WOWFRD – Ch 263

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Chapter 263

Xiao Yu shouted: “Do you think that you are unbeatable because you are a fifth-rank warrior? Don’t look down on me… I’ve inherited the martial arts of the Blademaster Grom, the holy skills of the Uther Lightbringer and the magic skills of the Archmage Antonidas! The man who could beat me hasn’t been born yet!”

Xiao Yu wasn’t lying but Ba Tianming was laughing out in reaction to Xiao Yu’s words. It seemed like a big joke to Ba Tianmming.

Ba Tianming snorted: “Is that so? Then let me try to see what kind of skills you have learned to act so arrogant and have the balls to even challenge me!”

Xiao Yu put down the Arcanite Reaper and looked at Ba Tianming. He made the standard Bruce Lee style provocative posture and wiped his nose with his thumb: “Come at me! I’ll show you the strength of Eastern Dragon.”

Ba Tianming slowly, step by step, walked towards Xiao Yu as he held the mace in his hand. He knew that he had more than enough strength to beat Xiao Yu but Ba Tianming never took his opponents lightly. He had been in countless battles and duels and knew that the path to the victory involved being careful at all times.

Xiao Yu saw that Ba Tianming was walking towards him. He didn’t rush but continued to provoke Ba Tianming.

Ba Tianming rapidly charged on when he was about ten meters away from Xiao Yu. In the blink of an eye he appeared before Xiao Yu. The speed shown by Ba Tianming was indeed at a level which Xiao Yu couldn’t compare too. Actually, Grom and Cairne’s speed and strength were much inferior to Ba Tianming too.


The Unstoppable Force smashed down the ground and a pit that was almost 80cm deep appeared in the space where Xiao Yu was standing. There would be few people who could withstand such an attack. One of the reasons was the strength of Ba Tianming was a fifth-rank warrior. The second reason for the attack being such strong was the effect of Unstoppable Force. This weapon showed more strength in the hands of a powerful warrior.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu’s body had disappeared the moment Ba Tianming had initiated the attack.

Ba Tianming saw that Xiao Yu wasn’t there. Many thoughts passed through his mind in an instand and his body leaned forward and he rushed forward like a cheetah.

A huge shockwave passed by and hit the ground the moment Ba Tianming moved. It was Xiao Yu who made the attack. The strength shown by the Arcanite Reaper would be able to split even a fifth-rank warrior like Ba Tianming into two. Nevertheless, Ba Tianming hadn’t shown any flow and was able to escape his doom.

Xiao Yu hadn’t fought against a fifth-rank warrior in the past face to face. He had used magic scrolls or heavy ballista to kill them. Actually, even if Grom and Cairne helped him they wouldn’t be able to fight against a fifth-rank warrior.

On face value it seemed that a fifth-rank warrior was just a rank higher than a fourth-rank warrior. But the difference of strength could be measured in multiplication of ten.

“What kind of martial arts did this kid use? He disappeared out of sudden and appeared behind me.. How is that possible? No! No… It wasn’t martial arts but magic! There were no fluctuations…”

Ba Tianming quickly analyzed the situation and decided that Xiao Yu didn’t use martial arts but space magic. Xiao Yu had escaped the deadly attack but Ba Tianming was shocked as a result.

He quickly turned around and looked into Xiao Yu’s eyes. It was no wonder Xiao Yu dared to challenge him. It turned out that Xiao Yu wasn’t just a martial artist but dual cultivator! Moreover, he was able to use the most difficult magic style out of all, the space magic!

Nevertheless, Ba Tianming was still fearless. After all the gap of strength between the two was too much. Xiao Yu couldn’t close that gap with the help of Teleportation.


Ba Tianming’s body moved as residual shadow appeared. He appeared in front of Xiao Yu once again to smash down the Unstoppable Force. At first, Ba Tianming wasn’t planning to let Xiao Yu stay alive but now he was more firm on his decision. Xiao Yu was like a cub of tiger and he couldn’t let Xiao Yu grow up to be an extremely powerful opponent.

Bang.. Boom

Xiao Yu once again was able to avoid the blow in the nick of time. However, this time Xiao Yu hadn’t used teleportation but Heroic Leap. He only needed to think about it for his body to jump for tens of meters. Ba Tianming didn’t stop but rapidly charged on as he continued to go after Xiao Yu. He wanted to see how many strange skills Xiao Yu would use.

At the same time, Xiao Yu was continuing to avoid Ba Tianming at all times. He didn’t want to face Ba Tianming head on. Occasionally Xiao Yu would use stealth mode to disappear when Ba Tianming was close to hit Xiao Yu and appear behind Ba Tianming to attack with Omnislash skill. However, Xiao Yu would continue to run after an unsuccessful attack.

“Invisibility? Has he learned the skills of assassins?” Ba Tianming was surprised as he looked at Xiao Yu. It seemed like he was looking at a monster. Once his mace rubbed the edge of Xiao Yu’s robe. Normally, such interraction would lead to destruction but a golden light appeared and protected Xiao Yu like a shield.

“This is … the Shield of the Templar!” Ba Tianming recognized the skill even though the skills of Paladins were long lost.

“How come he knows so many bizarre skills?”

Ba Tianming was shocked more and more as the battle continued on.

“Naïve! Do you think that you will be able to beat me?” Ba Tianming shouted as his body covered in light. It seemed like he was a deity descended from the heavens. Ba Tianming waved the Unstoppable Force as he charged towards Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu understood that something wrong was happening so he immediately started to use the Whirlwind skill to leave no open space for Ba Tianming to attack.


Ba Tianming’s weapon fiercely hit Xiao Yu’s arcanite reaper that was turning around rapidly. Because of the Whirlwind skill all the sides surrounding Xiao Yu were covered in the sharp edges of Arcanite Reaper but Ba Tianming used brute force to smash through. Xiao Yu’s body was blown away.

“Motherfucker! Fortunately, my body is protected by Shield of the Templer or I’ll be suffering heavy casualties.” Xiao Yu didn’t mind the pain as he quickly stood up and used the Wind Walk to turn invisible.

Ba Tianming lost Xiao Yu once again. He didn’t walk around but stood idle as he observed the place for clues of Xiao Yu’s location.

“Kid! You are dead!” Ba Tianming shouted as he smashed Unstoppable Force. However, he didn’t hit Xiao Yu. Nevertheless it seemed as if something porcelain was shattered to pieces and a fragrance was spread around. Ba Tianming didn’t mind it as it seemed that some kind of perfume bottle on Xiao Yu had accidentally fallen out and was smashed by the Unstoppable Force. It meant that Ba Tianming was close to Xiao Yu!

However, Ba Tianming wasn’t aware that Xiao Yu was already standing far away and grinning from ear to ear.

“Come out! Do you think that you will be able to beat me with these tricks of yours?” Ba Tianming believed that victory was in his grip. He had done everything to overwhelm Xiao Yu and he needed to make the last blow. He had yet to catch Xiao Yu but it was matter of time.

“General! How did the perfume smell?” Xiao Yu asked as he laughed.

Ba Tianming turned towards the direction of Xiao Yu’s voice and saw Xiao Yu grin: “It’s ridiculous to think a perfume…”

Xiao Yu interrupted him: “That bottle of perfume is my gift to General!”

“Gift?” Ba Tianming couldn’t understand Xiao Yu’s words. But he felt a some kind of hot feeling surge up from his body. It seemed as if few barrels of oil were poured onto him and were fired up. It was a feeling that he couldn’t suppress.

“You … you …” Fury and anger were expressed on Ba Tianming’s face.

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