WOWFRD – Ch 257

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Chapter 257

Xiao Yu came out from his tent at dusk. He was stretching his waist in a lazy manner when a figure bowed by his side: “Master.” Xiao Yu turned to see Maiev by his side.

“Hello… You have actually reached level 11.” Xiao Yu was slightly surprised when he saw Maiev. She had appeared by his side without him being aware of it.

“Master, some people wanted to get close to our base so I killed them and reached level 11.” Maiev replied.

Xiao Yu nodded in approval. Although Maiev said everything in a relaxed manner but Xiao Yu knew that the strength of those enemies had to be quite good for Maiev to reach level 11. It was really worth to summon her.

Afterwards, Xiao Yu checked the skills that she could learn after passing level 10. Moreover, she would be able to use T1 armor suit too which would increase her strength.

The new skills that Maiev could learn were:

Agility Increase (up to level 4): The hero’s agility will be enhanced. The attack and body movement speed would increase.

Whirlwind Spire (up to level 3): Hero can spin the weapon in a whirlwind style to attack all the enemies.

Preparation (up to level 4): Increases the state of rest of the hero in the stealth mode. The hero can deal more damage after breaking through the stealth mode.

“All of them are good skills.” Xiao Yu was aware that all the skills that Maiev could learn belonged to assassinations.

“I’ll order her to kill anyone who isn’t pleasing to my eyes…Haha… It will take ages for Illidan to catch up with her…” Xiao Yu smiled. He made Maiev learn Whirlwind Spire and Preparation. Maiev could face more enemies with the Whirlwind Spire and her body movement would increase a lot because of Preparation. It was crucial for assassins to be fast.

Xiao Yu asked after adding the skills: “Did the troops arrive?”

Maiev nodded: “They are 30 miles away from here. The town was in siege so I came first to talk to master.”

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment: “After the sun set… Move towards the town after the sun set. I’ll throw an iron bomb as a signal so that the troops will attack the enemy barracks on the east side of the town. First Batriders and Hippogryph Riders will attack. The Mountain Giants will follow them. The orcs will protect the elves and druids… I’ll meet you at the Eastern Gate.”

Maiev nodded: “Yes, master.” And disappeared.

The stars had covered the sky at the night. The torches were illuminating the camps from all sides.

Touba Hong spoke up: “It seems they are getting ready for a large scale attack this night… Am I right?”

Xiao Yu replied in a tone with full of disdain: “It’s time for you to see a real massacre.”

Touba Hong suspiciously looked at Xiao Yu: “Did you troops arrive?”

Xiao Yu smiled: “Let’s go to eastern wall. ”

Xiao Yu walked ahead while a crowd followed him to the eastern wall. He grabbed an iron bomb and threw it up.


The bomb exploded on open air but made a small pit. The silent night was disturbed by the explosion.

Ba Tianming’s troops looked up to see the explosion.

“What are you doing?” Touba Hong asked.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Watch the show… Let’s see if these troops can withstand the attacks of mine.”

Touba Hong was puzzled: “Do you plan to make your troops to bruteforce themselves in?”

Xiao Yu shrugged his shoulders: “Can’t I?

Touba Hong pointed towards the barracks: “But there are tens of thousands of tents…”

Xiao Yu looked away: “All of them will be destroyed… Pass the order.. Put away the stones that block the gates from inside.. Open the Eastern Gate!”

Xiao Yu had piled up several layers of stones by the gates so that the enemy couldn’t barge in. It was like equivalent of a wall that was behind the gate.

In about ten minutes, the sounds of explosions echoed out as huge flames raised from the enemy camp. Touba Hong was far away but he could see the tents and barracks burn into ashes.

“What’s happening? Is it a forbidden spell? But.. the strength of a forbidden magic spell must be much greater than this…” Touba Hong was shocked as he looked at east.

It didn’t take long before bizzare growls and howls filled the sky. The enemy soldiers were crying out in fear too. It seemed as if they had encountered something unearthly.

The barracks were burning and flames had covered every inch of place. The enemy soldiers were running around in chaotic manner. They completely ignored the rules and regulations as they were running for their lives.

Moments later the enemy soldiers saw the scene that would be engraved into their minds for ever.

“This … What are these!? Giants? Giants? Are they … your troops?” Touba Hong was speechless as he looked at the Mountain Giants.

“Orcs! So many orcs! What are those? Are those legendary Kodo beasts? Elves and dwarves… ” Touba Hong’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. He was looking for Xiao Yu’s fabled troops but he didn’t think that he would see the legendary warriors with his own eyes. It was no wonder that Xiao Yu was saying he could fight with 3000 troops and confront 100000 enemy army. It seemed that xiao Yu wasn’t lying. The powerful Mountain Giants were more than enough to sweep through ordinary soldiers!

Touba Hong didn’t have time to react when lots of flying creatures passed over their heads. One of the creatures flied down and stood in front of Xiao Yu. A tall elf jumped off and bowed: “Raul greets master.”  Afterwards, countless Batriders and Hippogryph Riders began to land into the town.

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