shields will be able to protect them from me? Demolishers and Glaive Throws! Shoot!” Xiao Yu knew that he couldn’t let the shamans and magicians reach a distance where their attacks would be effective.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Circular mud bricks were thrown towards the soldiers using the shields. But the most effective ones were the Glaive Throwers. The blades that were thrown were able to cut through the shields and split the people behind them.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu had underestimated Ba Tianming this time. He found out that the the soldiers using the shields weren’t protecting real shamans or magicians. The real ones had taken cover by changing their clothes and got close to sufficient distance to attack the town.

The sky was filled with lightning, flames, ice and rain as the magical attack began…

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  1. That reminded me of a chapter in a RRL novel which I frankly can’t remember the name of right now.

    But the MC in it was playing as a golem of sorts in a VRMMORPG game, and he did a few crouchrolls, and and a female saw him and asked what he was doing

    To which he replied ‘I’m making music’
    She shortly later understood the joke, as he was ‘rolling stones’.

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