WOWFRD – Ch 26

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Chapter 26

Xiao Yu was excited with the performance of the Glaive Thrower. The strength of his troops would increase with the addition of the Glaive Thrower. As a man from the Modern era, Xiao Yu was clear about the importance of the heavy weapons.

“But, I got money to produce only two. How could I get enough for ten?”

Xiao Yu was still wondering about making money. A Glaive Thrower cost 10,000 gold coins. He just entered the Lion town when he saw Housekeeper Hong command the staff to arrange the wealth that Xiao Yu had brought back as his loot. Housekeeper Hong hadn’t seen income from the territory for a long time and was naturally happy about the occasion. Although Xiao Yu didn’t give him gold coins the valuable things that he had brought back were around 100,000 gold coins worth.

It was a good thing as the number of the Lion town had increased too. Many people had fled their town because of conscription and wars.

“Master, you are back” Housekeeper Hong cheerfully greeted Xiao Yu. He was no longer as cold as before.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Uncle Hong, where’s Uncle Hui?”

Housekeeper Hong pointed towards the training field: “Captain Hui is training soldiers. Because of the last victory, Captain Hui was able to recruit new soldiers so he is practicing with them.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “You will be in control of the town as I won’t get involved. If you need help please ask sisters-in-law.”

Housekeeper Hong narrowed his eyes: “Yes.”

Xiao Yu turned around and walked towards the training field. He found Captain Hui command more than 500 soldiers as they practiced different attack and defense formations.

The people of the territory were very confident in Xiao Yu because of the last defensive battle. As a result, more people had joined the army.

The situation of the citizens wasn’t good because of the constant wars for many years. As a result, Xiao Yu had given the order to release people from the taxes for three years. At the time, Housekeeper Hong and Captain Hui nagged a lot because of his decision. How could territory support its army and management if they didn’t have an income?

It didn’t take long before Xiao Yu robbed the bandits and brought loot. It wasn’t a lot but at least it was enough to temporarily ease the financial pressure that the Lion town was facing.

Xiao Yu had decided on a simple strategy. He was going to rob the bandits! It was his own territory and these bandits have robbed his resources. Is there anything wrong if he gets back what belonged to him to begin with?

Moreover, his army of orcs, elves, humans, and dwarves needed wars to level up so there was no choice but to carry out the great cause of cleaning the territory from evil bandits.

According to his estimates, if he could get everything from the bandit groups in his territory then he wouldn’t need anything for decades.

“Young master.” Captain Hui greeted Xiao Yu in a respectful manner.

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “Uncle Hui, we are family so you don’t have to act so. Uncle Hong and you are my elders so please don’t act so once again.”

Captain Hui shook his head as there was a serious expression on his face: “Master, you are the lord of the territory! How could I act without manner? Although you grew up in front of my eyes young master is the Master of the dominion. Lord is Lord! The rules can’t be discarded.”

Xiao Yu knew that Captain Hui was an old-fashioned man from the serious expression on his face so he didn’t continue to say anything.

“Uncle Hui, any news on Carrie?” Xiao Yu asked.

Captain Hui’s eyebrows raised up: “The situation isn’t very good. I sent few people to get information. Carrie had reported back to his father and the man got very angry. He was planning to punish Carrie but that bastard had reported that we had thousands of orc warriors. That’s why Carrie’s father had decided to lend him more troops and send him to attack us once more.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “So how many soldiers was he given? When will they be here?”

Captain Hui replied: “I was told that he was given 20,000 troops but also dozens of warriors. Moreover, there is 1 second-rank warrior and four magicians. Right now, they are training the troops for siege warfare. I think they will be here in a month or so.”

Xiao Yu smiled: “There is no need to be afraid of them if they get here in a month!”

“Master, I know that orcs and elves are helping us. But we won’t be able to defeat 20,000 with just them.” Captain Hui added.

Xiao Yu wryly smiled: “The God of Dwarves recently contacted me and said that he will give me a squad of dwarves to help me in my domination.”

Captain Hui was stunned as he couldn’t believe his ears.


Carrie’s army was training hundreds of miles away from the Lion town.

Carrie was sitting on a high platform and looking at the army.

“Hmpf~ Orcs and elves! Do you think that you are invincible because you got them? This time you will see my strength! I will trample over that damned town!”

Carrie was absolutely confident in his victory, just as he was the last time.

This time his father had given him 20,000 troops and dozens of powerful warriors and four magicians. In addition, he had infantry with heavy armor. Even the orcs wouldn’t be able to suppress him! Moreover, he had prepared much more sophisticated siege weapons.

“They have to specially train and learn tactics for siege as I can’t lose this time. I’ll seize those orcs and make my slaves and use those elves as my pets.” Carrie said out loud.

His military adviser began to praise Carrie’s army: “Master, this army of 20,000 is equipped so well. They can even attack the Capital city of Wei principality let alone that Lion town.”

“Principality of Wei is going to belong to me sooner or later. Afterward, Hui City will become our capital.” Carrie narrowed his eyes as he began to fantasize about becoming a king of his own right.

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  1. Not gonna lie. This story is gett’in more and mire insteresting. But i kind of hoping the aauthor would explore xiao yu and the sister in law

  2. R.I.P to this brat Carrie. I hope he kills Carrie and takes all of his wealth for the lion town.

    1. The problem is not Carrie, but his father. His father gave Carrie 5000 soldiers, and now 20000, and he should have even more. It will become troublesome if the old man decides to attack ‘-‘ Better use Carrie as a hostage :3

      1. But, I remember in previous chapters, they only had 25k soldiers to begin with, so how will they get more? And how come they have so many soldiers? The ratio of soldiers to regular citizens should be less than 1 in 100. So, they must definitely have more than 1 million citizens. And if they don’t, how are they maintaining the army?

        1. No, we were told they only had a regular army of 20k in chapter 4 yet we already saw 23k(the 20 000 who will attack and the 3k who died). Well, not that it’s the first time the author mix number left and right…

          1. Plus, even if they had 23k large army, it’s not like that guy would send all of them to war. He would need at least half of them to remain in the garrison to maintain order.
            Also, it’s not like he’s leading the army on his own. He’s just giving it all to his son for some unknown reason.

            This novel is good but with numerous plotholes.

        2. It was said that their territory was rather large, so it’s entirely possible that they have multiple large cities in their region. As for how they got extra soldiers, the 20,000 number was probably their standing army, usually people will keep reserves and also guards etc. Mercenaries are also possible, since they already have the means to hire mages.

  3. Honestly i don’t like the mix of european and chinese names… Why is there even a mix? Some towns have chinese names while some towns have european names, just as the characters names like Carrie and Xiao Yu….

  4. esta novela esta interesante , pero el chico se supone que es un master de warcraft y esta haciendo las cosas fatal , ademas que si tiene montañas tiene minerales solo que es vago y no busca

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