WOWFRD – Ch 256

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Chapter 256

“First it was fifth-rank magician, then strange kind of explosives and now orcs…” Ba Tianming thought that Touba Hong had more than one trump cards in his hand. He felt that he had to make Touba Hong use all his trump cards before going to final battle.

The night passed and the sun was up. Ba Tianming ordered the troops to get ready for the siege. All the commanders in the army had come to Ba Tianming’s tent to discuss the specifics of the attack.

“General! There are way too many weird things used by the enemy.. It won’t be easy to capture the town this way. Why don’t we send shamans today? We can at least get control of one side of the wall with the help of shamans…” A commander spoke out.

“Yes, General! We are more powerful than them at the moment. If we use shamans and the wolf warriors then we will certainly get a victory.” Another commander said out loud.

Ba Tianming listened to all the commanders but he wasn’t ready to make a final decision.

Ba Tianming smiled after listened to all of them: “I understand the gist of your concerns but if Touba Hong dares to stay in the town then he must have a special trump card. This is the reason why I can’t send our elite troops into the town. We have to make them use all their trump cards and save our strength before charging in using all our strength. Continue to attack in turns to exhaust them as much as possible. Make sure that they don’t even have time to rest… In the evening, we will attack from the south.”

Ba Tianming ordered the commanders to get back to rest and send soldiers once in a while to harass the town. The offensive would begin at night.

At the same time, Xiao Yu was eating kebabs and drinking wine with Grom, Deron, Antonidas and others. Touba Hong was speechless as he looked at them.

“Brother Hong! Why don’t you eat these delicious kebabs? I have good wine too. Come on drink a cup.” Xiao Yu would kill an enemy soldier then go back to drinking wine.

Touba Hong wryly smiled: “I admire you.. You can actually drink wine at such a time.”

Xiao Yu laughed: “Why can’t I eat and drink? How can I make a war without drinking and eating? Humans aren’t made of steel.. Listen to me! Anyone who kills 10 enemy soldiers will get a large string of kebabs and a cup of wine!”

The enemy soldiers were constantly attacking but Xiao Yu saw that their strength was quite weaker than usual. He was aware that Ba Tianming was planning to exhaust their strength. If Xiao Yu and rest took them seriously then they would lose the battle. Right now, they had to eat and drink and wait for the real battle at night.

The soldiers were pumped up when they heard Xiao Yu’s shout. They tried their best to kill the soldiers to get kebab and wine from Xiao Yu. Moreover, their leader wasn’t stressing out at the moment so they felt at ease too.

Xiao Yu had shown exceptional performance last night. He had thrown magic scroll, iron bombs and set fire the surrounding to kill the enemies.. Moreover, Xiao Yu and Grom had killed a lot of wolf warriors. The soldiers saw Xiao Yu in a relaxed manner and thought that he had more trump cards up his sleeve.

Xiao Yu was aware that the road to the victory went through the morale of his troops. He had to do his best to stabilize the minds and hearts of the soldiers.

It didn’t take long before soldiers came towards Xiao Yu for kebabs.

“Did you really kill ten people?” Xiao Yu asked.

“I swear in the name of Earth God.” The soldiers sweared one by one.

Xiao Yu nodded: “Alright.. From now on you guys are commanders of hundred men teams.. I will give you swords made out of blood steel… Continue to kill enemy soldiers.”

Xiao Yu took out few swords from his interspatial ring and handed to these people.

Touba Hong had appointed Xiao Yu as the chief of the army so he was free to reward or punish the soldiers. He knew that it was too late to suspect Xiao Yu as it was useless. He would be in a very harsh situation if Xiao Yu chose to not help him. That’s why Touba Hong made it look so that he gave more trust to Xiao Yu.

The soldiers who got the swords made out of blood steel were very excited. The blood steel was a special type of steel produced in Western Cloud Empire. It was said that the ore for the sword was kept in beast or human blood for sometimes. Afterwards, the ore was forged for thousands of times before being made into a weapon.

This weapon was very sharp and had even a blood sucking effect. The weapon would suck the blood of the enemy and evolve the weapon into much powerful tool.

Usually, the commanders with excellent feats could get this sword in the Western Cloud Empire. In the Western Cloud Empire, no one was promoted to be the commander of hundred men team with just meritorious service.

Actually, this swords were taken by Xiao Yu from Red Beard’s lair. He wanted to motivate the soldiers and boost their morale by giving them rewards.

In addition, Xiao Yu didn’t trust some 100 men commanders. So he choose to replace them the easy way.

The soldiers who got blood steel swords turned more brave because of their weapons. Others who saw the sight were envious because of the rewards. They tried desperately to kill more enemy to get rewards form Xiao Yu. However, Xiao Yu was raising requirements too. To get a blood steel sword now they had to kill 20 enemy soldiers.

Xiao Yu gave out more than 30 blood steel swords on this day. There were very good fighters among the promoted soldiers and Xiao Yu appreciated such people.

“How many blood steel swords do you have?”Touba Hong quietly asked.

Xiao Yu treacherously smiled: “Few dozens…not much.”

“Is it? I had checked Red Beard’s ledger and it was written that there were thousand of them.” Touba Hong almost bit his lips.

Touba Hong had seen Xiao Yu come out empty-handed from the warehouse. However, he didn’t know that Xiao Yu had so many interspatial rings. However, now he understood everything when he saw so many blood steel swords given out by Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu had taken all the important treasures. Touba Hong had checked the ledger and was aware of the value of all those treasures.

Actually, neither Touba Hong nor Xiao Yu were aware that those treasures belonged to Touba Gui. He was planning to bring those treasures back to the Imperial Capital after getting the throne. At the time, Touba Gui was only emperor’s brother so he couldn’t provoke suspicion by storing all those treasures by his side. By luck, those treasures belonged to Xiao Yu and Touba Hong now.

“Brother… Do you remember your words back then? I said I will take as much as I can and you replied that I can do whatever I want.” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he looked at Touba Hong.

“But I didn’t know that there were so many treasures.” Touba Hong regretted his own words.

Xiao Yu patted Touba Hong’s shoulder: “Brother, you have to be open hearted… You are the emperor of the Western Cloud Empire! In the future entire empire will belong to you… I just grabbed few stifling treasures.. Why would you have your eyes on them? Moreover, as an emperor you can’t fall back on your own words… In addition, don’t you see that I’m spending all that wealth to raise an army for you?”

Touba Hong snapped: “You have taken my money and now lending it back to me with a high interest… ”

Xiao Yu interrupted Touba Hong: “We are brothers… You should welcome me to borrow from you… No need to get anxious now.. I see that you are stressed out a lot.. Go to sleep and rest.. There is going to be a good show tonight.”

Touba Hong turned crazy but he saw that he wouldn’t be able to contend with shameless Xiao Yu. He only could get back now. If he had gotten even half of those treasures in the secret room then he would be able to contend with Touba Gui on his own…But alas.. He didn’t expect that Xiao Yu would have so many interspatial rings.

Touba Hong went back to sleep and Xiao Yu made a simple tent for himself on top of the wall to sleep. The wall was made of mud and it was thick.

“Don’t wake me up unless something big happens.. Don’t forget to allow soldiers to take turns to rest.. Keep playing with enemy for now.. The real attack will be tonight.”

Afterwards, Xiao Yu went to sleep. Suesha and Leah were used to Xiao Yu so they went to sleep too. Grom was lying on top of the walls and sleeping as is. He would kill the enemy soldier that climbed up then continue to sleep too.

The soldiers who saw their commander act so didn’t have pressure on them too. Now, they were struggling for glory!

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