WOWFRD – Ch 253

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Chapter 253

Touba Hong stood up as he couldn’t sleep: “We won’t be able to hold onto Wuhe town for long if the other side has 1000 wolf warriors.” He was aware that chaos would erupt the moment this wolf warriors attacked.

Xiao Yu was also looking forward for the arrival of his troops. He felt insecure as he didn’t have his troops by his side.

The wolf warriors might be mighty but Xiao Yu wasn’t afraid of them. He believed that the summoned Raiders could restrain these wolf warriors easily. Each Raider was a grunt who rided a wolf. In fact, all the grunts that have been summoned had reached level 10. Moreover, there were buffs because of Kodo beasts, Cairne’s roar, Shaman’s BloodThirst skill and so on. Ordinary second-rank beasts weren’t their opponents. Were these wolves of the wolf warriors equal to second-rank beasts?

Xiao Yu ordered the soldiers to stop building the walls on the third day of the siege while the civilians and slaves continued with the construction. He believed that the enemy would begin to attack on this particular day.

In addition, Xiao Yu ordered 10s of thousands of papers written before the battle. He commanded the people to find the direction of the wind and threw them out. The treasonous actions of Touba Gui were written on the leaflets.

How could your family would look up to you if they knew that you were fighting against the real emperor? Are you worthy of your ancestors who died for Touba Ye and his ancestors?

Xiao Yu was the perfect man for this kind of psychological warfare. He would try to find all kinds of ways to inflict damage on the morale of his enemy troops before the battle.

The soldiers of the Western Cloud Empire were sitting and eating when they found out countless pieces of papers falling down from the sky. All of them were curious as they reached out to check them.

The soldiers were affected when they began to read the content on the papers. In fact, most of them had heard about the rumors regarding the rebellion. They knew about the hearsays and they were speculating themselves too. Most of them knew that it was Touba Gui who was the usurper. After all, Touba Hong was the son of Touba Ye who he was the most proud of. Why would Touba Hong rebel? Touba Gui was arguing that Touba Hong had killed the emperor while Ao Du had killed the other brothers of Touba Hong. It seemed to soldiers that this scenario was a bit too far-fetched.

Touba Gui was a smart man too. He knew that he couldn’t wait too much after the rebellion. The belief in the appearance of fake emperor would fade away easily. This was the reason he acted fast. Moreover, in addition to Touba Ye, he pushed the death of the brothers of Touba Hong onto Ao Du. Touba Gui was aware that Ao Du was almost like a saint in the hearts of Western Cloud Empire’s people. Now, Ao Du was on Touba Hong’s side and Touba Gui had to somehow smear dirt on Ao Du’s reputation.

Touba Gui had prepared for this situation in advance too. He had created a lot of conflict between Touba Hong and his brothers. Afterwards, he argued that it was Touba Hong’s master, Ao Du, who killed the brothers after the rebellion to get the throne.

For a time the public opinion was divided. Many people couldn’t tell the truth from lies.

But now Xiao Yu had ordered papers such as these thrown out to loosen the hearts of the soldiers. They knew that Touba Hong was Touba Ye’s son and heir to Western Cloud Empire. Why would he kill his own father?

Their families would have to live in shame if they lost the battle and Touba Hong defeat Touba Gui and ascended the throne. As a result most of the soldiers were affected. There was no glory in killing the emperor!

Ba Tianming’s face turned ugly when he saw one of the papers: “I have underestimated the kid. He understands the value of psychological tactics in a war.. I can’t wait anymore.. Pass the command! Attack from all sides!”

The order was passed on immediately. Anyone who dared to check the papers would be killed. None of the soldiers dared to talk about the papers anymore too. They just stared at each other. They knew who the real emperor was in their hearts but they were just soldiers. All they could do was to follow the others.

If… they came face to face with the emperor, should they attack him? No! Never! They would never attack Touba Hong personally. Most of them decided that they would never attack Touba Hong.

Of course there were people who looked for the rewards. They would attack Touba Hong to get the opportunity to seize those rewards.


Boom~ Boom~ Boom~

The drums were beaten after Ba Tianming’s order. The attack was beginning when soldiers on the walls began to shout: “We have taken an oath to defend the emperor! Do you really want to kill the real emperor?” The slogans spread far and even overshadowed the sounds of drums. The momentum of the charging soldiers slowed down when they heard those shouts.

“Arrows!” The commander of the city walls shouted out.

Swoosh~ Swoosh~ Swoosh~

Countless arrows shot down at the charging soldiers like rain. One by one the attacking soldiers fell down. The battlefield was a ruthless place. You had to kill the enemy to stay alive.

The soldiers standing on top of the walls shouted out: “Do you want to kill the real emperor?”

The soldiers who were climbing up the ladders were affected by these shouts.

However, the soldiers on Touba Hong’s side were acting more brave. They were guarding the real emperor and dying to protect the emperor was a glorious action.

Countless soldiers fell down from the top of the walls. The town’s walls were dyed in blood red.

It had to be noted that the tall walls played great role in defending the Wuhe town. It would take a lot of time for the soldiers to climb up which gave chance to the protectors to act. Xiao Yu had ordered in advance a lot of soil to be packed on top of the walls. They would throw the soil down when the enemy soldiers tried to climb up. The scattered soil would cover the eyes of the enemies.

Xiao Yu was using every single despicable means to protect the Wuhe town. It was a huge test that he had to face.

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