WOWFRD – Ch 265

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Chapter 265

The black cloaked people looked with hatred at Xiao Yu after they were able to constrain Ba Tianming. The trick used by Xiao Yu was very despicable. Xiao yu saw them looking at himself so he stood on top of the wall and began to twist his ass towards them.

O’Neal and other grunts saw Xiao Yu act so shamelessly so they began to imitate him too. This act of theirs made the black cloaked people go mad. Few of them tried to rush but they stopped after making a few steps and turned back to return. Xiao Yu saw their reaction and knew that there had to be a reason for their return. Ao Du was by his side and had appeared without a prompt.

“Great Master from the Western Cloud Empire isn’t a simply man… His appearance alone was enough to scare these people…” Xiao Yu murmured.

Xiao Yu didn’t believe that Ao Du was stronger than Theodore. However, Ao Du was among the top masters in the continent as a warrior. Normally, warriors would be easily able to defeat a mage on one on one duel. The main reason for that was the weak physical constitution of the mages. It was the mage’s main flaw.

Xiao Yu laughed as the enemy troops went back: “Alright… I’m done for today.. Time to go back and sleep as they won’t attack for time being… ”

Xiao Yu was aware that the humiliation faced by Ba Tianming would demoralize the enemy troops and they wouldn’t attack in a short time. He believed that Ba Tianming would choose the best time and conditions to attack Wuhe town so that Ba Tianming could capture the town in one wave. So the best option for him was to go back and sleep to nourish his body and mind.

The guards on the walls chatted about Ba Tianming’s shamful act and mocked the enemy soldiers. They began to look at the enemy soldiers with contempt and had lost the feeling of fear. The soldiers were getting used to Xiao Yu’s commanding style and they were more confident in him as a commander as time passed. They felt that they could face hundreds of thousands of enemies as long as Xiao Yu led them. The enemies had attacked for many times but Xiao Yu had solved out and back-fired every attack. Even the commander of the enemy army was humiliated by Xiao Yu! There wouldn’t be any problem as long as Xiao Yu was present.

Xiao Yu went to find Leah once again before going to sleep. He wanted to get another bottle of Peach Blossom.

Leah responded in anger: “You have already humiliated that guy.. Why do you want Peach Blossom?”

Xiao Yu was perplexed: “Have you gone mad? It’s too boring to make a fool of only the commander… I want to find ways to make all the enemy soldiers to turn on each other… If I can find a way to sprinkle this aphrodisiac into their water then I can’t imagine what will happen… Imagine us attacking them while they are “at it”..”

Leah looked at Xiao Yu: “You are pure evil! Your mind doesn’t work for anything good…. But even though this thing is working well… How are you going to use it on so many people?”

Xiao Yu licked his lips: “I’m going to research it… Leah come on.. Give me another bottle… You know me well.. Although I talk big but I’m still a virgin… I don’t have the courage to do those bad things… Give me a bottle and I will never ever tease you… I can swear and take an oath…”

Leah snorted: “Swear to God! Swear to god that you won’t tease me ever… Otherwise you shall be stroken by lightning!”

Xiao Yu made an oath without hesitation.. Leah looked into his eyes and hesitated for a moment but gave Xiao Yu another small bottle afterwards.

However, Leah felt like she was fooled when she saw Xiao Yu joyfully jump around and go back to his tent. It seemed that Xiao Yu didn’t care about his oath at all.

“Hmpf! What an idiot! She is my slave and she dares to tell me not to tease her! Why the heck am I called a master then? I’ll make you obey me and ….HaHaHa… ”

Xiao Yu covered his mouth and nose with a wet towel in his tent. Afterwards, he opened the small bottle and observed the liquid. Xiao Yu pondered about ways to put this liquid into enemy’s water and turn them all into a state which Ba Tianming was in today. He didn’t have water in his tent but wine. So he poured a drop of aphrodisiac into the glass of wine and observed the way this liquid integrated into wine.

Xiao Yu hadn’t prepared any containers in advance so for now he was planning to use the glass. He checked the dilution level of wine and the aphrodisiac. He waited for a long time. Xiao Yu believed that no one could tell by naked eye that the aphrodisiac and the wine were mixed together. However, he didn’t have the equipment to determine how effective the mixture would be.

At first, he wanted to sniff and check the smell but Xiao Yu changed his mind. After 5 or 6 hours of tests Xiao Yu put away the glass and went to sleep. By this time he had found that as long as he didn’t smell the fragrance there wouldn’t be any effects after the dilution.

The aphrodisiac was most effective when it was sprayed around. Xiao Yu couldn’t imagine what would happen if he sprinkled a bit of aphrodisiac on a woman.

“It will be impossible…” Xiao Yu believed that he wouldn’t be able to make the aphrodisiac affect the whole army. He tried to cover his body with the quilt but suddenly Xiao Yu felt a cold feeling on his neck.

He drowsily opened his eyes but jumped up in fear because of the sight in front of him. He saw a woman wearing a red cape standing by his side. She was wearing a mask and only her icy cold eyes were exposed. She was holding a dagger which was by his neck.

“Ah … Ah… Elder sister! I will give pay the double the money you were promised!” Xiao Yu was aware that this person wasn’t here for money. Actually he tried to engage the woman in conversation so that he could gain time to get out of this situation. This woman was able to sneak into his tent to assassinate himself without alerting Leah, Tyrande, Maiev and others. It meant that she was at least fifth-rank assassin. Xiao Yu was clear about the concept of fifth-rank assassin and knew that he had close to zero chance of winning a head on battle.

“You owe me too much… You won’t be able to afford…” The woman whispered into Xiao Yu’s ear.

Xiao Yu was abit relieved when he heard the woman talk. It seemed that the woman wouldn’t immediately kill him but tease for a while. It meant that he would have time to think of a way to escape!

“This … How do you want? I’m not sure about the amount so it is impossible to tell whether I’ll be able to afford or not…” Xiao Yu said as he racked his brain to come up with different countermeasures.

“I want everything.” The woman softly said. She had a charming voice but very cold tone. She was definitely a femme fatale!

“Hmm … I have always been very generous towards beauties… Take everything you want! (he is offering his body)” Xiao Yu smiled as he mind rapidly looked for options.

The woman’s strength was much higher than his. Moreover, there was a dagger close to his neck. It meant that the woman wouldn’t go away without killing him tonight.

“Don’t worry… I will take everything you own… But before that I will torture you.. You won’t get an easy death.. You humiliated our general in the field today! I’ll be going easy on you if I just killed you on spot.” The woman assassin gently touched Xiao Yu’s body with her other hand. Normally, any man would enjoy such a thing but all the hair on Xiao Yu’s body was erected because of this life and death situation.

“I didn’t mean it… I was just making a joke… I didn’t know that it was such a strong aphrodisiac…” Xiao Yu couldn’t come up with a good answer.

“Is that so… Let’s say that it was an accident.. Then what about all the treasures that you stole from my base? What about that?” The woman gently put the dagger under Xiao Yu’s chin.

“Red Beard! You are the Red Beard!” Xiao Yu whispered as he recognized the identity of the assassin.

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