WOWFRD – Ch 260

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Chapter 260

Xiao Yu harassed all four camps in one night and killed thousands of people but the enemy wasn’t even able to his shadow.

Touba Hong laughed as he looked at the scene: “Xiao Yu! You are a real talent.. We were on defense but you changed the situation and disturbed their balance… ”

Xiao Yu raised his chin as he patted Touba Hong’s shoulder: “Boy! Study and learn well.. This is called the art of war! You must be the one to take initiative and be the aggressive one. Moreover, even if you face extremely harsh conditions you must find means to take the initiative. You can’t sit idle and wait for the enemy to attack! You can be victorious if you are the one to dictate the rhyme of the battle..”

Afterwards, Xiao Yu looked at Leah: “Let’s go to bed.”

Leah fiercely stared at Xiao Yu but didn’t reply. She knew that Xiao Yu would only speak but won’t touch her. Xiao Yu was already very tired because of all the battles so he lied on bed and tried to sleep. However, he felt someone touch him from behind. He turned back to see Leah had taken off her armor suit and was wearing only a thin shirt. She smiled and looked at Xiao Yu.

“Oh my! Why are you here?” Xiao Yu jumped up.

“Why don’t we sleep together?” Leah smiled as she gently rubbed Xiao Yu’s legs with her twin peaks.

“Shut it! What have you in your mind?” Xiao Yu knew that Leah would never agree on her own to sleep with him. There had to be some kind of thing going on. He was aware that Leah would cut off ‘little Yu’ in case Xiao Yu tried something lewd.

Xiao Yu had the slave pendants but he knew that he couldn’t control Leah’s mind.

“Nothing much.. I found something pretty interesting in the warehouse at Red Beard’s lair. I was planning to use it on you.” Leah smiled as she touched the interspatial ring on her finger.

Xiao Yu saw the treacherous look on her face.

“Something pretty? Like what?” Xiao Yu curled up in the corner of the bed. He looked like precious little girl that was protecting herself from the bad wolf (Leah).

A small bottle appeared in Leah’s hand: “Do you know what this is?”

Xiao Yu checked the small bottle. The bottle’s glass was dark but an extremely bright light was trying to bypass it.

Xiao Yu looked at the bottle: “What is that?”

Leah snorted: “It’s called Peach Blossom… It’s a very strong aphrodisiac that can urge both men and women to go wild…”

Xiao Yu asked: “Do you want to use this on me? Do you want to rape me by using this Peach Blossom? I’m a virgin… You can’t do that to meeee…”

“Shut up!” Leah looked at him: “I wouldn’t look for you if I wanted to get a man.. Xiao Yu! This is a warning! If you dare to misuse slave pendant once again then I’m going to make you rape people out in the public! Everyone will be looking at you while you will be in action!”

Xiao Yu laughed off: “Are you stupid? The first to be raped will be you as I got a slave pendant.”

Leah’s eyes lit up: “You can rest assured as I will be far away when I arrange it to happen.. I’ll be so far away that you won’t be able to call me in on time… Moreover, peach blossom is so strong that you won’t be able to even use the slave pendant… Don’t underestimate this aphrodisiac… Red Beard wouldn’t keep it as part of her treasure if it wasn’t that powerful.”

Xiao Yu spoke with disdain: “I don’t believe.”

Leah raised up her chin: “It’s powerful.. If you don’t believe me then I can make Suesha and you to try it.. Or that blood elf Kelly can be part of the public orgy too.. She will be so swallowed with the aphrodisiac that she won’t be able to release the elemental magic attack.. You can enjoy her without being killed by her!”

“Suesha! She is my sister-in-law.. What are you talking about? Do I look like that kind of a person?” Xiao Yu spoke up.

Leah interrupted him: “Shut up! I can see through your mind… You have been dreaming morning and night about your sisters-in-law…”

Xiao Yu looked at the small bottle: “What if I take the bottle right now? I can use the slave pendant to make you give me the bottle…”

Leah snorted: “Do you think that I’m ‘that’ stupid? I have few more bottles of Peach Blossom kept in safe locations… I will use another chance to make you enjoy the effects of the aphrodisiac if you try to forcefully get the Peach Blossom from me. Moreover, you can control my body with the slave pendant but you can’t control my mind… You won’t be able to get the location of those bottles.”

Xiao Yu wiped the saliva flowing down from his mouth as he looked at the small bottle: ” I promise that I won’t tease you anymore if you give me this aphrodisiac.. What do you say?”

Leah laughed: “Do you want to use this aphrodisiac for getting in pants of other girls? Just don’t forget! I’ll wreak your reputation if you try to tease me once again… ”

Xiao Yu laid on bed: “Do you think that I’m afraid of being seen by others while I do it? I don’t care..”

Leah snorted: “You may not care…but.. what about your sisters-in-law? Do they care?”

“Alright.” Xiao Yu understood that Leah wouldn’t sit idle and get misused by himself.. So she had kept trying to find ways to control himself.

Leah giggled: “It was you, the shameless one, who put the pendant… I wouldn’t be Leah if I didn’t find a way to get back at you.”

Xiao Yu looked at the small bottle: “What about giving me the small bottle? I can make great use of it in the battlefield.. Oh God! The enemy commander is called Ba Tianming.. I can pretend to negotiate with him and can secretly use this shame him in public.. His reputation within the army would be finished if I used it.. HaHaHa…”

Leah’s eyes lit up as she listened to Xiao Yu: “You are a shameless trickster! You are vicious but I won’t give it to you.. You will spoil a lot of girls if I give this to you..”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Do you think I need Peach Blossom to get a woman? I will just go to any pub or brother and countless women would take the initiative to jump at me..”

“Shameless!” Leah said and left the tent while Xiao Yu still kept thinking about Peach Blossom.

“I got to get this whatever it takes.” Xiao Yu smiled.

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  1. if jest the atouer fuces on one girl for the Mc the novel will be a mester peac
    you cant make the Mc love every butifull girl he see you dont have the capability to Reghis this
    it be more fun if he had one girl and he love her

  2. MC: If you want to be treated as a slave, so be it.
    every time you touch something with aphrodisiac effect you will lose control of your body. (unlikely to work)
    as you are a slave, you can not be allowed to carry T1+ armors anymore nor will I give better once to you until you learn how to behave.
    Hand that potion to me, I have a need for it. Slave’s possession is masters possession.

    I will inform others about your aphrodisiac plan later, so if it happens you will be the one to get blamed and as an honored man I will take the responsibility and take in every woman I harm in your poisoning attempt. this actually sounds like a good plan to me, maybe I should poison myself and have you take the heat for it.

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