WOWFRD – Ch 267

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Chapter 267

Xiao Yu felt like he was in a beautiful dream where countless fairies surrounded him. Each one of them was more beautiful and glamorous than other. They were bare naked as they gently touched and constantly kissed him. He was having sex with them as he heartily vented all the suppressed feelings. Moreover, everywhere was colored in pink. There were countless Peach trees that had Blossomed. The petals of the flowers flowed over the air. The environment itself stimulated the sexual desires of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu felt as if the energy within himself was limitless as he continued to enjoy himself. He didn’t know how long it passed as the process continued on. However, the heat that kept him going on began to slowly dimish.

Xiao Yu slowly opened his eyes. He felt his naked body being swept by the cold air. He remembered that the virginity that he had protected for more than 20 years was gone because of a ‘beautiful mistake’.

“I am not a virgin anymore!” Xiao Yu smiled as he narrowed his eyes. There was a burst of pride in his heart.

“MOTHERFUCKER!” Xiao Yu shouted out when he saw few people standing by his bed. Grom, Cairne, Antonidas and many others were in the tent.

“You … What are you doing here?” Xiao Yu immediately grabbed a quilt and covered his body. He looked at the people inside the tent. It seemed that they had been here for long enough to see the ‘battle’ between him and ‘red beard’.

“We’re protecting master.” Grom replied. There was a cunning expressio on Grom’s face.

“Do I need your protection? When did you all enter the tent? Do you even take me as the master? OUTRAGEOUS! Why would you barge in if your master is doing something like that?!…” Xiao Yu cursed out as he understood that the sex was kind of a live broadcast.

However, Grom and others stood still without moving.

Xiao Yu continued to scold for a while but got tired of it: “Give me a glass of water.”

Grom stepped forward as he poured water into a glass and handed it to Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu drank it up and turned around like shy kid.

“She woke up…” Xiao Yu realized that the naked woman beside him wasn’t just a simple woman but a fifth-rank assassin!

He took out a set of clothes from the interspatial ring and put on. He jumped out of the bed.

Touba Hong also came in by this point as he had got the news that Xiao Yu was awake. He laughed: “Xiao Yu, I didn’t think that you would turn out so fierce in bed too!”

“Did you watch too?” Xiao Yu stared into his eyes.

Touba Hong smiled: “Not so much.. Master told that there was an assassin in your tent but both of you were intoxicated by the aphrodisiac.. I was worried about you so I joined the tent too. I care about you. ”

“Do you care about such things too? I may be shameless but not on that level to live broadcast the whole thing!”

Xiao Yu saw that more people began to come in. Leah, Suesha, Tyrande and even Foror joined the tent.

Red Beard fully woke up by this time too. The mask on her face was ripped off long ago so Xiao Yu could see her beautiful face.

She wrapped herself with quilts when she saw so many people in the tent and herself naked.

“You … you … ” Red Beard looked at Xiao Yu with fury. She had made a big loss.

“Me? … ME? ME what? Do you understand that my innocent reputation and body was ruined by YOU!?” There was an expression on Xiao Yu’s face which made him look like the wronged one.

Red Beard covered her head with the quilt. It seemed as if she had no face to look at people. She didn’t speak for a while. The others quickly formed a circle and surrounded her. Red Beard was able to sneak into Xiao Yu’s tent while escaping the eyes of Tyrande and Leah which showed her strength. That’s why the others were on alert as they looked at Red Beard who had covered herself with quilt.

Ao Du had told the others to stay guard in the room. He knew about Red Beard’s strength and was afraid that she could wake up first and kill Xiao Yu. He was aware of Xiao Yu’s importance to Touba Hong and couldn’t allow Xiao Yu to be accidentally killed.

In fact, Ao Du had found Red Beard’s existence the moment she had entered Xiao Yu’s tent. However, he didn’t immediately act but quietly waited to see how Xiao Yu would react when he faced such a high level assassin. Red Beard had put her dagger to Xiao Yu’s neck but Ao Du was sure that he could interfere and help Xiao Yu within those milliseconds if Red Beard wanted to kill him.

The difference of strength between fifth-rank and sixth-rank was too big. Moreover, sixth-rank was divided into several stages. Ao Du was a peak sixth-rank warrior and he didn’t care much about fifth-rank assassins such as Red Beard..

Nevertheless, Ao Du didn’t expect that everything would end up the way it did. He saw that both of them were having intercourse in a mad manner so he didn’t want to interfere and stir Xiao Yu’s good time. He told Grom and others to guard Xiao Yu.

Grom had turned very anxious when he heard that an assassin had entered Xiao Yu’s tent. His loyalty to Xiao Yu was almost 100. He took Xiao Yu’s safety more important than his own. As a result, the summoned heroes directly rushed into the tent. Tyrande and Maiev were heroines but they didn’t care about anything as they entered the tent.

Tyrande had felt remorse when she saw Xiao Yu and Red Beard have unscrupulous sex. Suesha and Leah were very shy when they entered the tent but they were concerned about Xiao Yu’s safety. Touba Hong was aware of Xiao Yu’s importance in his cause so he had come in hurry too.

As a result, a lot of people watched the ‘battle’ between Xiao Yu and Red Beard. The girls were stunned and blushing so they covered their eyes but secretly stole glances.

After a long time they found out that neither Xiao Yu nor Red Beard were going to recede so the girls went out of the tent. However, Grom, Cairne, Antonidas and other heroes had stood behind. After all, they couldn’t help out in any other way but wait for both Xiao Yu and Red Beard to stop. Moreover, they couldn’t stand outside too. What would happen if Red Beard woke up first?

Xiao Yu was a thick-skinned man but he couldn’t help but redden like the ass of a monkey when he saw so many people inside the tent.

“FUCK! IT’s a retribution! THIS IS A DIVINE RETRIBUTION! I made fun of Ba Tianming and now it was my turn… Alas… There were less spectators.”

Xiao Yu saw that Red beard was hiding behind the quilt so he said: “Little girl! You can come out. You are my woman so rest assured that I won’t kill you… I’m always kind towards women.”

However, an explosion happened as loud sound echoed in the tent.

Grom rushed up and slashed the quilt with his heavy sword. Red Beard had disappeared! There was a huge hole and it seemed that she had escaped through the hole.

She was worthy of being called a fifth-rank assassin as she was able to escape in front of so many people in such a short time frame. Grom began to dig the place but couldn’t find Red Beard…

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