WOWFRD – Ch 264

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Chapter 264

Xiao Yu laughed: “General it is not a poison so don’t worry… There is nothing fatal about it… Actually there is… There is this peculiar effect…I think I don’t have to elaborate more as general should feel it by now… In fact, there is nothing shameful about this feeling.. General please don’t constrain yourself… Life is about living and the most important thing is to have sex… Don’t constrain yourself by thinking about opinions of others…”

Xiao Yu continued to endless talk nonsense while Ba Tianming turned furious as moments passed on. He was anxious to peel off Xiao Yu’s skin to vent his anger. At the same time he felt as if his body had turned into a volcano that would erupt at any moment. Ba Tianming knew the essence of this feeling as a man. This shameless and despicable brat had given him an aphrodisiac. Moreover, the aphrodisiac was too violent.

Ba Tianming knew that he couldn’t stay long in here. He stared at Xiao Yu and turned around to leave. However, would Xiao Yu let him go so easily?

“Oh.. I have only 1 restrictive magic scroll but I must use it today…” Xiao Yu took a magic scroll and gently tore it apart and threw it towards Ba Tianming. A green light flied over towards Ba Tianming. Ba Tianming turn to fiercely smash the light with the Unstopppable Force but the light passed over and covered Ba Tianming’s body without any hindrance. In the blink of an eye the light turned into thick vines that entangled Ba Tianming’s body.

“What the hell is this?” Ba Tianming was shocked.

Xiao Yu smiled: “General rest asssured… It’s just a magic scroll that I used.. It’s whole purpose is to entangle you for some time.. Actually, the magic won’t let me even attack you.. It’s purpose is to restrict the movement of the enemy… Don’t worry and be at ease… I don’t even know why would old man Theo make such a magic scroll…”

Xiao Yu smiled as he turned towards the wall: “Leah… Come over… Don’t miss the fun.”

Leah jumped off from the top of the walls and came over to Xiao Yu’s side.

“What do you have in mind?” Leah curiously looked at Ba Tianming. She knew that Xiao Yu had used aphrodisiac and she was also curious about the strength of the medicine.

Xiao Yu looked at her: “Why are you standing like a doll? Show few charming postures.. Try to seduce him…”

Leah angrily replied: “Fuck off.”

The soldiers rushed towards Ba Tianming when they saw that their general was bound by some kind of magical thing. They feared that Xiao Yu would attack their general using this as an opportunity.

“What kind of a shameless man you are to use a magic scroll in a duel?” The soldiers shouted towards Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu smiled: “I would rather fight the battle of wits than the strength…” Afterwards, he waved towards Leah for both of them return back.

Ba Tianming’s feeling surged up when he saw Leah, a stunning beauty. He looked around at the soldiers that had come to rescue him. All of them looked like charming and beautiful girls to him.


Ba Tianming roared up as the shackles entangling him disappeared. The soldiers swarmed around him as they were concerned about their general. However, Ba Tianming’s eyes had turned crimson red and he couldn’t discern right from wrong. Ba Tianming threw away his weapon and grabbed a soldier. He tore apart the clothes of the soldier. There was a devilish smile on his face. Ba Tianming laughed as he pressed the soldier onto the ground and began to violate the man.

The soldiers were shocked as they tried to make Ba Tianming to recover his sense. But Ba Tianming didn’t listen to anyone as he was indulged in his own world. The soldiers were panicking as they didn’t know how to help to their general.

No one had noticed a figure appeared beside them and picked the Unstoppable Force and disappeared once again.

The soldiers from both sides were watching as Ba Tianming was rampantly violating his own soldier. Moreover, he was engaging in sex with a man!

The soldiers wanted to force Ba Tianming to disengage from the act but none of them were Ba Tianming’s opponents in terms of strength. Actually, Ba Tianming grabbed one more and tore of his clothes to violently ravage the soldier.

“He is too fierce!” Xiao Yu was on top of the wall as he looked at the sight. The Unstoppable Force was in his hand.

“O’Neal this weapon is yours!” Xiao Yu played around with Unstoppable Force and threw it to O’neal.

O’Neal was using Tomahawk axes but they weren’t as good as the Unstoppable Force. Xiao Yu was already using Arcanite Reaper and this new weapon wasn’t suitable for him. O’Neal had reached level 14 and the Unstoppable Force was more benefical to this orcish hero.

O’Neal drooled as he checked the weapon. The hooliganish habits that these grunts showed were all learned from Xiao Yu.

Touba Hong was shocked when he saw Xiao Yu gave such a weapon to his subordinate. He was more than clear about the price and strength of this weapon. He had seen Ba Tianming used this weapon when he was a child. He had envied General Ba Tianming and hoped to have such a weapon since childhood.

It was a weapon that even the prince of the Western Cloud Empire longed for but Xiao Yu had casually given it to his subordinate!

Touba Hong smiled as he turned to look at Ba Tianming. He felt that the method used by Xiao Yu was too ruthless but he admired the means and methods of Xiao Yu. This move would be a huge blow to the enemy army’s morale! In addition, the soldiers on their side were laughing as they looked at the scene and ridiculed Ba Tianming.

Ba Tianming’s reputation was destroyed!

The performance lasted for more than 10 minutes when a group of several men wearing black cloaks came over. Some of them used magic while the others used martial arts to bind Ba Tianming.

Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up when he saw these mysterious people. He wasn’t aware how many of these mysterious people were brought in by Ba Tianming. However, Xiao Yu was deeply aware of their strength. The enemy hadn’t attacked for the last few days which meant that these mysterious people were scheming a grand conspiracy.

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