WOWFRD – Ch 269

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Chapter 269

Xiao Yu had brought a lot of equipment from the Lion territory. He had ordered the support troops to bring 40 Demolishers out of 50, 40 Glaive Throwers out of 50 and lots of ballista and catapults. It was the reason for their slow appearance.

Xiao Yu understood that the tools had to be sharpened for the workers to work. These machines were the absolutes of the defensive warfare. He had taken over lots of ballista and catapults when he took over Solomon’s territory.

In addition, the defensive walls of the Wuhe town had reached an extreme level after the months of continuous construction. The mud bricks weren’t as strong as stones so they had focused on the thickness of the walls. At the present moment, the defensive walls were 13 meters wide. The height of the walls were more than 10 meters high. As a result, it would be impossible to demolish these defensive walls even though they were made out of mud.

Xiao Yu had to consider his troops and few others reasons while making the decision to make the walls so wide. Mountain giants were too big so ordinary walls wouldn’t be handle their mass and weight. Moreover, they were going to use catapults, ballista, archers, riflemen and other long-range weaponry so the walls had to be wide. Walls that were 13 meters wide were more than enough to distribute those forces on the wall. In addition, there was enough space for the supplies such as arrows and large mud bricks. Xiao Yu didn’t have stones to use for the catapults and demolishers so he had ordered large and solid mud bricks to be produced. All those large mud bricks were neatly stacked on the walls so that they could be taken easily and thrown towards the enemy.

Ba Tianming wasn’t sitting idle either. He had made his soldiers learn the use of the ballista, catapults and other weapons so that his army could perfectly use them to penetrate through the defense of the Wuhe town.

“Don’t be afraid of wasting arrows and spears! Just shoot at the enemy! It’s alright if you aren’t successful! Keep shooting!”

“There is no right or wrong in the war! Be as despicable as you can! Kick the enemy soldier’s crotch… Splash sand on their eyes! Actually, everyone must have a small bag of sand on themselves so that they could do what I told you!”

“You must kill! It’s either you kill or you die! If you face wolf warriors then run! Don’t try to be a hero as there would be forces meant to deal with wolf warriors!”

“The heroes are the ones who kill more than others! This war is your chance to get meritorious service! Kill 10 and you will be commander of hundred men team! You will be commander of thousand men team if you kill 100! Moreover! There are many officials and nobles who have betrayed Touba Hong, the emperor! Now, those positions are empty! IT’s your chance to show yourself to get those positions! You can be sealed as the leader of a tribe or something else! It’s not a DREAM!” Xiao Yu continuously tried to engrave these ideas into the minds of the soldiers. He wasn’t creating elite soldiers but hungry tigers! Moreover, Xiao Yu’s plan about appointing generals, marshals, government officials and so on from the batch of the soldiers was the most intriguing idea for these soldiers. The new era was upon Western Cloud Empire and now they had the chance of lifetime to get those rewards.

The dark clouds had covered the sky. It didn’t rain but obscured the sun. The world was shrouded in depressive mood. The northern wind was whistling by the ears of the soldiers and blowing the weeds of the grassland.

The war was about to being! The sounds of the war drums echoed from the main camp of the enemy in the morning. Hundreds of the war drums were sounding together. The soldiers in the Wuhe town began to polish their weapons when they heard the sounds of the drums. Xiao Yu’s propaganda had pumped up their minds and souls and they couldn’t wait for the war to begin. The enemy was multiple times more than them but they didn’t care about the numbers of the enemy. This kind of morale was all thanks to Xiao Yu.

Touba Hong looked at Xiao Yu. He was glad that Xiao Yu wasn’t his enemy as he would have lots of sleepless nights.


The sounds of the wolves echoed out. It seemed that the wolves were released from their cages so that they could attack the Wuhe town.


At the same time the earth began to tremble…

“Drums of Battle?!” Touba Hong exclaimed when he heard the rhyme.

Xiao Yu asked: “What is Drums of battle?”

Actually, Xiao Yu was aware of Drums of Battle. They were played to enhance the combat effectiveness of the army. However, to make those drums exquisite and precious materials were need. Moreover, the technology to make those drums was lost. Nevertheless, this drums of battle could play a decisive role in the battlefield.

“The shamans have betrayed me… Only they can play the legendary Drums of battle! It seems that Grand Shaman Sartan has made his choice…” Touba Hong murmured.

The shamans were the most respected people by the Western Cloude Empire as they were the mentors of wisdon and spirit. They were the people who spoke to deities. Touba Hong himself was blessed by Grand Shaman Sartan when he was a kid. He was full of worship and admiration towards the shamans since childhood. He would bow to show his loyalty and respect to God of Earth every time he saw the grand shaman even though Touba Hong was a prince. He felt a great blow when he saw the shamans have made their choice to stand by Touba Gui.

Both Ao Du and Grand Shaman Sartan were the most respected men for the people of the Western Cloud Empire. Now, Ao Du was standing by his side while grand shamans was on enemy’s side.

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but murmur in a very low voice when he heard Touba Hong’s remark: “Spokesmen of Gods?! What a fucking lie! Fooling these stupid people…”

However, it didn’t matter what Xiao Yu thought of them. The people believed in these shamans and the Grand Shaman had chosen to make the shamans play Drums of Battle for the enemy. Xiao Yu and Touba Hong were in unfavorable situation. They had to find a solution or the morale of their troops would decrease minute by minute.

“OH GOD OF THE EARTH! Give me strength! Let me represent you in this world! Show your glory and support our troops! If you think Touba Hong is the true son of the Heavens and the real Emperor of the Western Cloud Empire then show us the Strength of Earth Totem! Let us protect him and fight for him!” Xiao Yu loudly shouted so that everyone on the wall heard him. He turned to look at Kodo beasts and they began to play the drums…

Bang± Bang± Bang±

The war drums were knocked. They couldn’t tremble the earth but the sound that echoed was comparable to the Drums of Battle.

Xiao Yu waved his hands and a huge totem pole appeared by Touba Hong. Colorful runes began to flash and countless magical elements began to whirl around the totem and wrap Touba Hong.

“Strength of the Earth Toteam! The God of the Earth is with us! We are the children of the earth and he will shelter us! We will win and kill all the infidels!” Xiao Yu shouted out as a Stoneskin Totem appeared by his side.

The soldiers began to shout and bow down one by one: “God of the Earth! God of the Earth!”

Xiao Yu whispered in his heart: “Motherfucker! I’m a shaman now…”


Does anyone have up-to-date glossary for all the heroes?

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  1. Should be 2 heroes per race on average now.

    Humans : Uther & Antonidas. Mountain King & Blood Elf mage not yet.
    Orcs : Grom & Thrall and maybe Kairne the Tauren. Shadow Hunter not yet.
    Nightelves : Tyrande & Maiev . Demon Hunter & ‘Druid’ shouldn’t be yet.
    Undead : Arthas… not sure if he recruited another undead, been a while since they were featured, but he’ll get to them later.

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