WOWFRD – Ch 27

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Chapter 27

Editor: ZeXu


Carrie was training his soldiers for siege tactics against the orc warriors, but didn’t know that he was also giving Xiao Yu extra time to prepare for the upcoming battle.

Xiao Yu’s hadn’t completely finished producing footmen and riflemen of the human race and only had two Glaive Throwers. If Carrie immediately attacked then his chances to win the battle were high.

Xiao Yu was sure that Carrie would come over in at least a month because of the intelligence gathered by spies. It meant that he could accomplish a lot before the next siege.

Carrie also sent spies to gather intelligence about Xiao Yu’s troops. However, the elven hunters were effective in disabling those spies. The hunters were using leopards, which made them fast and flexible. Moreover, they could hide both themselves and their mounts in the shadows. In addition, their vision was much better at night when compared to humans. As a result, any spy from the enemy side that got close to ten miles to the Lion town was killed in a merciless manner.

In addition, Xiao Yu had 10 hunters patrol the surroundings of Lion town and monitor activity.

“The Glaive Throwers are produced. Now it’s time to attack a bandit camp to see how powerful they are in the action.” Xiao Yu looked at the two orcs who were carrying a Glaive Thrower on their shoulders. If it was another army then they would have to use horses to carry such machines. However, two grunts were able to carry one Glaive Thrower without any problem.

Xiao Yu had chosen a medium-sized bandit camp as his next target. According to Fox, there were about 3,000 to 4,000 people in the camp. However, this bandit group was totally different from the last one. There were no old people, women or children in the camp. All of them were bandits.

This bandit group was very cold-blooded. All they did was burn, loot, and rape. They didn’t leave anyone alive. In addition, they constantly recruited new members, choosing only the strong. They didn’t like to carry “baggage”.

According to Fox, the leader of the group was very famous; even more so than Xiao Yu.

In addition, Fox told him that there would be at least hundreds of thousands of gold coins and other valuables in the bandit camp.

Xiao Yu needed to rob such a place. At this point, he needed money more than anything else. He had abolished taxes for three years so he had to rely on robbery to provide income for the territory. As a result, Xiao Yu had to go after such wealthy bandit camps. In addition, this was a new challenge to his troops. He had to test both the strength of his new troops and his commanding ability at the same time.

A real battle was the only place where he could test the effectiveness of the cooperation between his troops. His troops were all elite warriors, but they belonged to different races; this was a big problem for him. If he couldn’t manage them well then the result would only be failure.

Xiao Yu took 300 grunts, 50 footmen, 200 elven archers, 50 riflemen, 50 hunters, and both Glaive Throwers with him for this battle. The rest of troops were left at the base. The problem was that not all of them were produced yet.

As usual, Xiao Yu and Grom went over to observe the place in advance. He was planning to see if he could use any tricks to sway the battle to his advantage. However, he found out that the simple tricks that he used before wouldn’t be effective against this bandit group.

Fox wasn’t familiar with this group of bandits so the trick that they used last time wasn’t going to be effective. Moreover, because of the annihilation of Ma Tong’s group the other bandit groups had begun to pay attention to the mysterious situation that was developing.

The rumors that orcs have attacked several bandit camps began to spread.

In addition, this camp was built within the mountains. There was a four meter tall stone wall that protected it against the outside. It was totally different from other bandit camps that were protected by wooden fences. In short, this bandit camp was more like a small town.

Xiao Yu didn’t have any experience in besieging towns or villages. He knew that the thick wall in front of his eyes wasn’t as strong as the Lion town’s walls, but it wouldn’t be easy to break through. He couldn’t help but get worried about what tactics he could choose.

He didn’t want to attack blindly like Carrie did. If he didn’t understand the enemy then he was sure to lose warriors. Moreover, he had less than 1000 warriors so he was afraid to see his warriors casually die.

The Glaive Throwers were his siege equipment. He thought that the crescent blades that the Glaive Throwers fired could maybe smash the wall into pieces if they were a distance of 50 meters away. However, if he did so then storming into the place would be the next step and he would have heavy losses afterward.

Moreover, the patrols on the wall were working very meticulously.

After pondering for a while, Xiao Yu decided to attack in the night since his warriors held a great advantage in the night time in comparison to the enemy.

The elves would play an extraordinary role during a night battle. Firstly, they could hide in the shadows of darkness. Secondly, they had night vision ability which lets them see clearly for a long-distance. This meant that their archery would be ridiculously advantageous at night.

The Dwarves were bad at night time. Their vision wasn’t good even though they drilled, mined, and lived in caves. Xiao Yu thought that the 50 riflemen wouldn’t be properly used. While the eyesight of grunts wasn’t as good as that of the elves at night time, it was still much better than that of the dwarves. In addition, he wasn’t worried about footmen as they were excellent human warriors and could cope with night warfare.

As a result, they stayed in the forest until it got dark.

The moon was in the shape of a small crescent tonight. The stars were shining down and it was the opportune time for this battle.

An ordinary human wouldn’t be able to see even 50 meters ahead in the darkness, but elves were able to clearly see 100 meters in front of them.

Xiao Yu led Grom, Tyrande, and two hundred archers as they slowly moved to the side of the wall. About 10 of the elven archers had reached level 3 and were able to use the skill Precise Shooting. Shadow Escape was already something that all the elves were able to use. The patrols above the wall didn’t see anything abnormal even though Xiao Yu and others had reached the foot of the wall.

Xiao Yu and Grom climbed up from the corner of the wall. The four-meter wall wasn’t an obstacle for Grom. His height was already around 2.5 or 2.6 meters; he could climb to the top of the wall with a single jump. Xiao Yu, however, faced difficulty. A four-meter wall was equivalent to a two story building. It was very difficult for him to climb up. As he didn’t have any tricks to get up, he firmly grabbed Grom’s huge feet so that Grom could help him up.

Xiao Yu almost choked to death from the smell. How many years has it been since the last time Grom washed his feet? He decided that he would order the orcs to collectively wash themselves later.

They used Wind Walk with stealth mode on so that the patrols wouldn’t detect their presence.

Neither Grom nor Xiao Yu used swords to attack the patrols because the moonlight would reflect off their swords, making the others aware of their attack. As a result, Grom directly approached the patrolmen one by one. He would grab their head, cover their mouth, and then twist their neck. The enemy patrols weren’t able to say even a word before their death.

Tyrande and the ten other archers who had reached level 3 began to fire arrows directly at the throats of the patrolmen. In a short time, about a dozen patrolmen were killed. Normally, each patrolman held a torch as they moved around but the torches had been snuffed out one by one.

However, the other patrols didn’t have the time to find out what happened as the archers began their attack. The arrows pierced their throats. Two patrolmen remained but Grom was able to grab them by their necks and crush their throats.

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  1. 3,000 to 4,000 fighting force is medium sized bandits? Then what is big size bandits 10k people? How is it that Leon town still standing when they originally had like 600 soldiers with so many bandits around? Just a single big sized bandit group can take the town let alone a few of them coming together to form like 30k army…. The town still standing doesn’t make sense in the slightest with so many bandits around even if the town has walls…

    1. Probably because they would have to siege it. And sieging is usually cost heavy, also considering the bandits lack of experience in siege warfare.

      And I’m not sure but maybe the mcs father and brothers had some hand in why it’s still standing.

    2. The bandits all probably know the town is basically broke so they didn’t bother attempting a siege for such little gain.

  2. As a small lord, the amount of bandits are too much. Tens of thousands of bandits had appeared so far. It Shou ld be enough to make his enemy reconsider taking over mc territory.

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