WOWFRD – Ch 270

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Chapter 270

Xiao Yu was aware that the situation was extremely unfavorable to his own troops. He had to do anything to lift up the momentum and restore the morale of his troops.

Actually, the shamans of the grasslands and shamans of the orcs used different method but both of them belonged to the same doctrine. In fact, the difference that arose between each other were because of the racial difference and hostility between the two races. It was same as the division between martial brothers. They would use different styles but the core of the martial arts would be same. However, those martial brothers would always battle each other to see whose style was authentic and whose was fake. But both would be using the same core from the martial arts. It was the same for Orcish shamanism and the shamanism of the Western Cloud Empire.

Originally Xiao Yu wanted to pretend to be a grassland shaman to cheer his people. Now, he had few remaining skill points and he used all of them to learn Thrall’s Strength of the Earth Totam and Stoneskin Totem skills. That’s why he believed that even though the totems wouldn’t have affect on them the soldiers would have peace of mind.

Unexpectedly, the totem poles that didn’t work for the people of the Lion territory were effective on the soldiers from the Western Cloud Empire. The soldiers who were close to the Strength of the Earth totem began to be wrapped in golden light as their muscles bulged up and their bodies were instigated with explosive power and strength.

“What the heck is going on? Thrall’s totems don’t work on summoned or ordinary human soldiers but only Uther’s blessings… Why do they work on soldiers of the Western Cloud Empire? Is it because they believe in shamanism?”

Xiao Yu was shocked but he didn’t care much. If the totems worked then he would use them to his best abilities. He increased the level of Stoneskin Totem and Strength of the Earth Totem to level 3. Afterwards, he began to plug the totem all over the walls. The soldiers cheered as they were overjoyed. All of them cried and knelt down to worship the totems.

“Strength of the Earth Totem! Isn’t it the legendary totem? How many years we have been looking forward to this day? The Earth God is with us! WE ARE BOUND TO WIN!” The morale of all the soldiers had skyrocketed. They couldn’t wait to kill the enemies.

Touba Hong was the most shocked one. He had heard the Drums of Battle and his morale was very low because he knew that this could overturn the tide of the war. However, he didn’t imagine that Xiao Yu would be able to summon all the totems. The Strength of the Earth Totem and The Stoneskin Totem were long lost legendary shamanistic skills.

Touba Hong was aware that at the present the shamans of the grasslands couldn’t directly summon totem. They would bless the already made totem poles to inspire the morale of the soldiers. However, it was nothing more than spiritual support to the soldiers. Those totems didn’t affect or enhance the strength of the soldiers. But the totems summoned by Xiao Yu were real deal! Touba Hong could feel the abundance of strength in his body. It felt as if he had used some kind of secret medicine to enhance his strength.

“Was…Was he sent by the heavens to support me?” Touba Hong murmured.

The soldiers from Ba Tianming’s side were perplexed when they saw the scene. They believed that they would be able to win the war and capture the Wuhe town with the help of Drums of battle and other preparations. But now the other side had actually summoned Strength of the Earth Totem which represented the glory of the real shamanism.

Ba Tianming clenched his teeth as he looked at Xiao Yu standing over the wall. He wanted to kill the kid. He would have long ago won the war and captured Touba Hong if not for Xiao Yu’s appearance. This lord of puny territory had brought lots of troubles to Ba Tianming. Now this lord was able to summon totems which were lost for thousands of years. This was directly related to the faith of the people of Western Cloud Empire. The enemy soldiers began to think about the problem. Would it be alright to attack people who were blessed by the Strength of the Earth Totem? All of them began to remember the papers that were thrown by the orders of Xiao Yu. There were information about Touba Gui’s usurpation of throne and Touba Hong being the real emperor. Now the God of Earth had given tTouba Hong’s shelter. There were mental burdens on these enemy soldiers.

“It is all FAKE! These infidels dare to defile the holy God of Earth! We must kill them all and use their blood to wash this act of defamation. The Drums of Battle are with us! The Grassland Shamans are with us! We are on the right path! KILL THEM FOR THE SAKE OF THE EARTH GOD!” Ba Tianming loudly shouted. He made the shamans to stand out and raise the totem.

These shamans were shocked when they saw the totems on the walls of the Wuhe town. However, they were under Ba Tianming’s command and couldn’t do anything but obey his orders. Nevertheless, the totem used by the grassland shamans couldn’t increase or enhance the strength of the soldiers. The shamans would inject mana into the totem poles so that they could inspire the soldiers. However, they couldn’t summon totems like Xiao Yu did. The soldiers gradually regained their spirit when they saw the totem pole lit up.

Bang… bang… Bang…

The army began to march towards the south wall. Ba Tianming was going to attack from all sides but he was planning to concentrate his main troops to the southern part of the Wuhe Town. The shamans and the wolf warriors were marching from this direction too.

“Hmpf! What if he can summon totems? I have the Ghost Warriors! Even totems would be unable to save you all today…” Ba Tianming whispered as he remembered the strength of the Ghost Warriors. A smug smile appeared on his face.

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