WOWFRD – Ch 259

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Chapter 259

“Sire, suddenly orcs and giants have appeared to support Touba Hong. It will be very difficult for us to keep attacking. I hope you can help me to get Wuhe town and capture Touba Hong.” Ba Tianming came to the back of the camp. There was a special tent where people wearing black cloaks resided.

Touba Gui had ordered Ba Tianming to treat these group of people as if he was treating Touba Gui himself. Ba Tianming had to respect and obey them without a question.

Ba Tianming was also aware that Touba Gui was able to get the throne with the help of this mysterious people. He wasn’t aware of the identity of these mysterious people but he knew that they were able to bring few sixth-rank warriors to contain Ao Du.

Ao Du was a peak sixth-rank warrior who was famous throughout the continent. Two or three ordinary sixth-rank warrior were needed to compete and contain Ao Du.

“Huh… Orcs and giants.. ha? It seems we are going to face the lord of the Lion territory once again.” One of the black cloaked people muttered.

“Lion territory? Do you mean, Xiao Yu, the lord of the Lion territory? Did he have giants? What’s his connection to Touba Hong?” Ba Tianming was shocked. He had heard about Xiao Yu and his forces but didn’t think that he would have so many orcs. Moreover, there was no connection between Touba Hong and Xiao Yu.

“That lord can’t be underestimated.. Once we dispatched some troops but all of them failed against him. He doesn’t have only orcs but elves, dwarves and giants fighting for him too. We aren’t clear about the reason why Touba Hong and Xiao Yu got together but most probably Xiao Yu supports Touba Hong to keep Touba Gui in check… He must have understood that the next target is Lion territory…”

These mysterious people had a very big intelligence network but they couldn’t expect Xiao Yu to support Touba Hong at this critical time. As the relationship between both of them had occurred because of an accident.

“What should we do now?” Ba Tianming knew that strength of his troops wasn’t enough to compete with the newly added support forces.

The men wearing black cloaks stood silent for a while. One of them spoke out: “Don’t attack for a while.. Choose 1000 elite soldiers and send them to my tent. I’ll transform them so that they would gain significant increase in strength in short time.. You will have a special army…”

“Can we transform all the soldiers if there is such a thing?” Ba Tianming was interested in transforming all his warriors into special fighters when he heard such an option. He desired such perfect soldiers as a general.

“Do you think that its free to transform them? Materials that are worth hundreds of thousands of gold coins would be used to transform every warrior.. Our people will use their mana reserves too.. Moreover, you aren’t worth a dime if you can’t capture the Wuhe town with 1000 of these warriors.” The black cloaked man frowned. It was obvious that he had great confidence in the transformation process he was talking about.

Ba Tianming understood that these special warriors the black cloaked man was talking about were more powerful than the wolf warriors.

“What is the name of this warriors?” Ba Tianming asked because of curiousity.

“Ghost Warriors.” The man replied.

The next few days Ba Tianming didn’t send anyone to attack even on daytime. They didn’t even try to harass Wuhe town. Xiao Yu was still eating and drinking on top of the wall every day. He was giving food to the soldiers too. There was no battle yet so there was no point in being overly serious and cautious. Touba Hong saw that Xiao Yu’s actions were taking off the pressure from the soldiers too. All of them were in good mood. Moreover, the soldiers felt much more grateful when their emperor shared food with them too. Although the taste of the food given to them wasn’t good but the reward from the emperor was a type of glory.

The soldiers were mesmerized as they checked orcs, elves, dwarves and giants. Some of them wanted even to try their strength against the grunts. However, most of them were blown away with just a slap from a grunt. Ordinary soldiers weren’t on par with grunts.

The Raiders were very interesting to them too. The totem of the Western Cloud Empire was a wolf. Ancient people of the Western Cloud Empire used wolves as their mounts. A man riding a wolf was the symbol of the imperial power. There was engravings of guards riding wolves on the walls of the Imperial Palace too.

Touba Hong even offered a lot of additional rewards to Xiao Yu in case Xiao Yu wanted to give Raiders to him. However, Xiao Yu directly rejected Touba Hong and told him that he didn’t want to discuss anything regarding the troops. The warriors summoned from the bases were like his own children.

The Raiders heard that the Western Cloud Empire had wolf warriors too. They were eager to fight these wolf warriors. After a long time, the Raiders had reached level 10 too. Their IQ and EQ had increased too.

“Why aren’t they attacking?” Touba Hong asked as he looked at the enemy camp. As the emperor he couldn’t act laid-back. He had to manage everything and be aware of every simple detail. After all, it was his own war and he would be dead if he didn’t mind anything.

Xiao Yu smiled: “They saw our strength so they won’t easily attack us… Most probably they are thinking to prolong the stalemate as long as possible so that we starve…”

Actually, Ba Tianming would follow this plan if it wasn’t for Ghost Warriors. However, would Xiao Yu allow them to succeed by using such a despicable method?

“What should we do then?” Touba Hong asked. He knew that it was a great threat if they were starved to death.

Xiao Yu stood up and wiped his mouth: “We will attack if they don’t want to. Do they think that I will defend all the way?”

“attack? Won’t we have serious losses if we take the initiative to attack?” Touba Hong couldn’t help but ask.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes: “We would if it was your army… But not with my… Look and see how the proper battle is made!”

The sun had set long time ago. The clouds had covered the sky so even the stars weren’t seen. Xiao Yu quietly exited the Wuhe town with a group of grunts and Raiders.

“Motherfuckers! They look down upon us.. They don’t even check the gates… Do you think that few broken wooden fences will stop my march?” Xiao Yu looked at the fences in front of the camp. He took out a iron bomb and threw it at the door of the camp.



“KILL!” Xiao Yu loudly shouted.

The grunts and Raiders roared as soon as they heard Xiao Yu’s order. Their sounds echoed like a thunder.

“Ah … We are under an attack!” The soldiers were asleep when Xiao Yu attacked. How could they withstand the assault when they weren’t expecting it?

Raiders rapidly entered the camp and killed as many soldiers as they could. Xiao Yu was aware that the best opportunity to kill as many enemy soldiers as they can was to use this chance. Moreover, Xiao Yu had killed all the scouts in advance too. Moreover, the best type of troops to be used at dark nights were Hippogryph riders.

The Hippogrpyh riders had the advantage because of their air superiority. Their only weakness was that they could be killed by ballistas. Therefore, Xiao Yu was very careful with the dispatchment of these troops. However, the sky was dark which had covered their weakness.  He had sent all the Hippogryph riders to attack the enemy soldiers. They couldn’t be seen with ordinary eyes. However, the elves that rided the Hippogryphs had night vision and excellent archery skills.

In addition, the camp was in chaos and there was no chance of counterattack. As a result, heavy casualties were taken by the camp.

Xiao Yu blew the horn which was the signal for retreat. He knew that he couldn’t prolong the killing of enemy soldiers. The summoned warriors were enjoying the killing but they retreated the moment they heard the order.

“Damn it! What’s happening?” Xiao Yu had run away by the time the commander of the camp had arrived on scene.

Nevertheless, it didn’t take long before the other camp was attacked by Xiao Yu’s troops. Xiao Yu ran away when they wanted to counterattack too.

As a result, Xiao Yu attacked all the camps in one night and went to sleep afterwards.


Unfortunately, today my macbook got Pink Screen of death.. 🙁 I was planning to translate at least 3-4 chaps but  my eyes are hurting after only translating 1 chapter.. I’ll take it to service tomorrow.. Hopefully, will get it fixed or buy another one 😉

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