WOWFRD – Ch 254

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Chapter 254

Ba Tianming was leading elite soldiers but the soldiers in the Wuhe town were compensated with a lot of money. Therefore for the time being the battle was in a stalemate.

Ba Tianming snorted as he looked at the battlefield: “Touba Hong has some skills but it won’t take long before I capture the city and him!”

Ba Tianming was full of confidence about this battle. Touba Gui had given him a lot of resources. He would become the topic of all the jokes that would come up for centuries if he failed at the moment and couldn’t capture Wuhe town.

The battle continued on as soldiers were killed and wounded from both sides. A commander came to Ba Tianming’s side: “General, why don’t we send shamans and wolf warriors into battlefield? We will be easily win the war.”

Ba Tianming shook his head: “No, I have to make them use all their trump cards before the last battle. They have build such tall walls in short amount of time so they must have prepared for a protracted war with us… I can’t let wolf warriors and shamans charge now.”

The first wave of attack lasted for an hour. Ba Tianming’s army couldn’t make any profress because of the valiance of the guards of the city.

Xiao Yu and Touba Hong visited the soldiers on the walls during the rest time. The soldiers were full of fighting spirit when they saw the emperor personally come to check them.

“How long do you think we will be able to hold on?” Touba Hon asked when they were alone. Although they had successfully protected the town but the situation wasn’t optimistic. The quality and quantity of Ba Tianming’s forces was much more than theirs.

Xiao Yu smiled: “Don’t worry… I have said that I will help you to sit on the throne and you will… My troops will reach Wuhe town tomorrow so we have to protect the town today and tonight…”

Touba Hong frowned: “Are your troops so powerful?”

Xiao Yu mysteriously smiled: “We just need to hold the town for today and tonight… Tomorrow you will see the strength of my troops.”

Touba Hong looked towards the tents of the enemy: “I’m worried that they would use wolf warriors… In that case we won’t be able to hold onto the town.”

Xiao Yu smiled as he pointed to the straws coming out of the mud at the bottom of the walls: “Do you see them? The wolves will be taken aback when we use those!”

Touba Hong was puzzled: “How can straws and thatches harm wolf warriors?”

Xiao Yu turned to looked at Touba Hong: “Are you stupid or are you acting stupid? Of course, straws can’t harm wolves… But if we use fire… Do you think wolves won’t be hurt? They may be trained and special wolves… They may not be even afraid of fire.. But what about their long fur? We will pour down oil to make sure that each one of them is burned in the fastest possible time.”

In fact, Xiao Yu had prepared oil long ago to burn the camp of the enemy. Now it seemed the time had come to use it in another way. Moreover, they didn’t have the strength to deal with the wolf warriors.

Touba Hong’s eyes lit up: “Although it won’t be able to kill them all but it would play a great role in stopping their attacks.”

Ba Tianming ordered another attack to bother the defenders of the Wuhe town. Now, two more troops had come to join his army and he had about 100,000 soldiers in his army. He was assured that his tactics would be implemented easily and he would be able to consume the strength of defenders. Ba Tianming planned to attack again and again to exhaust the strength of everyone within Wuhe town.

The continuous attacks lasted for a long time. Both sides took a break at dusk.

“General, are we going to attack at night?” The commander asked.

Ba Tianming narrowed his eyes: “Of course, the night attack would consume their strength a lot… Moreover, send 100 wolf warriors.”

The commander was puzzled: “General, why don’t we keep all the wolf warriors to the last battle?”

Ba Tianming smiled: “Wolf warriors are very well known in the Western Cloud Empire. We will send only 100 to put psychological pressure on the defenders. Many of them would lose the will to fight when they know that we have wolf warriors fight for us.”

The commander nodded.

Awoo~ Awooo~

The people in the town began to hear the howls of wolves at night. They knew that the wolf warriors would attack. Everyone knew that a single wolf warrior could easily tear apart dozens of elite soldiers in the battlefield. In the Western Cloud Empire, the wolf warriows were the kings of the battlefield. The soldiers that defended the Wuhe town turned sour. Noone wanted to fight against wolf warriors.

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but touch his nose when he saw the fear expressed on faces of these soldiers. He had underestimated the affect of fear these wolf warriors had upon ordinary soldiers. The impression left by these wolf warriors were too much.

However, he had to keep the town for night.

“Soldiers listen to me! We have special weapons to fight the wolf warriors. You only need to resist ordinary soldiers… I will be blocking the wolf warriors!” Xiao Yu felt that he had to stabilize the situation.

In fact, he was going to use footmen and knights to fight against the wolf warriors.

The footmen used the shields like their own arms. The powerful wolf warriors wouldn’t be able to penetrate through them. The knights all had heavy armor so even the fierce wolf warriors wouldn’t be able to easily break through their armor. Moreover, the knights used heavy swords. Xiao Yu believed that the heavy swords of knights would be able to pierce and kill the wolves.

At the same time, Xiao Yu sent people to get oil over to the walls.

“If I’m not mistaken then there are about 100 wolves and they will attack from the west.” Xiao Yu listened to the sound of the howls and judged the location they will be deployed from.

Awoo~ Awwoo~

The war drums echoed out as the howls of the wolves got closer to the town. Ba Tianming’s army was going to take advantage of the darkness to attack once again.

The enemy soldiers began to put up ladders and try to climb up.

“FIRE!” Xiao Yu shouted.

Xiao Yu immediately ordered the start of fire. He knew that the wolf warriors would act very fast. It would be too late if they waited until the wolf warriors got closer.

The oil was poured down. The torches were lit and thrown down. The fire began to burn and illuminated the darkness of the night.

Xiao Yu had ordered people to put a lot of dry wood to increase the time the fire would burn.

“Ah … What’s happening?” The soldiers that climbed up the ladders were perplexed. They saw that the ground beneath them was in fire. It was too late to retreat. However, if they rushed up then they would be killed too. Moreover, the reinforcements wouldn’t be able to climb up either.

It was a paradox.

The defenders didn’t give them chance to think. Arrows were shot down and the soldiers trying to climb up were killed and dropped down to burn too.


The wolves stopped when they saw sea of fire in front of them.

The wolves were linked to their riders by soul. The warriors that controlled the wolves weren’t fools either. The wolves had thick fur and hair to withstand the cold nights of the grasslands. However, they would burn easily. It would be hard to extinguish if the wolves got on fire.

“Hmm… Fire! Touba Hong is quite cunning… But how long this fire is going to last?” Ba Tianming ordered the troops to halt to attack. He would wait until the fire got extinguished on its own.

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