WOWFRD – Ch 261

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Chapter 261

Xiao Yu continued to sleep until the next morning. He didn’t care about the army that was stationed outside the Wuhe town. He took his warriors and harassed the camps at the nights. He believed that they would be able to kill all of the enemy troops if the enemy didn’t attack them.

The Hippogryph riders were showing exceptional performance at the nights. It was very difficult for the enemy to find them but the night vision of the elves showed the positions of the enemy units perfectly. They were killing the enemies very easily.

The next night Xiao Yu didn’t attack as he had already attacked the camps yesterday. Instead he choose to attack the night after. Two days after Xiao Yu took his troops and slaughtered as many people as he could until the enemy troops reacted. Cairne would smash through the gates of the enemy camp and the orcs would follow after him. They would cause chaos and panic and the enemies would respond very late.

The enemy commanders tried to use traps to deal with Xiao Yu but Xiao Yu always sent Leah and Maiev in advance to detect the traps. Those traps would be marked or destroyed by them. Sometimes, the enemies would arrange heavy ballista somewhere to attack the orcs but Maiev would just use iron bombs to destroy those machines.

Moreover, Maiev would delve into the camp of the enemy to kill more soldiers. However, Xiao Yu had ordered her in advance that she couldn’t get too deep into the tents. After all, there were strong warriors stationed in the tens and Maiev could be facing a danger if she fought against them.

Xiao Yu and the rest were able to kill more than 10,000 soldiers after many days of continuous attacks. The Hippogryph Riders were exceptional in those raids. In addition, Xiao Yu had commanded the Hippogryph Riders to scatter around so that they would be much more difficult to find as targets.

Ba Tianming was very angry at the sight. His army was getting harassed by Xiao Yu almost every day and there were heavy losses but he couldn’t do anything. Originally, he had planned to ambush Xiao Yu using wolf warriors and shamans but each time Xiao Yu was able to avoid those troops.

“Assassins! They must have good assasins by their side to investigate our camp in advance.. But which level of assassins they have by their side who can avoid wolf warriors?!!” Ba Tianming knew that it was a big headache to deal with high-level assassins.

In fact ,wolf warriors were perfect in finding the whereabouts of assassins. But Maiev and Leah were experts. Moreover, they were equipped with T1 and T2 armor suits which increased their stealth and agility attributes.

“Let them be for a few days… Their demise will come when I’ll have a platoon of Ghost Warriors!” Ba Tianming looked at the man by his side. The man had a blank expression on his face but his eyes were blood red. Ba Tianming had tested these Ghost Warriors. A dozen of elite soldiers couldn’t stand up to one Ghost Warrior when the warrior was equipped with armor. In simple terms, these Ghost Warriors didn’t know pain, mercy or fear. Actually, they didn’t have any feelings at all. However, their strength was staggeringly high. An ordinary Ghost Warrior was as twice big as an ordinary human soldier. Moreover, they could kill an elite soldier with just a punch. In reality, Ba Tianming believed that these Ghost Warriors weren’t human anymore. Nevertheless, this warriors were the ‘things’ that he needed to invade the Wuhe town. Moreover, Touba Gui couldn’t blame him if he couldn’t capture the town with these forces. But Ba Tianming would get the credit if he was able to capture the town.

“3 days…All the Ghost Warriors will be ready in 3 days… I’ll concentrate all the wolf warriors, shamans and these Ghost warriors to attack in one sweep and capture the town.. I don’t think the orcs will be able to withstand them!” Ba Tianming was confident enough in the victory as he looked at the Ghost Warriors.

“Let’s go.” Ba Tianming got on a horse and took a group of people as he went towards the Wuhe town.

“Tell Touba Hong that general Ba Tianming have come to speak to him!” Ba Tianming shouted as he looked to the top of the walls.

The soldiers on duty went to make a report when they heard Ba Tianming.

Touba Hong was perplexed when he heard the report. He looked at Xiao Yu: “What do you think he has in his mind?”

Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up: “He came to us on his own… HaHaHa… Let’s go.. You will see how I play around with him.”

Touba Hong was baffled as he didn’t know why Xiao Yu looked so happy.

“Leah! Leah! Come over… You gotta join me know!” Xiao Yu shouted to call Leah.

Ba Tianming narrowed his eyes and shouted when he saw Toube Hong appear on the top of the wall: “Touba Hong! You are bound to fail so why are you throwing away the lives of these soldiers? Come out and surrender! I’ll treat you as a prince… Don’t blame me when I capture you thou!”

Ba Tianming acted much imposing than normal as he had Ghost Warriors by his side. He looked at Touba Hong as if Touba Hong was already his prisoner.

Xiao Yu shouted out before Touba Hong could reply: “What’s general’s surname?”

Ba Tianming replied in a cold tone: “Are you Xiao Yu, the lord of the Lion territory? Do you think that you will be able to run wild in the Western Cloud empire?”

Xiao Yu shouted: “Alright prick! What’s your mother’s surname?”

Ba Tianming turned furious: “You shameless bastard! Touba Hong, how could you appoint such a person as the commander of your troops? You are already colluding with the outsiders.. Isn’t this a proof of your betrayal?”

Touba Hong snorted: “Ba Tianming! Have you forgotten who you are? You were just a shephard’s son but my father saw the brave attitude of yours and took you. It didn’t take long before he promoted you as the commander of the Imperial Guards! Afterwards, he let you command an army when he saw your outstanding military talent! This is how you become what you are today! My father was just and benevolent towards you… … But what about you? How dare you betray my father and join foreigners to usurp the throne? What kind of thick face you have to come here?”

Ba Tianming’s eyebrows wrinkled as he listened to Touba Hong’s scolding. Actually, Touba Hong’s words had hit his sore spot. Everything that Touba Hong had said was true to the last letter. Touba Ye was dead but he wasn’t involved in killing the late emperor. Moreover, he didn’t want to kill Touba Hong either. Ba Tianming felt guilty.

Nevertheless, he couldn’t back down at the moment as his troops would think that Touba Hong was speaking the truth. Ba Tianming loudly shouted: “Touba Hong! Stop slandering others! It was you who colluded with outsiders and killed the emperor! Today is the day I give you the last chance! I hope you will cherish it… Otherwise, I’ll make a large-scale attack in three days! At that time don’t blame me!”

Ba Tianming had come to put pressure on Touba Hong’s troops by telling them that the decisive battle would happen in three days. Moreover, he didn’t want to kill Touba Hong and wanted to pressure him into surrender. After all, Touba Hong was the emperor and Ba Tianming didn’t want to bear the infamy by killing Touba Hong.

Ba Tianming turned his horse to go back but Xiao Yu shouted out: “General Ba! I have heard that you are the bravest general in the Western Cloud Empire! What do you say for both of us to have a duel? The town will surrender if you win but you will withdraw the troops if you lose!”

Ba Tianming was surprised when he heard Xiao Yu’s words. He didn’t expect Xiao Yu to come up with such words. He frowned for a moment as he thought about Xiao Yu’s potential: “Could this kid beat me?”

Ba Tianming was a fifth-rank warrior and there were few people who were his opponents. Could this Xiao Yu at such a young age have that strength and potential?

“What? Do you dare to fight? I know that you may act cowardly and retreat.. There is no shame in that either…” Xiao Yu continued to shout.

Ba Tianming had been in countless expeditions and have faced such provocationds god knows how many times… But he had never chosen to retreat or back off! He whispered in his heart when he heard the contemptous tone of Xiao Yu: “Am I afraid of him?”

“You are quite bold! It’s just simply way too outrageous for such a small fry like you to dare to challenge me… But I’ll let you see the strength of this general!” Ba Tianming shouted out in reply.

Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up when he heard Ba Tianming’s response.

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