WOWFRD – Ch 255

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Chapter 255

“We don’t have unlimited supply of firewood.. How long can we keep this going on?” Touba Hong couldn’t help but ask. He was aware that he was becoming more and more dependent on Xiao Yu. It didn’t matter what kind of problem he encountered as Xiao Yu could always come up with a solution.

Xiao Yu smiled: “No need to be afraid.. We won’t throw all the firewood together but add firewood when the fire gets less… We can drag it for few hours.”

Xiao Yu would add firewood when he saw the enemy attack. Otherwise he would add less firewood just to keep the fire at the bottom of the walls to keep burning. This way the stalemate was kept for few hours.

“The firewood is finished.” Touba Hong sighed.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Don’t worry.”

The enemies saw that the fire was getting less and less so they began to charge. Now, wolf warriors were involved in the battle too. However, Xiao Yu acted much faster than them and took out a magic scroll. He tore it open and threw it towards the wolf warriors.


Large group of flames appeared under the walls and swept forward. The enemy soldiers were shocked at the sight. They wanted to escape but who could run faster than the flames? It took only a moment for these soldiers and a dozen of wolf warriors to be burnt into ashes.

Ba Tianming stood up when he saw the scene.

“They have a magician! At least a fifth-rank mage! It’s no wonder that Touba Hong dared to stay in the town… It turns out that he has a mage by his side.”

Ba Tianming saw the effect of the scroll but didn’t know that it was thrown by Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu smiled as he stood on top of the wall: “It’s enough to confuse their leadership for a while.”

The enemy soldiers slowed down and retreated to rest because of the powerful magic.

Ba Tianming was pondering over the situation too. He didn’t know exactly how many trump cards Touba Hong had so he planned to disperse the troops and send them from all sides. It is possible that there was a fifth-rank mage by Touba Hong’s side but if Ba Tianming dispersed his troops into wide range then it would be impossible for the magician to kill them all. Moreover, the mana reserve of the magician was limited too. In addition, wolf warriors were very fast which meant that Ba Tianming would have a chance to kill the mage.

Awoo~ Awoo~

The wolves howled as the wolf warriors dispersed in all directions before rushing towards the town.
Boom~ Boom~

The soldiers were charging when the sounds of explosions echoed once again. However, this sounds were different than the sounds of magic.

“What the hell is that? What can make such loud noise and shockwave? What exactly is that?” Ba Tianming was shocked as he looked at the battlefield. He couldn’t help but thank God that he hadn’t made a full frontal attack but tried to consume the energy of the enemy.

Boom~ Boom~

Xiao Yu threw around the iron bombs to mess the formations of the attacking enemy troops. Nevertheless, despite this the enemies were able to set up ladders and rush up. Some wolf warriors rushed up the ladders. The wolves were able to climb up 30 meter tall walls in a few jumps.

“They are strong… much stronger than average beasts.” Xiao Yu murmured when he saw the wolf warriors. He understood the reason that Touba Hong dreaded these wolf warriors.

It was no wonder that ordinary human soldiers couldn’t contend with this powerful units.


A wolf warrior jumped over the wall and tried to bite a soldier. However, suddenly a light flashed past and the wolf was split into two halves.


Grom took off the cloak covering his body and threw it away. He was wearing a T2 suit and the fury inside him was reflected in his face.

“Orc … He is an ORC!…”

The enemy soldiers shouted out. The ones who were on the ladders were able to see Grom much more clearly. Their will to fight dropped the instant they saw Grom’s massive body.

The enemies had the wolf warriors that they took pride in but it seemed there were orcs who were fighting for Touba Hong! It was far beyond their expectations.

Moreover, the thick armor on orc’s body seemed to be uncrackable. The orc was too tall and the heavy sword was too big too.

Originally, soldiers believed that with the help of wolf warriors they would easily take over the Wuhe town but now that seemed to be impossible.

Only God knew how many orcs were hidden inside the town!

How many trump cards did Touba Hong have?

Grom roared when he saw the horrified expression on faces of enemy soldiers. He used his heavy sword to slash over the soldiers that were climbing on.

Grom’s roar echoed out throughout the dark sky. Ba Tianming who stood far away from the town couldn’t see what was happening but knew that something had gone wrong. A human couldn’t utter such a roar. His wolf warriors didn’t make such noises too. So who was it? What kind of beasts Touba Hong had trained for battle?

Ba Tianming’s complexion had turned ugly by now. Touba Hong’s performance had shocked him time and time again.

Grom used the Wind Walk to roam over the walls of the town and kill the wolf warriors. The wolf warriors were powerful but Grom had reached level 21. All his attributes had increased. Moreover, there was a strong desire, bloodthirst, in Grom which made him crave for the battle. The powerful wolf warriors increased his thirst for slaughter.

Deron also rushed to fight with a wolf warrior. He was a hero and his strength was much more stronger than average footman. In addition, he was using Quer’Serrar which made others very difficult to kill him. Deron was alone fighting with a wolf warrior which couldn’t hurt him. A purple light would flash from time to time and cover Deron’s body which would make much more harder for the wolf’s claw to pierce through his armor.

Other footmen also found wolf warriors and attracted them over. They used their shields to defend while other soldiers attacked them. Knights attacked the wolf warriors too. Their heavy swords were excellent to fight the wolf warriors. However, the wolf warriors had the speed advantage. Moreover, the wolves attacked with their claws. Although the injuries weren’t fatal but it was enough for Xiao Yu to order the knights not to engage the wolf warriors. The wolves were tough. Their claws could bend the armor of the knights.

Nevertheless, the footmen were enough to block the wolf warriors.

Xiao Yu also took out the Arcanite Reaper and rushed to kill the wolf warriors. From time to time he would throw iron bombs over the walls to create chaos. The Arcanite Reaper was fast and strong enough to kill wolves. Xiao Yu would be able to kill wolf warriors with a single slash if he used Omnislash. Otherwise, the wolf would be split into two after double attack.

The wolf warriors were powerful but that depended on the warrior that they faced.

Ba Tianming hadn’t dispatched many wolf warriors. He just wanted to amass fear into the hearts of the soldiers protecting the town. The flame scroll had killed more than a dozen and a bit more than 80 wolf warriors were left. Grom, Xiao Yu and the footmen slowly got rid of all the wolf warriors that attacked the town.

Nevertheless, the wolf warriors were able to do great damage in the walls over a short period of time. They were able to kill many ordinary soldiers.

Ba Tianming ordered the withdrawal of troops when he received information about the death of the wolf warriors that he had sent.

“Orcs? Touba Hong has orcs?” Ba Tianming was speechless after listening to the report.

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