WOWFRD – Ch 266

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Chapter 266

The dagger’s tip was touching Xiao Yu’s neck while the woman’s head moved forward and she began to whisper into Xiao Yu’s ear: “You finally know my identity… What kind of torture should I use on you to satisfy my heart? You have offended a lot of people and I believe you may help me out with a method..”

Xiao Yu rolled his eyes as he was asked for a torture method to kill himself.

“Give me a bit of aphrodisiac and let’s enjoy ourselves…” Xiao Yu bit the bullet.

“You are funny… Actually, I’m reluctant to kill you.” Red Beard gigled as she looked at Xiao Yu’s body up and down. Her eyes focused on Xiao Yu’s lower body for a few moments. Xiao Yu felt cold when she acted so. “Was she going to cut off the ‘little Xiao Yu’? What’s the point of being alive if he couldn’t ‘do it’?”

“Since you are reluctant…then don’t kill me… I’m a pure and kind man… You can actually take me back as a slave.. Don’t worry.. My stamina is very good and I’ll be able to ‘keep up’ with you.” Xiao Yu was trying to tempt Red Beard.

“Actually, I’d really like to take you back as I have lots of hungry young women who would love to meet you every night… Unfortunately, I don’t have the ability to take you out.. Ao Du is here… It was very hard for myself to sneak in.. I wouldn’t dare to come if I didn’t have a Shadow Cloak.” Red Beard took out a small bottle and whispered to herself: “It’s shouldn’t be a waste if I used it on him…”

“What’s that?” Xiao Yu was shocked to see another small bottle.

“It’s just a small bottle of poison which is called Thousands of Ants. It is said that ants would grow out of your body and slowly bite you to death if you consume it.” Red Beard said in a vicious tone. However, there was a very charming smile on her face.

Xiao Yu was frozen on spot: “Elder Sister! Why are you trying to be so cruel? Have I robbed anything from you? Yes?! Alright… No big deal.. I will compensate for everything.. I have lots of things.. I believe that we won’t have enough time if I wanted to show you all my wealth..”

“No need.. I will take them after you death anyway… I won’t make it painful too. I’ll add this to wine so that you enjoy your death… Oh.. Isn’t that a 3 century old red wine? You know your wine.” Red Beard said and picked up the glass of wine on the table. She smelled it for a moment to determine its age.

Red Beard even took a sip from the glass: “It tastes very good.. It won’t matter much even if I add a little bit of poison.”

However, when she looked at Xiao Yu she saw that he was looking at her with a weird expression on his face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Red Beard felt that there was something wrong.

Xiao Yu stammered for a moment: “No… No…No, did the wine taste good?”

Red Beard frowned when she heard Xiao Yu’s reply: “Is there a problem with the wine?”

Xiao Yu replied in hurry: “Nothing… No problem! No problem at all! It is my favorite wine.. Drink it.. Enjoy it!”

Red Beard snorted: “Are you trying to fool me? Do you think that you will be able to distract my attention? If there is nothing with this wine then you will drink it too… If I’m going to die then you will accompany me too!”

Red Beard forcefully made Xiao Yu drink the wine.

Red Beard smiled: “Oh! I have forgotten to give you the poison.”

Red Beard put the empty glass on table then opened the cap of the small bottle to pour the liquid into the glass.

Xiao Yu asked when he saw Red Beard pour poison: “I’m going to die anyway.. So can I make one final request?”

Red Beard smiled as she thought that Xiao Yu was afraid of death: “What do you want?”

Xiao Yu replied: “I’m still a virgin.. Can you and me ‘do it’ before death? It will be a useless life if I died a virgin!”

Red Beard giggled: “You are a funny fella.. Do you think that I’ll sacrifice my body to satisfy your death wish?”

Xiao Yu nodded in a serious manner: “You will.”

Red Beard grunted as she was about to bring the glass and make Xiao Yu drink the poison. But she felt heat erupt from her body.

She stammered: “You! … Did you mix the aphrodisiac with this wine?”

Xiao Yu replied in an innocent matter: “It wasn’t me who forced you to drink it!”

“You! ” Red Beard turned furious. She decided that she would kill Xiao Yu on spot. She pressed the dagger but it stabbed the bed plate. Xiao Yu had disappeared!

“Teleportation?” Red beard remembered that Xiao Yu knew how to teleport away. However, she was much stronger than Xiao Yu. She turned around and pin-pointed Xiao Yu’s location and rushed forward.

Xiao Yu immediately used the Wind Walk with stealth mode so that Red Beard couldn’t find him. However as an experienced and high level assassin it wasn’t hard for Red Beard to find his location.

“Where are you going to run?” Red Beard thought that she had wasted a lot of time. She should have killed Xiao Yu since start and nothing would happen. Nevertheless, she was a high level assassin and Xiao Yu wouldn’t be able to escape her from grasp even if she used teleportation. But the violent heat that surged and raged within her body was having negative effect on her use of energy.

For an instant, she remembered Ba Tianming who was still going crazy because of the aphrodisiac. Red Beard’s body began to move much slowly because of confusion in her mind. She jumped forward and grabbed Xiao Yu. Her dagger was going to stab Xiao Yu’s delicate face when her heart jumped up. She didn’t attack.

Xiao Yu’s face was flushed red too. He watched Red Beard’s body that was full of temptation. He couldn’t control himself any longer.


Xiao Yu tore away the fron part of Red Beard’s clothing. Her white skin and twin peaks were half exposed.

Red Beard fiercely hugged Xiao Yu and began to kiss him desperately.

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