WOWFRD – ch 262

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Chapter 262

Touba Hong couldn’t help but frown when he heard Xiao Yu challenge Ba Tianming. He was aware about Ba Tianming’s strength and infamous reputation in the Western Cloud Empire. Touba Hong knew that Xiao Yu was strong but in no way Xiao Yu was Ba Tianming’s opponent. Why would Xiao Yu ask a duel with Ba Tianming? Moreover, it seemed that Xiao Yu was confident in the victory… Touba Hong had stayed with Xiao Yu for long enough to know that it was impossible to understand Xiao Yu by using common sense. Most of the time Xiao Yu would come up with unexpected method by disregarding the established rules to gain the results that he wanted to achieve.

As a result, Touba Hong didn’t stop Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu looked at Leah and whispered: “Give me that.”

Leah looked back at him: “Give you what?”

Xiao Yu continued: “Stop playing or I’ll be playing around with you afterwards… ”

“I have already told you that if you dare to tease me then I’ll make sure that you you’re your reputation in public.. Don’t you understand me?” Leah turned furious when she saw that Xiao Yu hadn’t cared even for a single word from her previous threat.

Xiao Yu said: “Do you think I care? Give me that thing or there will be trouble!”

“I will help you this time but stop teasing me otherwise…” Leah knew that she had to help Xiao Yu or it would be a mistake from her side which she wouldn’t be able to turn right whatever she did in the future. Moreover, she wanted to see the way Ba Tianming would react after Peach Blossom was used on him.

In addition, Ba Tianming would become a laughinstock in front of his soldiers if such an aphrodisiac was used on him.

Leah passed over a small bottle to Xiao Yu.

“How do I use this? How do I prevent it from affecting me?” Xiao Yu quickly asked. He knew that if he used it wrong then it would be a ‘battle’ between himself and Ba Tianming.

“The best way is to inhale it.. You can pour it over the skin but it won’t have strong effect. The best is to put a drop of it under the person’s nose so that they can sniff it. The fluid will turn into gas as soon as it is released from the bottle… Be careful not to breathe it.. It has a bit of fragrance but nothing unusual.. Most people won’t even know what has happened…” Leah rapidly explained.

Xiao Yu nodded as he listened. Actually, the predators would be in love with this as they would use it on their prey.

“Use a bit.. It is too powerful…” Leah said.

Xiao Yu carelessly replied: “Don’t worry… I know what I’m doing.”

Xiao Yu jumped over the wall as if he didn’t care.

He walked towards Ba Tianming without a fear… At the same time, Ba Tianming was thinking: “This kid isn’t that strong… Most probably he will use some kind of trick… However, I will save myself from trouble if they really surrender after I defeat this kid… Anyway, I’ve to be very careful about any tricks or shenanigans.”

Ba Tianming looked at Xiao Yu as Xiao Yu walked like a hooligan towards himself: “Will your friend surrender if you lose? Can I count on your word?”

Xiao Yu raised his chin: “Of course… You can ask Touba Hong.. We are friends.. He will surrender if I said that we will surrender! ”

Ba Tianming looked up at Touba Hong: “Touba Hong, have you heard this kid’s claim? Will you surrender if he loses?”

Touba Hong smiled: “He is my sworn brother! His word is my word! I’ll surrender if he loses.”

“Alright! I believe you.” Ba Tianming clenched his fists as he planned to get rid of Xiao Yu in a swift manner. He jumped off from his horse and took out his weapon which was 300 kilograms.

Xiao Yu’s chin almost fell off when he saw the weapon.

“Motherfucker! Isn’t that the Unstoppable Force?”

The mace was covered in black color and dark aura. The head of the mace was carved into a shape of a pig’s head with many sharp spikes. Xiao Yu wasn’t a stranger towards this mace. It was on the same level with the Arcanite Reaper. This weapon was used in the battlefield to shed much blood back in the game. It was an invincible weapon. Xiao Yu didn’t know how Ba Tianming had got this weapon though.

Xiao Yu touched his nose as it seemed that he had underestimated Ba Tianming. It was impossible for Xiao Yu to beat a fifth-rank warrior equipped with such a mighty weapon. Xiao Yu was now focused on playing around with Ba Tianming for a few rounds and find a way to drop Peach Blossom under the man’s nose.

“What if we make another bet? You will give me your mace to me if I win the duel!” Xiao Yu wasn’t willing to see such a weapon in enemy’s hands.

“Oh! You want my weapon… Do you even know how valuable this weapon is? Some people even tried to give me a tribe in exchange for it!” Ba Tianming was very proud for owning the weapon. He had killed countless people on the battlefield by using this epic weapon. There was no opponent who could withstand a smash from the mace.

Xiao Yu raised the Arcanite Reaper: “You are an arrogant prick, aren’t you? This is Arcanite Reaper! Have you heard of it? Your weapon is comparable to mine in strength and prestige… I’ll give Arcanite Reaper to you if you win…”


Xiao Yu violently hit the ground with the Arcanite Reaper. A shockwave passed up and a pit appeared on ground.

“Oh?” Ba Tianming saw the strength of Arcanite Reaper. The weapon wasn’t inferior to his Unstoppable Force. Ba Tianming was tempted in getting Xiao Yu’s weapon too.

“Isn’t that the Arcanite Reaper forged for the warriors of the ancient times?” Ba Tianming wasn’t a stranger to the epic weapon. The name of the Arcanite Reaper was famous back in ancient times too.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Yeah! I found it in an ancient city a while ago.. What do you say?”

Ba Tianming smiled: “I can’t say no as you have come to knock my door on your own…”

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