WOWFRD – Ch 268

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Chapter 268

Xiao Yu began to pay more attention to his own safety after the incident. His own strength was low for now and he couldn’t fight back against a fifth-rank assassin. Xiao Yu believed that he would be dead for sure if a sixth-rank assassin came after him.

Xiao Yu stayed in the tent for the next few days. He believed that he was a thick-skinned man but found out that he couldn’t go out of shyness. Toube Hong came over to persuade him for a few times and told Xiao Yu that he was a victim too. But Xiao Yu saw the treacherous expression on Touba Hong’s face.

Xiao Yu didn’t act for a few days but Ba Tianming wasn’t seen in public for more than two weeks. Xiao Yu lead his troops to kill tens of thousands of people during this time frame. Maiev was the one to shine in all those attacks. She killed a lot of people and reached level 18 easily. Xiao Yu saw that her potential was much more better than Cairne and Grom’s and her future was promising as an assassin. Grom had reached level 24 by this time. He had killed a lot of centaurs and bandits in during raid to Red beard’s lair. At the moment he was the one with the highest level among the heroes and heroines. Cairne and Antonidas were at level 22. They were exceptional in battles too but they didn’t participate and fight as much as Grom. Tyrande had reached level 23 too.

Xiao Yu wanted the heroes reach level 30 by the end of this war. If it happened so then they would be able to fight against fourth-rank warriors with ease. Moreover, Xiao Yu knew that the ultimate skills of the heroes and heroines haven’t appeared yet so they would be unstoppable after they acquired those skills.

Xiao Yu and Touba Hong were eating and drinking when a guard came to report that an assassin had infiltrated the town and wanted to meet Touba Hong. The assassin had told to the guards that he was working under a general and he had come with a message from that general. Touba Hong immediately ordered the assassin to be brought into his presence.

“Who is Hattum?” Xiao Yu curiously asked.

Touba Hong replied: “General Hattum belongs to Longyou tribe from the north. The tribe has more than hundred of thousand people. My strength would be increased a lot if I can get their allegiance.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “I hope it will.”

A man wearing a huge cloak arrived to stand in front of Touba Hong after a while. The man bowed: “Greetings Emperor!”

Toube Hong nodded: “Were you sent by General Hattum?”

The man replied: “Yes, I’m General Hattum’s bodyguard. The general had arrived with his army and is 30 miles away from the Wuhe town so that our army isn’t discovered by Ba Tianming’s scouts. The general sent me to get Emperor’s orders.”

Touba Hong nodded: “General Hattum have come to join me… Does it mean that the Longyou tribe have decided to give their allegiance too?”

The man shook his head: “Elders of the Longyou tribe think that Emperor killed the previous emperor so they don’t want to trust you. But General Hattum took ten thousand elite soldiers and fled to join you.”

Touba Hong nodded slightly.

“Sit down and eat something for now.” Touba Hong showed the place for the man to sit and enjoy from the barbecue.

Touba Hong said after he pondered for a while: “General Hattum will be an enermous help to me. Go back and tell him that he will be sealed and known as the first general of the Empire.”

The man was overjoyed when he heard Touba Hong’s reply. He bowed to thank Touba Hong and then asked: “When should our troops enter the Wuhe town? We want to protect the Emperor!”

Touba Hong waved his hand: “No need to enter the town for now.. Ba Tianming would be going for a decisive attack and we will need someone to attack them from the rear. General Hattum’s troops can burn their barracks and enter the Wuhe town after the war ends.”

The man replied: “Yes, I’ll go back to report to general.”

Touba Hong nodded: “You can leave.”

The man bowed once again and departed.

“It’s a good idea to make them stay there for a while. It won’t be wise to let them enter the Wuhe town as we can’t be sure about their loyalty… If a rebellion occurs inside the town then we would lose the town.. If they do well and prove their loyalty then the general can get the rewards.. Otherwise, the situation would stay as is…” Xiao Yu saw that Touba Hong’s approach to solve this matter was very wise.

Touba Hong smiled: “I’m not that stupid to belive in loyalty of so many people…”

Touba Hong’s strength would increase by double with the allegiance of General Hattum. However, there were no guarantees for now. It all depended on if General Hattum did really attack Ba Tianming’s troops rear while Xiao Yu charged from front.

Moreover, Touba Hong was aware the importance of this war. The powers from different regions of the empire were ‘watching’ the war at this point. They would send people to join him in the Wuhe town in case he did win the war. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any support. This war would be fatal for Touba Hong to show his strength to others. There were many other powers who were waiting to see who would take the upper hand at this point. Toube Hong had to convine the rets of the empire that he was a person who could be regarded as an emperor by the others. As a result, he didn’t have a choice but to win this war.

Xiao Yu got report from Leah and Maiev on the same day that there were huge ceremony and ritual going on in the enemy camp. Moreover, heavy instruments were brought to the front to launch the offensive attack.

Ba Tianming had faced huge humiliation so he must be planning to capture the Wuhe town in one go. Ba Tianming had to seize the town, capture Xiao Yu and Touba Hong to scrub off the shame.

It was obvious that Ba Tianming didn’t appear in front of the army for so long out of humiliation. But the last preparations were proof that Ba Tianming would make a big move.

In this grasslands there were almost no use of siege equipments so the appearance of so many ballistas and catapults meant that they were newly manufactured. Xiao Yu and Touba Hong stood on top of the walls as they watched the enemy camps. They were aware more than anyone that the last war that would decide the their fate was about to happen.

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  1. That’s how Chinese novels get you. They repeat the same thing a few hundred times teasing you with what you actually want. Than have a hundred so chapters they give you one or half a chapter to get you to read the next hundred chapters. It is a cycle we are all trapped in I’m afraid.

  2. Are you know game named perfect world? In that game, even lv80 warrior can’t see lv50 assassin in stealth mode.

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