WOWFRD – Ch 258

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Chapter 258

Touba Hong had heard about Xiao Yu and Lion territory from the merchants of the Western Cloud Empire that had traveled to the Sky Lion Dynasty. However, he didn’t expect to see so many orcs. Moreover, seeing them alive was much different than the tales of the orcs. In addition, Touba Hong thought that Xiao Yu had about 80 to 100 orcs but didn’t expect to him have 1000 of them as ‘support’ troops. In his mind, Touba Hong had always thought that Xiao Yu was trying to bring up an image of ancient nobles so Xiao Yu had acquired some orcs and elves. However, he didn’t think that these orcs, elves, dwarves and other races are the main troops of Lion territory.

What kind of an army a person would have if they used orcs as the main troops? Everyone was aware that the orc warriors were the best warriors on the continent.

The orcs were able to smash through the barracks and tents of the army without any hardship. What kind of strength did this army have? The enemy couldn’t even respond!

It would be possible to kill 100,000 enemies with these troops!

Touba Hong didn’t worry about wolf warriors and shamans anymore. He saw the strong orcs and tall Mountain Giants and believed that the wolf warriors would be like toddlers in comparison to them.

Xiao Yu’s troops quickly entered the Wuhe town. The enemy troops chased after them but were afraid to get close. None of them could take up the courage to get close to Mountain Giants.

Finally, it was the turn of Mountain Giants to enter the town but there was a bit of problem. The Mountain Giants were too tall and couldn’t enter the town. Now the only option was for the Mountain Giants to lay down so that the orcs carried them inside. The knees of the Mountain Giants didn’t bend so they couldn’t squat to enter. The only way was for them to lie down so that someone else carried them inside. Fortunately, orcs were strong enough to carry them inside. After some time 50 Mountain Giants were dragged inside.

The guards on the walls were speechless as they looked at these troops. Actually, they were aware of these warriors. They had heard about myths about legendary warriors told to them by their elders when they were young. The shocking part was the appearance of these legendary warriors in front of them right now.

One of the guards spoke up after a long time: “Our emperor is the real one! According to the legends only the greatest king would be able to lead all the races under one army!”

“Aye! I already knew about this.. Otherwise, why would I join the emperor?”

“We have made the correct choice! These enemy troops will be killed because of support army that had joined us!”

“We will win this war! Long Live Emperor!”

“Long Live Majesty! For the Emperor!”

The arrival of the support troops had increased the morale of the soldiers. They believed that the final victory would belong to them. The soldiers were already dreaming about the glory, titles and rewards that they would get and pass to the generations to come.

“What’s going on there? What’s happening? What’s with the fire?” Ba Tianming was furious as he looked to the eastern camps from his tent.

They were going to deploy troops in about ten minutes but a large accident had happened in one of the camps which had disrupted Ba Tianming’s plans.

A scout came over to report: “General, a strange army composed of orcs and giants attacked the eastern camp from behind and broke through to go Wuhe town.”

“Orcs? Giants? Were there any dwarves and elves? Ha?” Ba Tianming thought that the scout had a brain damage. Where would someone get so many orcs? Giants!

“It is said that some of the people saw dwarves and elves too but they moved way too fast.” The scout didn’t understood the rhetoric question of Ba Tianming so he continued with the report.

“Are you trying to lower the morale of the army? Get him!” Ba Tianming shouted.

“General I’m reporting the truth. I saw giants.. They were about seven or eight meters tall and covered in stone!” Scout continued on.

“General, we have a problem.” The commander responsible for the eastern camp ran over towards Ba Tianming.

Ba Tianming frowned: “Are you here to tell me that a group of giants and orcs went into the Wuhe town?”

The commander continued: “It’s the truth.. There were giants and orcs that passed through the camp but it is not the most terrifying part of the deal. The worst part was that fire rain flowed down the sky and burned the barracks and tents that we had built. We were caught off guard and we have extremely serious losses.”

“Were there giants and orcs?” Ba Tianming looked into the commander’s eyes.

Commander replied: “Yes.. There was a huge tauren which killed anyone that was on its way with its huge axe. I went to fight it but the others close to it stopped me.. I couldn’t fight against them all.”

Ba Tianming began to seriously consider the options. This commander that was reporting to him was a fourth-rank warrior and would dare to fight against powerful beasts… Moreover, if the enemy had such warriors into the Wuhe town then there was going to be a big problem.

“It’s not wonder Touba Hong dared to stay in Wuhe town… It was because of these reinforcements! Where did they come from?” Ba Tianming asked as he frowned. He knew that it would be almost impossible to capture the town with 2000 wolf warriors if Touba Hong had such troops supporting him.

“There is no other way… It seems I have to ask them for help…” Ba Tianming made a decision. Originally, he didn’t want to ask these people as they were the last resort. Moreover, he didn’t want to involve these people into the fight for the throne. But now there were a lot of variables that affected the outcome of the war. The only way for him to capture the Wuhe town and take Touba Hong as a prisoner was to get the aid from these people…

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